AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 20

chapter 20

Bebe was standing near the window. When Maddy came in

Maddy: Bebe what has happened y r u not eating anything

Before Bebe could answer Neil answered

Neil: she is not eating anything because of me

Maddy and Bebe turned around to see Neil standing with a tray of food in his hand and behind him was Shweta and Prakash… Bebe looked at Neil and turned her face looking out the window. Three of them walked in and Neil placed the tray on the table he walked up to her and stood beside her

Neil: Bebe

Bebe: Shweta tell him that I don’t want to talk to him she said going and sitting on the bed. Neil followed her and bent in front of her taking her hands in his

Neil : Bebe u know that I can’t see u angry with me

Bebe didn’t look at him

Neil : I’m sorry I got angry that time and spoke to u in a different tone… Bebe y do u think I should get married

Bebe looked at Neil this time and saw his red eyes

Bebe: because I want to see my grandson move on and not spend his whole life alone… Neil Everyone deserves a second chance and even u do. God is not that cruel if he took Juhi away from u then it could be he has made someone else for u. It will take time but until u don’t try moving on u will be at the same spot where u were when Juhi died

Shweta: Bebe is right Neil please trust us on this decision. We would never think wrong for u. Please.

Neil: Bebe we will discuss about this later first u eat something he said about to get up to get the plate but Bebe held his hand

Bebe: Tillu I won’t eat anything until u don’t agree…

Neil: Bebe please eat… he said pleadingly

Bebe: no Neil no I told u that I wont eat anything until u don’t agree to get married now the decision is in your hand

Neil thought for a few sec and closed his eyes and then opened it

Neil: only on one condition

Bebe: what

Neil: if u eat something

Prakash Shweta and Maddy smiled.

Bebe: then u will agree

Neil: yes because I can’t hurt my Bebe.

Bebe smiled
Maddy gave the plat to Neil and fed her a bite.

Bebe: beta we all r always with u. This journey would be tough but remember one thing whenever u will need us we always be behind u

Neil nodded.

Neil: I will just be back as i forgot I had to call Dd for some important case he said making an excuse and left

Prakash: Neil agreed for our sake only

Maddy: can someone tell me exactly what has happened.

Prakash: Maddy Bebe health was worsening because she wanted Neil to move on in life. So she spoke to Neil and they just had a small argument which got resolved now he said

Shweta in her head: thank u Prakash ji for not telling Maddy jiji that this was mine and Bebe plan otherwise she would have got an excuse to say something to me

Bebe: where is Kareena

Maddy: don’t know probably in her room

Neil closed the door of his room and slided down resting against the door.

Neil: Mandam if u don’t agree to marry me then I will find someone else

Juhi: really?

Neil: of course do u know how many girls r dying to be in your place

Juhi: so that is not my problem.

Neil: ok then when u agree to get married to me then let me know till then I will go and see if I can find someone Else
He said about to get up when Juhi pulled him down

Juhi: oh hello until I’m alive u r mine only. U can only marry someone else if we r not together but don’t worry I won’t leave u so easily

Neil: yes madam he said smiling and hugged Juhi

Flashback ends
He pulled his hair back in frustration. He didn’t want to agree to get married but he had to because he knew how stubborn Bebe was. He knew this journey was going to be hard but he was doing all this for Bebe

Avni and Neela came home… Avni straight went to her room and closed the door and Neela knew Avni needed time alone right now

She received a call from Shweta

Shweta: Neela guess what’s Neil agreed to get married first he didn’t agree but then Bebe decided she won’t eat until Neil doesn’t say yes and my Tillu can’t see his Bebe like that so he said yes.

Neela: that’s good …right now even Avni hasn’t said anything but im sure she will say yes to daya maa

Shweta: by the ways what Did daywanti aunty tell Avni

Neela: she told her that Harleen aunty has decided to help her and also that days maa doesn’t have to repay the money back as all she wants is Avni hand for Neil and also she hasn’t told anyone at home as nobody can find out and she can’t take help from me or ketan

Shweta: oh wow that is goods once Avni agrees I will tell Tillu on that we have chosen Avni for him since Avni already knows

Neela: ok I will call u tomorrow to let u know what happens

Shweta: ok.

Shweta cut the call and walked towards Neil room to see the door closed she walked over to the window and saw Neil sitting against the door with silent tears rolling down.

