AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 22

Avni came out wearing a anarkali and was sorting out the hook of her bracelet

avni anarkali
Neela: U r looking so beautiful bcha

Avni looked up and just gave a small smile

Neela: I will just go and see what is taking aman and maa so long

Hemant came toward Avni

Hemant: Avni

Avni: jee nanu

Hemant: beta Neela told me about u agreeing to get married and I wont question as to y u agreed to get married because I know u wouldn’t do anything without a reason… but if u r not happy then tell me I will talk to dayawanti

Avni: no nanu I’m fine I could do this much for dadi

Before hemant could say anything aman and nanno came with Neela

Aman: I don’t get one thing y can’t we just go to the Metha house first

Neela: aman Ali wants us to meet at the khanna house and from there we all will go to metha house so that it shows we r from his side…

Nanno: come on let’s go otherwise we all will be late.

By the time they reached there it was 9:20

Avni hesitantly got out of the car.

Neela placed her hand on her shoulder and gestured Avni to walk inside to which Avni nodded to… when they entered inside they got greeted by Shweta and Bebe.

Harleen: namaste please come and sit.

They all sat down.

Neela: Harleen aunty. This is my baba hemant parikh…Shweta had met him few years ago…they both greeted each other.

Bebe and shweta saw how Avni was looking down fidgeting with her fingers and both looked at Neela and nanno.

Shweta: by the way Avni u r looking very pretty.
Avni looked up and gave a nervous smile.

Nanno: Harleen ji hasn’t Ali came yet.

Bebe: he came ages ago but Prakash and Neil took him to get ready

Till then Maddy and Kareena came down

Bebe: Fatima ji, Neela, hemant ji this is my daughter Maddy and that is her daughter Kareena.
Both greeted everyone Kareena went and hugged Avni.

Shweta: here comes Ali

everyone looked up to see Ali walking down with Prakash and Neil. Suddenly Neil turned to look ahead and his and Avni eye met for few second before both looked away awkwardly.

Nanno: Ali u r looking handsome

Ali: thanks nanno by the way I hope nobody told the metha family anything

Neela: don’t worry we haven’t.

Shweta: shall we go

Prakash Shweta Bebe. and Maddy were going to sit in one car while Neela nanno hemant and avni were about to get in another when Ali stopped them

Ali: year Avni y r u going with them come with us youngsters

Avni: Ali u guys continue I will come in this car.

Aman: Di come on what’s wrong with u I have noticed since yesterday u r just acting weird.

Aman didn’t know about the marriage thing as he had went to his room so Neela and nanno had only informed hemant

Before Avni could reply Bebe spoke

Bebe: Avni beta go with them see even Kareena is with them too…all of u youngsters come in one car

Avni had no choice as ali came and dragged her towards Neil car. Both her and Neil again looked at each other and both wished that one of them says no for the wedding

Soon all got in the car Neil was driving while Ali sat in front and aman Avni and Kareena at the back.

Ali aman and Kareena got busy talking while avneil were just thinking about the things that happened recently .
Soon they reached outside metha mansion followed by Prakash car and Neela car.

Dd was waiting for them outside the metha house

Dd: noodle bhiya I orders the Sweets that u said

Ali: good job Dd now one more thing left and that is how To stop u from calling me noodle bhaiya.

Prakash: u could continue this discussion after let’s go in first

They all headed towards the main door and rang the bell.. hetal went to open it and was surprised to see all of them there.

Hetal: u all please come in

Diksha: bhabi who is it?… diksha asked coming to hetal to see everyone walk in.

They all sat down.. while hetal went to get some snack. Dayawanti and ketan came down talking when they saw everyone and greeted them.

Ali: uncle I need to ask u for something

Ketan: sure Ali what is it.

Ali: I know u all know that me and rhea love each other a lot. We have been dating for so many years but now I want to take this relation ahead I want to make rhea my wife.. I also know that u have no objection with mine and rhea relation but still I wanted to ask for her hand. Ketan uncle would u give your
Princess to me for lifetime I promise I will keep her very happy.

Rhea who was hearing this from the stairs had tears in her eyes

While ketan and daywanti smiled

Prakash: come on ketan ji say something we all r waiting for your reply he said standing near ali and placed arms around his shoulder

Daywanti held Ali ear

Dayawanti: well we r very upset that we got to know that u had proposed rhea few days back and didn’t invite us

Ali: Dadi I would have but then u see I wanted to ask for rhea hand too that’s y I thought u will all know then.. Plus I know even if u were not there your love and blessing would have been there on that day

Diksha: aww seems like Ali has answers ready for all question.. well I’m sure rhea must have said yes on that day but rhea shall we say yes now she said and turned to ook at rhea standing near the stairs…everyone turned to look at rhea. Avni went towards rhea and held her hands bringing her in front of everyone

Avni: chachu please agree see so many people came from the groom side

Rhea: even u all she said looking at nanno hemant aman Neela and nano

Neela: yes but don’t worry we will keep on changing parties now and then

Ketan: Ali u r a nice guy and I like u. As long as I know my daughter is happy with the guy who she wants to spend her whole life with I have no problem

Ali hugged ketan and Prakash went to hug ketan after that

Prakash: in that case lets hug after all we r samdhis now… everyone laughed and hugged

Hetal: we will call the priest and fix a date for their engagement and weeding

Dayawanti: haan and I think there is a double celebration she said going next to Avni and placed her hands around her shoulder

Aman Ali and rhea , kareena and dd were clueless while everyone else knew what dayawanti meant

Bebe: of course it is. Neil we like Avni a lot and know she will be the best life partner for u… Avni do u agree to this proposal beta? Do u agree to get married to neil?

