AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 19

Avni and rhea reached to the khanna mansion and got out of the car and walked inside… shweta who was sitting in the living room saw Avni and rhea walk in

Shweta : one day u will enter this house as Neil’s wife. The Khannas daughter in law. She thought to herself.
She got up to welcome them

Avni: hi shweta aunty she said hugging her

Shweta: hellos beta she said hugging Avni back and then moved to hug rhea

Rhea: aunty where is Kareena.

Shweta: she is in her room getting ready…. Radha please go and call Kareena she said to one of the maid.

Shweta: so hows was your last night out for u all she said turning back to avni and rhea

Avni: it was good.

Rhea: more than good aunty we actually enjoyed. I think we should go out more often like this

Shweta: of course u all shoulds. U all r youngs after all.

Avni: aunty where is Prakash uncle

Shweta: he has left to go office early…. by the way when is aman starting college

Avni: today aunty. That’s y we all went out as he wanted to enjoy before starting college

Shweta: true…. suddenly they heard Neil’s talking on the phone while walking down the stairs

Neil: Dd make sure u bring all the evidence. We need to go through all the evidence as something is mis… he stopped when he saw shweta looking at him along with rhea and avni.

Neil: Dd I will see u at the police station he cut the call and headed towards them 3

Neil: good morning he said to all of them

Rhea: morning.

Neil: mom where is Bebe

Shweta: in her room. U guys talks till then I will go and see Bebe she said going away while Neil sat down.

Neil: so where r u going today.

Avni;. If u have forgotten then let me remind u AGAIN that we r going to give Kareena a tour around

Neil: thanks for reminding me AGAIN but as far as I know u can’t see the whole Mumbai in a day so I’m sure u must have picked certain places to visit he said narrowing his eyes.

Avni: even if we have why shall we tell u.

Neil: y? Is it some type of confidential information that u can’t leak he said rolling his eyes

Before Avni can answer rhea spoke

Rhea: guys I don’t understand can’t u both ever have a normal conversation. She said looking at both avneil. Neil was about to answer when Kareena turned up

Kareena: sorry for keeping u all waiting.

Rhea: so shall we go

Kareena: yh… Avni and rhea got up.

Kareena: bye Neil bhai she said moving to hug Neil who got up and hugged her back

Neil: have a lovely day. and here take my card and buy whatever u want to

Kareena: bhai I have some cash so u… but she could continue

Neil: chup just take this card and get whatever u want to ok he said cupping her cheeks. Kareena smiled and hugged Neil again.

Kareena: I will just go and quicklyTell mama she said running to Maddy Room

Neil got a call but before answering it

Neil: enjoy your day ladies he said looking at both Avni and rhea and left from there while attending the call.

Kareena came back and all three girls left.

Avni: Rhea u drive

Rhea: Okies.

Avni: Kareena u sit at the front she said moving to sit at the back

Kareena: it’s ok Avni Di I don’t mind sitting at the back.

Avni: i know u won’t mind but just sit at the front as u will get a better view of outside.

Kareena nodded and sat at the front while avni sat at the back

Rhea started the car and headed out of the khanna mansion gate

Meanwhile shweta was in Bebe room

Shweta: Bebe whens r we going to start the plan

Bebe: today itself. U will … but before she could continue she saw a shadow near the door …. call all the guest after all holi is coming .

Shweta: Bebe whats r u sayings y r u talkings about holi when… Bebe put her finger on her lips

Bebe: shweta u have become forgetful holi is coming near so we have to get everything prepared she said glaring at shweta and then showed her the shadow near the door

Shweta looked where Bebe was pointing and her mouth was wide open … she nodded her head at Bebe

Shweta: oh yes how Cans I forgets. I will make a lists of the things.

Bebe: ok come even I will come with u

Shweta: ji Bebe

They walked out of Bebe room and found nobody near the door but they didn’t miss seen Maddy walking away

Shweta: thanks gods we got saved we have to be carefuls until Neil doesn’t agree to get married to Avni

Bebe: no shweta we have to be careful until Neil and avni get married to each other… in This house only u me and sunny know
Shweta nodded and both talked about how they will carry out their plan making sure nobody is around them.

Meanwhile in the car.