Tears welled up in Shweta eyes to see her Tillu hurt like that. But she controlled her emotions and went from there.

Avni was lying on the bed. Her mind was totally blank right now dayawanti words kept coming in her mind.

She held her pendant tightly and closed her eyes trying not to think about all this for a while

Nanno hemant and aman came back after a while hemant and aman were walking behind nanno talking …aman had his hands around hemant shoulder both joking about something.

Nanno saw Neela sitting on the couch and hemant and aman also sat down with her

Nanno : Neela

Neela looked up to see nanno
Nanno sat down next to neela

Hemant : where is Avni Neela

Neela : baba she is sleeping in her room.

Hemant : ok

Nanno : bhai saab u must be tired shall I get some milk

Hemant: no Fatima ji I will actually go and sleep now he said getting up

Aman : I’ll also go have to go college early… goodnight

Neela: good night bacha… aman kissed nanno and Neela on the head and went to his room

Neela : she was crying a lot maa

Nanno: did she say anything to u

Neela: nope she just made an excuse saying she was missing Ayesha ji

Nanno: she will cry for sometime but at least it won’t be for life time. Neela nodded.

Both went to Avni room to see her laying on her bed side ways they walked near her to see her sleeping holding her locket tightly. Tears had dried up.

Nanno covered her with a blanket and Neela closed the light. Both left the room quietly.

The next morning Avni was in her room getting ready but she was not looking forward to this morning she had been sitting in front of the mirror for the past 20mins

Neela came to her room

Neela: bacha come on its 8:20 u don’t want to be late to go to the cafe right she said sorting out Avni bed
But when she didn’t get any response she turned to look at avni who was brushing her hair slowly lost in thoughts.

Neela went near her and placed her hand on her shoulder.. Avni came out of her thoughts and looked at Neela.

Avni: mama when did u come she said putting the hair brush down

Neela: what r u thinking about bacha

Avni: actually I was thinking about what new things could be added to the cafe she said coming up with an excuse and faked a smiled
Neela knew she was lying.

Neela: ok then do that at the cafe and if u need any help let me know now come on get up and have breakfast and then leave to go to the cafe. U don’t want to be late right

Avni: I will have breakfast at the cafe.

Neela: u sure?

Avni: han maa…See u

Neela: bye bacha.

Neil was getting ready to go to work when someone knocked on his door he turned around to see Kareena

Neil: come in Kareena.
Kareena walked on

Kareena: good morning Neil bhai

Neil: good morning he said getting back to brushing his hair

Kareena: actually bhai I wanted to give u this last night but I think things were not ok at that time

Neil went still remembering yesterday incident but composed himself he smiled at Kareena

Neil: what is this he said looking at the small box

Kareena : gift for u

Neil opened it and found a watch

Neil’: Kareena this is lovely but it was not necessary

Kareena: of course it is… although it was paid by your card but when I saw this watch I thought of getting it for u

Neil: that is very sweet of u he said kissing her forehead

Kareena : oh and here is your card.

Neil: did u get anything for yourself

Kareena: yes few things for me and some for everyone in the house

Neil: good so how was your day out yesterday. Kareena wrapped her hands around neil arm

Kareena: awesome bhai although we didn’t get to see all the places but rhea di said we will plan another day out and see more places

Neil nodded.

Kareena: look see these pics she said which she transferred from her camera on to her phone

Neil saw the excitement on Kareena face and didn’t say no to her and looked at the pics to see how all three were enjoying

Avni was on her way to the metha house… she was hoping the journey take long to reach there but it had gone quick and she reached there after 20mins. Avni stayed in the car For a good few mins and then slowly got out of the car and started walking in taking small steps.

Hetal. Arien Avni beta how r u feeling now

Avni: huh Avni said confusingly

Hetal: beta u had a headache yesterday right that’s y u left without anyone knowing

Avni was confused as she didn’t know who must have told about her having an headache

Avni: chachi who told u that I had a headache

Hetal: Neela bhabhi…she said u left without telling anyone as u didn’t want anyone to worry

Avni got thinking: mama must have seen me leaving without telling anyone.

Hetal: Avni beta where r u lost

Avni: nowhere chachi and yes I’m fine now. By the way where is dadi

Hetal: she is in the temple

Avni walked towards the temple and went inside. She folded her hands in front of the mata rani idol and then looked at dayawanti who was too praying

Avni: dadi.