Avni looked up at everyone she saw the shocked faces of Ali aman and rhea then her gazed moved to diksha who was looking at her suspiciously then at Neela who had a small smile and then at Neil who was looking uncomfortably at her. She remembered dayawanti word about the debt

Neil in his head: say no Avni please just say no

Rhea walked to dayawanti

Rhea: dadi we all know that avni never wants to get married then y do u think she will agree now

Ali: rhea is absolutely right y would Avni agree now. I mean I don’t know what made u all think that Avni would say yes to get married

Rhea: babes u don’t have to agree

Diksha: rhea is absolutely right… Avni if u r not doing this by heart then don’t agree

Avni closed her eyes tightly she agreed to everything to what rhea Ali and diksha were saying but this was about her dadi and she can’t see her dadi stress

Avni: I agree…if u all think this is right then I agree she said looking at Bebe

Neil was shocked he was looking at avni who was looking at him helplessly
But she had no other choice and he was unaware of y she said yes.

Shweta: tillu even Avni had agreed at least u say yes now

Neil was trying to control his anger and just nodded his head

Hemant: I think we should give time and let avni and Neil talk

Bebe: absolutely

Dayawanti: beta take Neil to your room.

Avni nodded and looked at Neil who was looking at her seriously she started walking ahead while Neil followed behind her

Once they reached to her room Avni closed the door once Neil entered

Avni: sit down

Neil turned around and looked at her with a stern look

Neil: r u for serious?

Avni stayed quiet

Neil: what happened usually u talk a lot but now u don’t have anything to say? He said sarcastically turning away from her and tried to calm down

Avni: Neil …

Neil: Di u know when Bebe told me that she has chosen u ..for a sec I was shocked but then I thought no y would Avni agree to get married to me when we both don’t get along I’m sure when she finds out about this proposal she is going to reject it straight away… but what happened here u agree to this proposal exactly knowing that we both don’t get along at all

Avni: I’m sorry but I had no choice

Neil: really? U had no choice? As far as I can see nobody forced u downstairs and seen your family they don’t like they will get u married forcibly.

Avni: look I had my own reason

Neil: reason? Can I know what reason u had?

Avni: that is none of your business Neil she said moving away from him which angered neil and he grabbed her by her arm and pulled her closely to him

Neil: it wouldn’t have been my business but it is because u have agreed to get married to me

Avni: u agreed to and even u could have said no

Neil: I couldn’t because my Bebe health was worsening and she decided she won’t eat anything until I don’t agree that’s my reason now what is your reason he said pulling Avni again close to him when she was about to get away from his grip

Avni: even I agreed for my dadi and family sake she said moving away from Neil grip but he pulled her back

Neil: not convinced at all.

Avni was angry at Neil

Avni: look Neil we both r on the same boat we don’t want to get married to each other but we have no choice but to be together for our family.

Neil realised Avni was right… both r on the same boat right now..suddenly a thought strikes his mind

Neil: what if we do one thing

Avni: what?

Neil: we both agreed to this marriage due to our family but if we try to break this relation then we don’t have to get married

Avni: u think it’s that easy our family would know that we both r probably pretending but we can break this relation after getting married

Neil: after getting married we would pretend no actually we don’t even need to pretend they would actually see themselves that we don’t get a long and stating our difference we would end our marriage He said as Avni nodded

Avni: exactly but we can’t tell anyone about this

Avni in her head: this is a great idea by this I will be able to help dadi as Neil dadi will give the money to dadi and then we both can separate and lead our own life. i could tell Neil all this now but then I have promised dadi …maybe once everything is sorted I can let him know what the actual reason was for me to say yes

Neil: hello miss ajooba where r u lost

Avni: nothing was thinking since this marriage topic was bought up i just didn’t know what to do but with this plan of ours things r back to normal she said smiling a little

Neil: same goes for me too…

All of a sudden both felt a little awkward as they didn’t know what to say… Neil looked around the room… to see pics of Avni with the family member some were when She was young and some after she grew up…but one picture caught his attention and that was little Avni with Ayesha which he had also seen as her dp on what’s app

Neil: miss ajooba

Avni: hmm Avni said looking at Neil as he seemed a little normal now

Neil: I know all the family members in these pics but who is this lady I saw your dp on what’s app which had u and Neela aunty merged with this pic too.

Avni looked at Neil and then to the wall to see him pointing at Ayesha picture… Avni slowly walked to it and caressed The picture

Avni: she is my maa Avni said slowly

Avni turned around to see Neil confusingly

Avni: my biological mother… she completed

Neil: then Neela aunty? And where is your mother.

Avni stayed quiet she recalled the drastic incident of that fateful day

Neil noticed her going quiet and remembers his convo with ali.

Flash back

Neil: y does miss ajooba always stay serious.

Ali: miss ajooba?

Neil: I mean Avni. Ali smirked.

Ali: maybe because your meeting with her didn’t go well.

Neil: that is one of the reasons Ali but I don’t know there is some sadness in her. She smiles but it doesn’t reach her eyes she is like a mystery.

Ali: u already started observing her so closely. Neil was surprised he didn’t know what to say.

Neil: it’s nothing like that yaar. It’s just that I have seen her like that few times.

Ali: she had gone through a lot Neil. Avni was so lively but an incident changed her forever she smiles only for everyone sake but inside her heart is paining a lot. Neil felt something weird he didn’t know y he was feeling so bad

Neil: y?

Ali: I would tell u Neil but avni doesn’t like it when I would tell someone about her person life. U r a stranger for Avni Neil so she wouldn’t like it if I told u. But if Avni does become your friend in the future then maybe she might tell u if u ask.
end of flashback
Neil: I’m sorry u don’t have to talk about it… erm shall we go down now

Avni nodded and both headed down

Precrap: ali rhea and aman questioning avneil

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