Rhea: Kareena do u have any certain places u would like to go to

Kareena: I actually don’t know…. I would rather see the places that u both think is the best place to visit
Rhea: ok then we will show u some of the places that u probably would like
( sorry guys please forgive me I don’t know any places in Mumbai so google baba ki jai ho)
Avni: how about we go to gate way of india first and then travel by boat to elephanta cave
Kareena: sounds interesting
Rhea: ok then we can decide after that where to go next
When they reached there they started looking around
Rhea: my two lovely sweethearts lets take a selfie
Avni rolled her eyes
Avni: kareena let me tell u one thing about rhea that u need to know and that is she is a selfie girl no matter where u r or what the occasion is she never fails to take a selfie
Rhea: babes u can tell kareena things about me later now come on pose. And clicked the picture. Thanks to my new selfie stick we could take pics properly…

In neils cabin
Neil was busy discussing about some case with Dd when he received a call from shweta.

Neil: hey mom… suddenly the phone slipped from his hand

Dd: sir Ji what happened he said seen Neil shocking face

Neil: Bebe was all he could mutter and ran to his car followed by dd

When he reached home he ran to Bebe bedroom but the door was closed as the doctor was inside and Maddy and shweta were standing outside.

Shweta saw Neil running towards them followed by Dd

Neil: mom Bebe. Before shweta can answer Maddy spoke

Maddy: beta Bebe fainted. Don’t know what happened to her all of sudden. The doctor is in there for quite a long time…Neil hugged both Maddy and shweta

Neil: nothing will happen to Bebe she will be fine. After all she is our Bebe he said.

Neil: mom where is dad

Shweta: beta he has an important meeting so I didn’t call him.

Maddy: bhabi u should have called bhaiya do u know how upset he would be that we didn’t tell him

Shweta: Maddy jiji I thought we should wait to see what the doctor says and then I will inform Prakash Ji

After few mins the doctor came out

Neil : doctor uncle how is Bebe

Maddy: can we see Bebe

Doctor: she is fine for now and yes u can see her… Neil I need to talk to u

Shweta and Maddy went inside while Neil and the doctor moved away to talk

Neil: what happened gupta uncle

Doctor: Neil u remember I told u to make sure that Harleen ji doesn’t take any stress.

Neil: jee and we made sure she doesn’t worry about anything that’s y I called Maddy bua and Kareena so she feels better

Doctor: maybe there is something that is stressing her out.. I don’t know if she has said anything to u yet but when she was unconscious and I was doing her check-up she was mumbling something

Neil: mumbling something?

Doctor: yes she was saying something like please agree Neil for my sake please.

Neil was confused he was lost thinking when he felt the Doctor hand on his shoulder

Doctor: I think it’s best if u talk to her and see what is going on in her mind that is causing her to faint and making her stressful

Neil: uncle is there anything else to worry about

Doctor: for now nothing but I will come for another check-up after few days Neil nodded

Neil : Dd please drop doctor uncle outside …he called out to dd who was standing a little away from him

Dd: sure sir. Come doctor saab
Meanwhile the girls spent more time at the gateway of india while kareena took some pics on her camera… they finally got on the speed boat after paying and reached to the elephanta cave after an hour
Kareena: wow this is so beautiful she said taking few pics and so did avni and rhea
Avni: its been so long since we came here but this place never fails to amaze us
Rhea: exactly
After spending time there and clicking picture of the place and with each other…they took the boat back to gateway of india
Rhea: so did u enjoy
Kareena: of course she said excitingly
Avni: where shall we go next?
Rhea: how about colaba causeway market
Kareena: what is over there?
Avni: it’s a street shopping where u can buy cheap things for instance clothes, there is fashionable boutiques, british era building and lovely food .. lets just say u can find everything in this market
Kareena: ok then lets give this place a try
Three of them headed towards the car.
Rhea: lets do one thing once we reach there we should get something to eat or shall we go to a restaurant first she said starting the car
Avni: kareena u tell us what do u want to do
Kareena: well we have had enough food of restaurants lets just try something from the market that we r going to.
Rhea: ok.

Neil went to bebe room to see Maddy and shweta sitting next to Bebe on the bed.