Dayawanti opened her eyes she smiled and finished her prayers.

Dayawanti: I will come to the point Avni what have U decided

Avni: dadi I… dadi isn’t there any other option

Dayawanti smiled

Dayawanti: beta if there was another option do u think I would put u in this situation… no right.

Avni: I know u wouldn’t … but if this is the only way then My answer is yes

Dayawanti was so happy but she composed it

Dayawanti: thank u beta u don’t know how light your dadi is feeling after hearing your answer it feels like a big weight has been lifted From my shoulder

Avni. I can do this much for u dadi. U have always been there for us. She said smiling slowly

Dayawanti: Avni even Neil shouldn’t know about this’

Avni was surprised

Avni: y dadi

Dayawanti: because Harleen ji doesn’t want him to know. And even I don’t want him to know that u just agreed to get married just to help your dadi

Avni nodded slowly

Dayanwait: I will tell Harleen Ji she will be so happy to know that u agreed but beta please don’t tell anyone about the debt

Avni nodded and said

Avni: dw dadi u trusted me so I won’t… I will leave now need to go to the cafe

Dayawanti nodded while avni left from there.

She went to her room. And called Bebe

Dayawanti: hello Harleen ji according to our plan Avni said yes.

Harleen: that is good to know dayawanti ji…Shweta told me last night that Neela told her about what u said to Avni.. I’m just happy that our children agreed to get married although neil doesn’t knows that we chose Avni but we will tell him soon .

Dayawanti: that’s fine I will also let everyone know once u have told Neil and then we can decide the engagement day with the pandit ji

Harleen: ok dayawanti Ji I will call u later and let u know once I have told Neil

Both cut the call.

Avni reached to the cafe … right now she didn’t want to thinking about the things going she closed her eyes to relax and opened her eyes and started walking in the caf but stopped To see Neil and dd. Who were sitting and talking.

All of a sudden she saw Neil and dd looking at her… and she remembered dayawanti words telling her to get married to Neil and that thought made her uncomfortable making her look away and she was about to head to the cabin to put her things inside when Ali stopped her

Ali: oye what happened to u. Y does your mood seem off

Avni: its nothing like that Ali…she said about to walk away but Ali stopped her

Ali: Avni I have known u since childhood and I know when something is bothering u tell me

Avni looked at Ali. Before one of them could speak Dd shouted

Dd: noodle bhaiya how long will u take? And bring the food otherwise it would get cold
He said loudly and in return he got a look from Neil which made him quiet

Ali: this Dd told him so mant time to stop calling me noodle bhiaya but he never listens.come with me I want to talk to u guys he said holding Avni hands

Avni: Ali u guys talk I have some work to do she said trying to protest but Ali didn’t listen and they reached to where Neil and dd were sitting.

Avni in her head: y is Neil behaving so calm after knowing that we have to get married to each other? Or is it that he doesn’t know yet
All of a sudden she felt Ali tapping on her shoulder

Avni: huh?

Ali: year what is wrong with u Dd is calling u since a long time and u r not even answering him

Avni looked at Dd and Neil. She saw Dd smiling but she could see Neil looking at her as if figuring out what is going on in her head.

Avni: sorry Dd what did U say

Dd: nothing Avni ma’am I was just saying after the forest incident I’m seeing u again.

Avni smiled nervously

Ali: Dd u can call Avni by her name without adding ma’am to it

Neil :Ali what happed y did u call me here urgently

Ali: well two things… first is have u found out those drunk goons that attacked on the staff and the cafe

Neil: no not… before he could continue Dd spoke

Dd: actually yes we found one of them yesterday Neil sir is going to question him and then we could find out who the other people were

Neil: Dd

Dd: yes sir

Neil : how comes u didn’t tell me about this he said sternly

Dd: sir ji actually yesterday u know how the situation was at your… Neil understood and nodded.. Avni and Ali looked at each other to see how Dd was not trying to reveal much

Neil: it’s ok dw.

Ali:. What happened yesterday

Neil:. Nothing yaar Bebe was just a little ill so was tensed about that he said not telling Ali much

Ali: how is she now

Neil: better… anyways what is the second thing u wanted to tell

Ali: well since u all know I have proposed rhea and now I’m planning to go to her house and ask for her hand to ketan uncle

Avni: what is new in that we all knew u were going to do that

Ali: I know that u all knew but the thing is when I go to ask for rhea hand I want u all to be from my side. Especially u Avni.

