AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 21

At the police station Neil was watching Dd beat the goon up for about 10mins

Neil: Dd…Dd looked at Neil and stopped. Neil walked over to the goon and sat down on the chair looking at the goon sternly who was sitting on the floor with bruises on his face

Neil: if u r sober enough now I’m sure u can tell me what u and your other mates did at the cafe and y did u beat the staffs over there…Otherwise my Constable has so much energy that he can beat u all day until u don’t speak he said pointing at Dd

Goon: no no no saab I will tell u everything. Actually the thing is me and my friends were partying at night till morning that we didn’t realise we drank too much we wanted to drink more and were on our way to see if any places would sell alcohol… one guy who was with us saw the cafe. So we went there. And started asking for alcohol the staff over there told us that they don’t sell any alcohol so many times but we were too drunk to understand. One of my friend got angry and started beating the staff… we saw that there were few staff coming to stop the fight so we went toward them and started injuring them and then started throwing things and breaking some stuff and then went away from there. He said looking at Neil who was clenching his jaws.
Dd and Neil looked at each while one other constable was writing the statement down

Neil: on this paper right down your entire friends name that were with u that morning at the cafe…NOW he said

The guys quickly took the paper and pen and did as he was told.

Dd: sir what shall we do with him for now

Neil: keep him in this lock up until his other friends don’t join him and get all there statement recorded and if they don’t say anything then beat them up as u beat him up.

Dd: yes sir.

The guy gave Neil the paper and Neil looking at to see 5 names written on it

Neil: I hope u have written the all the names and not trying to save anyone.

Goon: nnn. No sir he said stammering a little bit.

Neil: Dd I want all of these in this lock up ASAP.

Dd: don’t worry sir I will find out where they r right now and soon they all will be here… Neil nodded and dd left to find out about the others

Neil leaned forward

Neil: listen if u ever do this again then I’m warning u your punishment would be even worse the next time

Goon: that means I can go for now he said hopefully but soon he shut his mouth seen Neil look at him angrily

Neil: no for now you and your friends could have a good treatment of the police station he said giving one last look to the goon and left from there

Avni reached home around 6pm and saw nanno sitting at the dining table cutting some vegetable

Nanno: guddo u came early today

Avni: yeah nanno the cafe was not busy today so we decided to close it early

Nanno: ok u go and freshen up till then Neela will also be back from work

Avni: ok but where is aman and Nanu

Nano: aman came back early so he took your nanu out.

Avni: ok I will go and change and then help u cook food.

Nanno: ok

After freshening up Avni went to the kitchen and saw nanno cutting vegetable

Avni: nanno what is for dinner today

Nanno looked at avni who was looking for something in The fridge and she knew Avni was pretending to act normal

Nanno: bhindi-aloo, matar paneer and dal chawal

Avni : great!… nano laughed as she knew avni doesn’t like all this that much

Nanno: gudo u will have to eat all this

Avni : I know I know otherwise maa will start her lecture on y it’s important to eat everything here let me help u cut the paneer

Voice: I didn’t know that once I go to the village u all will do this to me

Avni and nanno looked up to see madhavi

Avni: madhavi tai she said smiling walking towards her and was about to hug her but madhavi stopped her from hugging her

Madhavi: leave it I know u didn’t miss me she said upset

Nanno: ohhh acting ki Dukaan. What is with this new drama of yours

Madhavi: I’m not doing any acting nanno . But seems like u all want me to leave my job

Avni: what r u saving madhavii tai y would we want that

Madhavi: then y r u both cooking… usually that is my job here…I went to the village for two days and my place is gone from This kitchen and this house. Nanno rolled her eyes while avni smiled

Avni: madhavi tai we didn’t take your place and nobody can …besides u didn’t tell us u were coming if we knew then we would have waited for u to cook for us right nanno

Nano: of course not

Madhavi: seee she said pointing toward nanno while looking At avni

Nanno: oh madhavi listen to me first I said no because u just came back from your village today And even u need rest so go and rest she said finally smiling warmly at madhavi

Madhavi: no no I have full energy even now nanno

Avni: come nanno we all know she would want to do all this.
Nanno: fine here is your kitchen and the menu for tonight is…before she could continue madhavi spoke

Madhavi: I know I know I heard u tell Avni.

Avni smiled and stared walking out while nanno pulled madhavi cheeks and then left madhavi to start cooking

Neela reached home and got out from the car… she received a message from Shweta which said *me and Bebe will tell Neil that we have chosen Avni for him*

Neela prayed that everything goes well. And walked in to see nanno watching a serial on tv and cursing the villain she smiled and sat next to her.