Bebe: Neil beta u make these two understand that I’m fine now

Neil: mom, bua… relax Bebe is fine

Maddy: if she was fine then she wouldn’t have fainted

Neil: my sweet bua I just spoke to doctor uncle he said there is nothing to worry about…. neil said not mentioning the other info that the doctor told him

Shweta and Bebe looked at each other with small smile on their face

Neil:. Now u all go I want to spend some time with Bebe and give her a good lecture on how to take care of herself

Bebe:. Shweta don’t inform sunny for now as he would get tensed

Shweta: don’t worry Bebe I didn’t inform him. Maddy Jiji let’s go and get lunch ready

Maddy: ji bhabi both headed out but Shweta turned around giving a quick thumbs up to be Bebe who slightly nodded

Neil held Bebe hand

Neil: Bebe what happened

Bebe: nothing beta

Neil: Bebeee u wouldn’t faint like that…tell me what is troubling u

Bebe: tillu nothing is troubling me she said pretending she doesn’t want Neil to know

Neil: don’t lie …doctor uncle told me how u was mumbling something when u was unconscious… what do u want me to agree to

Bebe pretended to look shocked and then looked away from Neil.. neil turned Bebe face so she looks at him

Neil: what is it Bebe

Bebe: would u agree to what I say she asked looking at him seriously

Neil: yes

Bebe: I want u to be happy Neil gave a surprised look

Neil: Bebe I am happy

Bebe: really? Then tell me would u agree to me if I tell u that I want u to get Married

Neil went in for a shock for a sec his face all pale. When bebe placed her hand on his cheek that’s when he came back to reality

Bebe: what happened beta u said u r happy right then y don’t u agree to get married

Neil :Bebe I…

Bebe: tillu u wanted to know what is stressing me out right then this is what that is stressing me… I want to see my grandson move on and get married…not only me even Shweta wants u to get married ….u show us that u have moved on and u r very happy but deep inside U r still living with juhi’s memories
Neil got up

Neil: no this is not possible I don’t want to get married. I agree Juhi was an important part of my life and I wanted to marry her. But I can’t give anyone else a place in my heart he said letting a small tear out.

Bebe: tillu

Neil: no Bebe I am sorry but i can’t do this he said getting frustrated

Bebe was shocked.. Neil was about to go… he was not himself right now

Bebe: fine if u r stubborn then even I’m stubborn. Neil stopped but he didn’t turn around after few secs her left the room and headed out.

Bebe gave a disappointed look. It has been 20mins since Neil and Bebe had that small convo

Maddy: Bebe come lunch is ready she said coming in to Bebe room.

Bebe: I’m not Hungary

Maddy: but Bebe at least eat something

Bebe: Maddy please leave me alone for a while I told u that I don’t want to eat

Maddy didn’t argue and left.

Shweta: what’s happened didn’t Bebe come

Maddy: don’t know she looked a little angry and said she doesn’t want to eat

Shweta: donts u worry I will try and call her

Maddy: try your luck with that she went to her room

Shweta entered Bebe room and sat down next to her

Shweta: Bebe what’s happened y don’t u wat to have your lunch

Bebe: I said I’m not Hungary is it hard for all of u to understand?

Shweta was a little shocked and Bebe realised

Bebe: I’m sorry

Shwet: Bebe what happened and where is tillu.. Bebe sighed and told Shweta about her convo with Neil

Shweta: so now we have no chance she said losing hope

Bebe: no Shweta if Neil is stubborn then don’t forget even im his Bebe and I will Convince him

Shweta: how

Bebe: until tillu doesn’t agree im not going to eat anything Shweta was shocked her eyes was all wide with her mouth open slightly

Shweta: Bebe what r u sayings do u know your health will worsen if u don’t eat and take your medicine on time

Bebe: that is up to Tillu now. I have decided I won’t eat until he doesn’t agree and that is it.

Shweta knew Bebe is not going to listen to her as once she decides something then it is very hard to change her decision

She moved out of the room and tried to call Neil’s phone but it was switched off she tried few more time but the same thing. she then decided to call Prakash and told him how Bebe has decided not to eat anything until Neil doesn’t agree to get married

Prakash: Shweta ji u don’t worry i am coming home now. He said and ended

Shweta: oh gods please make tillu agree to get married

Meanwhile Neil was driving his eyes were red. Bebe words kept ringing in his ears. But right now he didn’t want to think about anything as the only thing that was running in his mind was Juhi he reached to his apartment and closed the door.