Neil: is that a thing to say of course I will be on your side. U and rhea r both my friends but u became my friend first so don’t worry… and also I will tell mom and dad too

Ali: no need yaar I spoke to shweta aunty already and she said she is ready as even I’m like her son he said happily .. and dd even u r invited

Dd: thanks noddle bhaiya

Ali: yaar at least stop calling me noodle bhaiya. And u Avni remember when I come to ask for rhea hand u will be on my sides

Avni: u always have to make things complicated for me right… here u r saying be on my side and over there when rhea gets to know this she will make sure that I stay by her side till u both don’t get married

Ali: that’s your problem not mine he said giving a cheeky smile.

Dd: but when r u going to ask for rhea ji hands

Ali: tomorrow so make sure u all r ready at 9:30

Suddenly Avni received a call

Avni: excuse me I will just answer this

Avni moved away into the corner and cut the call as it was just a random called and right now she wanted to be alone

Avni to herself: what am I doing… y is it so hard to hide my emotions now… years ago when maa died I tried to make sure nobody knows how I’m feeling then y is it so hard to hide what I’m feeling now. Whatever it is I need to behave like how I usually do so nobody doubts anything is wrong as I promised dadi… relax Avni take deep breath. Everything will be ok she said trying to calm herself down

After 10 mins or so she went back to see Ali serving once of the customers and there was no sign of Neil or Dd

Ali saw her

Ali: year where were u I thought u would be back soon

Avni: sorry actually it was mama she said coming up with an excuse.

Ali: no worries. Now back to where we were before… what happened when u came u seemed tensed.

Avni smiled slowly

Avni: Ali do u trust me

Ali was taken back for a moment

Ali: of course yaar u r my childhood best friend.

Avni: then don’t ask me anything for now. Please.

Ali: Avni now defo something is wrong what r u hiding.

Avni: aliii… when the time is right if I can then I will tell u everything and don’t worry about me I’m ok I will be ok

Ali: but Avni…

Avni: Ali please just trust me for our friendship sake don’t ask me anything

Ali: ok

Avni: by the way does rhea know u r coming to the metha house tomorrow

Ali: yes… but she doesn’t know that u all will be coming from my side… u know Avni I lost my family in childhood didn’t even know who they were but from your family and now Neil’s family everything is double he said happily

Avni smiled so what if she was not happy for herself but for Ali and rhea she was genuinely happy

Suddenly a staff came towards them

Waiter: sir I will just go give this order in the next building

Avni: manoj give me the bag I will go and give it. She said taking the bag

Ali: ok u go and then we will discuss about this cafe after.

Avni nodded and was going… she was looking around watching customers when she bumped into someone and closed her eyes. She was in a half bending position with the bag dangling from one side to the other
Avni opened her eyes to see Neil who was leaning forward holding her by her waist to prevent her from falling

Both looked at each other. Lost in that moment. (as usual adhm song playing)

Ali turned around casually To witness the scene. But the thing that caught his attention was avneil eye lock
Avneil were both busy looking at each other when they heard people laughing which bought them back to reality. They looked at people walking pass then smiling and laughing

Neil Made Avni stand properly

Avni: sorry she whispered. And left from there

Neil found it odd that avni said sorry without arguing with him as she usually would say it’s his mistake but this time she didn’t so any of that. he ignored the thought and walked ahead

Ali: what happened he said seen Neil coming over him

Neil: forgot my key he said.

Ali: hold on I will get it he said walking to the table and picked up the keys and gave it to Neil

Neil: thanks by the way what happened is miss ajooba feeling ok without arguing she said sorry.

Ali smiled

Ali: that’s Avni it’s hard to understand her sometime he said smiling slightly

Neil: come I will leave now and will let u know about those goons once I reach to the police station

Ali: ok and don’t forget about tomorrow I will meet u at your place as Shweta aunty told me to come there first

Neil. Ok see u later.

Ali got lost in his lost in his thoughts: I wonder what Avni is hiding that she is not saying. Whatever it is I need to find out .

precrap: neil Is shocked to know that bebe and shweta chose avni for him

sorry for not posting for a while but now im back

ok so i know most of your r waiting for avneil scene but i promise u will start getting them after few chaps till then there will be small avneil scene in between

thanks to those who like the previous part it actually means a lot that u all loving my story

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