Nano: to hell with this dayan she should rot in jail

Neela couldn’t control it anymore and started laughing making nanno turn towards her

Nanno: when did U come Neela and y r u laughing

Neela: nothing maa just seen how u get involved in these serials.

Nanno: u won’t understand my love for serials she said

Neela: by the way something is smelling nice is Avni cooking

Nano: no

Neela: then?

Nanno: madhavi came she is cooking

Neela: she didn’t even tell us she would be Back so soon I will go and meet her

Nanno: ok and with that nanno was about to continue watching her serial when she realised Avni still hasn’t came out of her room

Meanwhile at the khanna mansion Neil came back home talking to Ali informing him about all the goons been caught… he ended the call. And was about to head to his room when Bebe who was sitting in the living room called him over.

Neil : ji Bebe he said sitting down next to her.

Shweta came down and joined them

Bebe: beta we have selected few girls for u and would like u to choose

Bebe and shweta knew Neil won’t look at the pictures but they pretended to do this

Neil : Bebe u choose I don’t mind he said avoiding looking at the picture and was about to get up but bebe made him sit down

Shweta: Neil at least see

Neil: mom please u both choose whoever u want I will agree.

Shweta: fine till then u stay here.

Shweta was pretending to look at the picture declining all of of them while Bebe was watching Neil expression all this while who was looking irritated and uncomfortable

Shweta: Bebe how did I forget this

Bebe: what? She said pretending not to understand what Shweta was talking about

Shweta: here we r looking at girls pics for tillu but how can i forget Neela daughter Avni

Neil was shocked he looked at Shweta and Bebe.

Neil: what?.. Avni?… no I mean it could bee she is in a relationship and y would she even agree to get married to me..he said coming up with an excuse

Bebe: u leave that to us Tillu we will find out from Neela and then go ahead with the proposal.

Neil: I’m going to my room he said not waiting for answer and ran to his room

Neil threw the file on the Bed… this was getting too much for him but for Bebe sake he can’t do anything he sat on the bed and covered his face. He never wanted to get married to anyone apart from Juhi… Neil was thinking about his moment spent with juhi and then all the incidents that happened since he met Avni
he moved his hands away from his face when Suddenly he got up with a hope

Neil : wait wait Bebe and mom chose Avni but me and Avni never have got along so it could be she denies for this wedding because neither we r friends nor enemy and I’m sure she wouldn’t want to spend her life with someone who she doesn’t get along with at all and as soon as she will find out this proposal im sure she will say no straight away. He said looking ahead with a small smile on his face


Bebe: Shweta I will call daywanti Ji and tell her we told Neil that we chose Avni for him…finally what we wanted is happening now

Shweta : Bebe I have an ideas

Bebe:. U and your idea anyways tell me what is it

Shweta: Bebe u remember I told u in the afternoon that Ali told us that he wants us to be on his side when he goes to ask for rhea hand tomorrow

Bebe: haan toh?

Shweta : so during that times we can ask for Avni hand too

Bebe: that is actually a good idea I must say by staying with me at least u think sensibly sometimes… Shweta made a sad face

Shweta: u informs dayawanti aunty and I’ll inform Neela.

Bebe: ok

Maddy who was watching this from upstairs thought: something is cooking between these two I must find out

At the parikh house nanno went to Avni room to check y she hasn’t came out yet and saw the door ajar to see Avni sitting on the floor leaning against her bed with a lost look on her face. Nanno heart melted for a sec and she felt like ending this game of marriage but she knew Avni has to move on as she can’t just stay like this due to ashish bitter words and spoil her life.

She looked at avni one last time and left from there.

Neela came out of her room when somebody rang the bell she went to open it to see Ali she was about to greet ali when she heard nanno

Nanno: Ali beta u here at this time

Neela turned around to see nanno walking towards her

Ali: yes actually i wanted to talk to u all about something.

Neela: ok but first come in

Nanno: Avni… bachien ali is here… she shouted out loudly.

Avni came out of her thoughts when she heard nanno. She got up to see the time and thought what made Ali come here as after they had closed the cafe he didn’t tell her about him coming over to her place

She walked out to see Neela and nanno sitting with Ali

Avni: Ali what happened.

Ali: nothing y?

Avni: u came here at this time that’s y?