Neil: no. No nobody can take juhi place everyone knows how I love her a lot even though she is not with me I’m still living with her memories. How can Bebe and mom think i would agree to get married. He was so frustrated that he threw the cushion on the floor, the bedsheets… things that were kept on the table everything was a mess
He slowly walked towards the wardrobe and opened it taking a box out of it. He sat down on the floor and one by one took out each things some were juhi bangles, Their picture together, Juhis picture on its own. Her earring and her dupatta… he caressed each item and then took juhis picture looking at it lovingly with tears Rolfing down his eyes… he disconnected himself from the world and stayed like that recalling all his moment with Juhi
Soon enough the girls reached to the market and found a place to eat. All three enjoyed the food while rhea was making sure to take selfies now and then…. they were looking around and Karenna even bought some things for the family
It was around 5pm and they decided to go the juhu beach all three of them were resting after splashing water on each other and playing with the sand.
Kareena: thanks a lot for the lovely day I actually enjoyed it
Rhea: hey don’t say thanks in fact we even have more places to visit but we will plan that some other time and also we can take the boys with us then
Kareena: ok whenever u r free im ready to go
Three of them sat there in silence listening to the sound of waves and watching people walking about, some playing with the sand and some in the water. While few people were having street food
Avni: we should go now as there will be traffic on the way
They managed to drop kareena outside the metha house around 7pm

Around 7:45pm

Avni and rhea came back to the metha house after dropping Kareena off

When they entered both were surprised to see Neela, hemant nano and aman with the others

Rhea: babes u didn’t tell me Neela chachi and everyone else was coming over

Avni: I would have told u if I knew myself. They Both walked to where all of them were sitting

Ketan: look here comes rhea and avni. All turned their attention to the girls.
Rhea and avni sat down

Avni: mama when did u plan to come over here

Neela: today itself. Thought baba could meet everyone till then.

Rhea: by the way aman how was college

Aman: who enjoys the first day of college

Avni: that the same for everyone but the last day of college will always be memorable for everyone.

Aman: true

Avni: by the way where is dadi

Diksha: she received a call so went to answer it.

Avni nodded as she remembered dayawanti wanted to talk about something and excused herself

Dayawanti who saw Avni walking towards her room sat down On the chair

Avni who came to dayawanti room saw her sitting down looking tensed she went inside

Avni: dadi… dayawanti pretended as if she didn’t hear her. Avni went near dayawanti and tapped on her shoulder

Avni: dadi … that was when dayawanti looked up

Dayawanti: Avni beta when did u come

Avni: just few mins ago but what happened dadu u seem worried… u also wanted to tell me something.. what is it dadi

Dayawanti: haan beta actually the thing is… suddenly she received a call and excused herself and walked to the balcony and started speaking a bit loudly so that avni can hear

Dayawanti: look Kaushik bhai I told u I will repay your loan…. Kya no please don’t do this where will my family go?… no u cant do this see just give me few days times and I promise I will repay your loan. But? Hello? Hello? …. She turned around and saw avni

Avni: dadi what is going on? Who is this Kaushik bhai that u were talking to and what loan were u talk about? Dayawanti looked away. Avni took her inside and made her sit on the bed and sat next to her

Dayawanti: beta woh.. how do I tell u

Avni: dadi please tell me…she said concernedly dayawanti sighed

Dayawanti: the thing is i have to repay a huge debt. Although I do have few lacks but that wont be enough for me to repay the loan

Avni: loan for the what?

Dayawanti: went ketan went for one of his business trip… I started investing money in a business where I used my own money.. also I took a loan from a person called Kaushik bhai everything was going fine… but then that deal got cancelled due to a reason and all the money went in waste… Kaushik bhai kept calling and I told him I will repay his money back somehow but Im still not able to do that… for the past one year I have been hiding this from everyone but now…

Avni: u have hidden this for 1 year…but dadi u could of asked mama to help or even chachu?

Dayawanti: no I can never take money from Neela.. she has already done enough for us avni and about your chachu he will break down…. Ketan has worked so hard running our family business…how can I tell him that all his earned money went in a waste

Avni: but when he finds out that u have hidden it from him then wont he be hurt… just imagine if he needs some money urgently then what?

Dayawanti:beta u can help me

Avni: me?

Dayawanti: haan you? Wont u help your dadi

Avni: of course I will but what can I do.

Dayawanti: a good family can repay all my loans if

Avni: if what?

Dayawanti: if u get married to their son… avni looked at dayawanti in a shocking way and left her hand standing up

Avni: da…dadi what r u saying?

Dayawanti: beta please only u can save your dadi?

Avni: there must be another way. She said trying to change dayawanti mind

Dayawanti: I don’t see any other way I have told u the reason y I cant ask help from anyone from the family and u have to promise that u wont tell anyone
Avni: but dadi:
Dayawanti: tumhien meri kasam avni… u wont tell anyone

Avni sat down on the bed slowly… dayawanti heart ached seen avni looking so lost but this was the only way she would be able to make avni agree

Dayawanti: beta please I beg of you please help me… If you say yes to this proposal then I will be saved.

Avni: who is it that u r talking about?

Dayawanti: the Khanna family… only harleen ji knows about this

Avni: what? But how did she find out?

Dayawanti: I was going to the temple the other day and I met her we started talking and I didnt realise when I started telling her about my problem and she said she is ready to help me and wont tell anyone and also said I don’t have to even repay her the money back as she wants you to get married to her grandson tillu… beta please say yes I beg u

Avni: dadi please don’t do that she said stopping dayawanti from touching her feet

Dayawanti: tell me avni r u ready to help your dadi

Avni: I need time dadi

Dayawanti:will u let me know by tomorrow I would have given u more time but I don’t have that.

Avni: ok… avni got up and left the room

Dayawanti: for your this will look like a deal but that’s not true beta… if you see it from our point then its us trying to give u your share of happiness.

Avni walked down lost in her own world… she headed out of the Mehta house without the others noticing except nanno and Neela… both exchanged looks and nanno went to dayawanti room to find out if things went according to their plan

At the khanna house Neil came back home he had calmed down and composed himself but his eyes were all red which clearly told that he had been crying

Everyone was downstairs except Bebe…. Prakash and shweta knew y Neil walked looking like that while Maddy and Kareena were clueless about what is happening

Kareena: shweta mami Neil bhai is here.

Shweta turned and looked at Neil

He avoided everyone and was walking up the stairs

Shweta : Tillu where were u?

Neil: mom I want to be left alone for a bit he said heading up to his room
Before Shweta can tell about Bebe not eating anything he walked quickly up the stairs.

Prakash: Shweta ji u go to Bebe I will go and talk to Neil. Shweta nodded and both were about to head upstairs

Maddy: what is going on Shweta bhabi since afternoon I have noticed u were trying to call Neil and now he returns in this state

Prakash: Maddy u will know everything soon I will tell u later

Shweta looked at Prakash but he assured her and she knew he wouldn’t tell Maddy everything

Both walked up the stairs

Maddy: Kareena puttar I will just go and see Bebe

Kareena: mama shweta mami has gone right so y do u need to go there

Maddy: true but Bebe probably needs her daughter right now and that is me ..Shweta bhabi is only her daughter in law she said heading up while Kareena shook her head

Kareena: u r so jealous of Shweta mami maa I hope u change your thoughts about her one day she said to herself and went to her room

Avni reached to the place where she wanted to be right now. She walked ahead and placed a flower on the graveyard and sat down

She caressed the name of Ayesha which was written on the grave

Avni: maa she whispered and laid her head on the graveyard

Avni: I don’t know what to do? Y do I always get stuck in situation like this?…how can I marry someone who I dont even know that well?,…when I don’t believe in marriage?… when the person who I had loved the most made me lose trust in something called loved and said I don’t deserve love in my life?… when I use to see u and ashish metha together I always thought even I will have a better life. A loving husband. An loving in laws. But I don’t want any of that maa because I don’t believe in it anymore. But if I say no to dadi then she will be left in a huge debt and I know she won’t ask help from Neela maa or chachu.. even if Neil’s dadi gives her the money then dadi won’t be able to pay back the huge loan so easily… y is everything so complicated she said shouting and hugged Ayesha grave

Nanno reached inside dayawanti room who was about to come out

Nanno: dayawanti ji what happened

Dayawanti: I told Avni everything according to our plan but she said she wants some time.