Ali: nothing yaar I just came to tell Neela aunty and nanno what I told u at the cafe

Neela: what do u need to tell us Ali…Avni sat down next to Ali.

Ali: Neela aunty tomorrow i will be going to the metha house to ask for rhea hand and I had told Neil and avni that I want them to be on my side and even Neil’s family agreed and I want u all…but he couldn’t continue as nanno spoke

Nanno: and u want us to be on your side too right?

Ali: Haan he said with A big smile.

Neela: done but yes we will change parties in between sometimes on rhea side and sometimes on your side

Ali: that’s fine for me so I will see u all around 9:30 at the khaana house and from there we all leave to go the metha house.

Nanno: that is fine with us

Ali: great Now I will leave

Neela: Ali its dinner time at least have dinner with us.

Ali: Arien wah what a great idea I would love to. By the way where is a aman and nana ji

Aman: we r here Ali Bhai… Ali and everyone turned around to see hemant and aman walking in

Ali got up and took blessing of hemant.

Hemant: god bless u beta but what is this u come to meet me now.

Ali: sorry nana ji u know I got to know from aman that u have came when we all went out to the club that night but after that got busy with cafe work and all so didn’t get time but look here I am now.

Nanno: u all talk till then I will go and see if madhavi has finished making dinner

Avni received a call from dayawanti and excused herself and went to her room.

Avni: haan dadi

Dayawanti: beta Harleen ji called me and told me that she had told Neil that they have chosen u for him… so I will call Neela in a bit and let her know… till then I will let the others in the family know.

Avni: dadi

Dayawanti: haan beta

Avni: dadi what would I say to mama when she ask? in fact what will I say to everyone because everyone knows that I never wanted to get married and agreeing all of a sudden wont they get suspicious?

Dayawanti: beta just say that I gave u my kasam and also because I want not felling well so because of my health u agreed for the sake of me and the family ok …

Avni was not satisfied but still agreed

Avni: ok dadi I will talk to u later.. Without waiting for dayawanti to respond Avni cut the call

Avni to herself: would it be that easy to convince everyone and Neil y would he agree to get married to me …somewhere I just hope Neil doesn’t agree to get married but then if he says no then dadi would be in a problem.

Ali: yaar Avni what r u doing over here everyone is in the hall and u r alone over here.

Avni: nothing Ali come let’s go. She said faking a smile and walked out

Ali thought to himself. U r definitely hiding Something Avni I know it… but since u gave me our friendship sake I wont ask anything for now but if u don’t tell me soon what your problem is then I must find out myself

With that he walked out.

At night Avni was in her room when Neela came in

Neela in her head: sorry beta even though I know everything I have to pretend that I don’t know.

Neela: bacha Avni looked up to see Neela

Avni: haan maa … Neela made Avni sit next to her

Neela : beta daya maa called

Avni stiffened a little bit.

Neela : she told me that u have finally agreed to get married.

Avni: Haan maa

Neela: but y all of a sudden?

Avni was waiting for Neela to ask that question

Avni: for my family sake maa for your sake for Ayesha maa sake… I didn’t want to agree but then I know dadi health is still not that well and I couldn’t say no to her when she was telling me to say yes to get married as she also gave me her kasam she said getting up and turned away to hide the tears from Neela. Avni tuned toward Neela and sat on the floor and placed her head on her lap

Neela caressed her head

Neela : r u happy bacha

Avni : no not at all… but if u all r happy then I am happy she said quickly wiping away the tear that was about to fall Neela noticed it and bent down and kissed Avni forehead trying to stop her tears

At the metha house everyone was looking at dayawanti as if she is an alien … rhea was not there as she had gone out with a friend

Dayawanti : what? r y all looking at me like that?

Diksha : maa did Avni agree herself? I mean Im sorry but I don’t believe it

Dayawanti : haan avni agreed herself and remember u said yourself if Avni agrees to get married then u have no problem

Diksha didn’t look convinced

Ketan : it’s good Avni agreed I mean we r happy that she has decided to Take this step but I am not able to digest the fact that our Avni who never wanted to get married who never believed on love has actually agreed.

Dayawanti: sometimes we have to push our children to make them agree to us. And with Avni I pleaded her as I actually wanted her to get married and due to my health she agreed.

Hetal: maa who is the guy that u chose for Avni.

Dayawanti : Neil khanna. Prakash and shweta son

Ketan : but how comes Avni didn’t say anything to us

Dayawanti: because I told her not to tell anyone as the Khaana had to tell Neil …now I hope All your question r answered

chapter 22 next post

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