Nanno: moi bachi seemed tensed when she left

Dayawanti:. Left?

Nanno: yes me and Neela saw her going out.

Daywanti:. She probably went to Ayesha grave. I told her not to tell anyone and without letting anyone know how she is feeling she went there to pour out her heart after all that is the only place where she lets her tears out

They both headed downstairs

After few mins

Rhea: wait where did Avni go .. all looked at rhea

Ketan: she was here few mins ago. Neela, nano and dayawanti looked at each other .

Neela: actually she was feeling tired and had a headache so she went home

Diksha: strange she could have rested for a bit over here.

Neela: yes I told her but she said she didn’t want anyone to worry that’s y she said smiling.

Hemant: so lets go home too then.

Dayawanti : no no hemant Bhai u came after a long time so u all have to eat dinner she said stopping them

Neela: maa is right baba u all have your dinner and don’t worry about Avni I will go to her. Plus I have an important presentation to finish so I could do all that by been with her

Hemant: ok

Ketan: bhabi u don’t worry I will drop them off

Neela left from there while dayawanti, nanno exchanged glance.

Shweta entered Bebe room and saw Bebe sitting on the arm chair with her eyes closed she went and sat down next to Bebe

Shweta: Bebe

Bebe opened her eyes to see Shweta sitting in front of her

Shweta: please eat something u haven’t had anything since the afternoon and on top of that u need to take medicine so that your health doesn’t worsen

Bebe: no Shweta I have made up my mind and I am not going to back out of it.

Meanwhile in Neil’s room… Neil came out of the washroom with towel around his neck.

Prakash: Neil.

Neil looked turned around to see Prakash near the door.

Prakash walked in.

Prakash: Neil beta Shweta told me what happened between u and Bebe.
But tell me one thing is the way to make your elders worry by going off without telling anyone

Neil: then u tell me dad what shall I do…I loved Juhi She is not with us but I am living with her memories. How can I marry someone else when the feeling called love went away from my life the day Juhi left this this world and me

Prakash: Neil I understand but life always gives a second chance and u… but Neil didn’t let him continue

Neil: dad how do I explain it to u.. I can’t I just can’t

Shweta: not even for our sake

Neil and Prakash turned to see Shweta walking towards them.

Avni felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see Neela

Neela smiled at her and sat down besides Avni

Neela: what happened bacha?… although Neela knew y Avni was here crying she had to pretend that she didn’t know anything

Avni: nothing mama was just missing Ayesha maa she said wiping her tears and looking at the grave

Neela placed her hand under Avni chin and turned her to face her

Neela: u do know that u can share anything with me bacha im always with u

Avni: I know… but I was just missing Ayesha ma. While visiting certain places with rhea and Kareena I remembered some moments spent with mama she said giving an excuse and hugged Neela while Neela caressed her hair

Avni in her head: sorry mama even though I want to tell u… I can’t as I promised dadi that I won’t tell anyone. She closed her eyes

Neela in her head: I hope u agree for this marriage bacha my heart is saying that u and Neil r made for each other.

Both sat near the grave lost in their own thoughts

Shweta walked to Neil and folded her hands in front of him

Neil: mom please don’t do that he said moving her hands down

Shweta: we want to see u happy Neil. Even Juhi would want u to move on

Neil closed his eyes

Shweta: Bebe decided not to eat anything until u don’t agree to get married

Neil looked at Shweta shockingly and remembered Bebe word from the afternoon

Bebe: fine if u r stubborn then even I’m stubborn.

End of flashback.

Shweta: we all tried to force her but she said we won’t eat anything until u don’t agree Neil now everything is up to u

Neil sat down on the bed. Tears again welling up in his eyes.

So im back after a long time…. but was really busy however I know I have a lot of catching up to do with ready other avneil ff so my lovely dear writers I will comment soon and that’s a promise
I hope u like this part had to go through it many times.
Thanks to those commented on the previous part … silent reader at least a s,all comment please
Will be waiting for all those lovely comments so keep it coming
Sorry for any spelling or gramma mistake
Love Sonali

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