AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 11

Ali and dd reached to where Neil and avni were.

Ali hugged Avni

Ali: u ok … Avni nodded and smiled a little

Ali looked at Neil and placed his hand on Neil shoulder

Ali: and u

Neil: I’m fine Ali. Dd hugged Neil

Dd: sir ji I got a little worried when noodle bhaiya told me about u. He said still holding on to Neil… Neil moved dd away

Neil. Control dd control this is not the first time i have landed in places like this… avni looked at dd

Avni: noodle bhaiya? Who is he?

Dd: noodle bhiaya is noodle bhiaya he said pointing at ali who was giving him daggers … avni controlled not to laugh

Ali: let’s go now it took us three hours to get here by the time we get back it would be around 10 or 11

Neil: let’s go… Dd took of the rescue signal and held Neil shirt.

All got in the police jeep dd was driving while Neil on the passenger seat and Ali and avni at the back

Ali: how did u both land here together. Neil looked at avni through the rear-view mirror

Neil: your friend loved sitting at dangerous place like a cliff.

Ali: u were sitting at a cliff? he said looking at avni..

Avni: yeh but I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was about to leave from there but your friend just appeared out of nowhere who made me lose my balance and I thought he would save me from falling so I held on to him but instead of saving me he also fell she said glaring at Neil who now turned around to look at her with eyes narrowed.

Neil: listen I was trying to save u but everything happened so suddenly that I couldn’t control my balance.

Avni: u shouldn’t have landed there in the first place so none of this would have happened

Neil: oh hello I was on duty it’s not my fault if I saw someone sitting at a Cliff and thought of asking that person if they r ok.

Ali: enough u two. He said a bit loudly while avneil were glaring at each other

Neil looked ahead while avni looked out the window.

Ali: Avni Neela aunty had call she knew u went somewhere but I didn’t tell her that u were stuck at an jungle

Avni: hmm she said looking outside the window.

Soon the jeep stopped outside Avni house. Ali and avni got out… Ali and Neil said bye to each other while avni chose not To say anything and started walking inside followed by Ali.

Neela opened the door to see Avni in a bit messy state she also didn’t miss the handkerchief on Avni arm where little blood stain was visible

Neela: bacha how did this happen she said following Avni and Ali who sat down and started inspecting the wound on Avni arm while removing the handkerchief

Avni: mama im fine relax she said seen Neela worrying

Neela: fine my foot I will call the family Doctor she said moving away to make a call .

Meanwhile in the car

Dd: sir ji who is this Avni ji

Neil: Ali’s friend.

Dd: how do u both know each other he asked casually when Neil spoke again

Neil : Dd stop your stupid questioning.

Dd: by the way sir ji we found the thief.

Neil: -and u r telling me now let’s go to the police station

Dd but sir ji its really late

Neil: I said let’s go Dd nodded and took the direction to go the police station

Meanwhile shweta woke up to drink some water but since there was none in the jug she thought of going to the kitchen and on the way to check on Neil to see if he has arrived

After filling her jug up she went to Neil room to find an empty bed she sighed and went back to her room and checked if Neil has left any message as whenever he would be late he would always let her know. But seen nothing she decided to call him but since he was not answering she called up Dd

Dd who was watching Neil interrogate the thief felt his phone vibrate he took it out to see shweta call and went out to answer it

Dd: hello Mata ji

Shweta: Dd forgets hellos and tell me where is Neil

Dd: sir ji is here at the police station

Shweta: that is stanges

Dd: what happened Mata ji is everything ok since u called this time?

Shweta: yeh everything is ok it’s just that i wokes up and didn’t find tillu in his rooms and he didn’t message me saying he will be lates

Dd: oh sir ji didn’t get a chance because he was stuck at a jungle with a girl

Shweta: whats and u r telling me nows Dd

Dd: sorry mata ji I forgot to tell u in fact we were coming home but.. shweta spoke not letting him continue

Shweta: waits waits did u say Neil was stuck withs a girl

Dd: ji.. shweta gave an angry look

Shweta in her head: a girl with Neil… here me and the ladies r plannings to bring Avni and neil closer and there my son was stucks with a girl. No I won’t lets anyone come betweens Avni and Neil. That’s it!… suddenly she came out of her thoughts when Dd spoke

Dd: mata ji u there?

Shweta: by the ways Dd do u knows who the girl was? she asked

Dd: no I don’t know who she is but I got to know her name is Avni and she is noodle bhaiya friend

Shweta: this Avni…I will.. not let her comes… (but she stopped midway)… waits dids u just say Avni

Dd: yeah y?

Shweta: Neil was with Avni?

Dd: ji mata ji

Shweta. Ok Dd anyways u goes and do your duty ok

Dd: ji… shweta cut the call she was Dancing and thanked god

Shweta: here I was cursings who coulds the girl be that was with Neil but thanks u gods I am happys Avni was with Neil

She went to her room to sleep and give Bebe the news in the morning.

At the police station Neil came out of the locker

Neil: Dd I am going homes record this guys statement he is ready to say the truth

Dd: ok sir ji good nights.. Neil nodded and left from there.

At the parikh house Ali had decided to stay over and was with aman in the garden and also filled Neela and aman on where Avni was… while the doctor had done Avni dressing and left

Avni was in her room getting changed as she was all messy due to the Sand she came out of the washroom drying her hair.

She changed into her pj and went out to the garden and sat with aman.

Aman: Di U scared us …u want to be alone for some time… go be alone but don’t go to places like this.

Ali: exactly it’s good that Neil was with u otherwise we wouldn’t have known where u would be. Avni smiled slightly.

Avni: sorry

Neela came with hot chocolate for three of them she was about to leave when avni stopped her

Avni: mama what happens u haven’t said anything after ali told u that I was stuck in the jungle she said holding Neela hand

Aman: and she also didn’t eat… Avni looked at Neela

Avni: mama y didn’t u eat yet? come on come with me she said taking Neela with her bit Neela stopped her

Neela: y does it matter to u Avni ? u go away like this without telling anyone and also u leave your phone so that we have no other way to contact u

Avni: mama

Neela: no let me finish. Do u know how worried I was …I was getting worried thoughts thinking y hasn’t my bacha come home? What if something happens to her? .. Did u had to go to a place like that?

Avni: sorry She said holding her ears while Neela looking away

Avni hugged Neela.

Avni: I’m sorry she said hugging Neela even tighter I know i scared u but trust me i didn’t do it purposely she said so cutely that Neela smiled and hugged her tighter

Neela: can I ever be angry with u for so long.

Avni: ‘nope now come on eat even I am Hungary. Then we need to have out usual ice cream

Ali: u both continue till we finish our hot chocolate

Avni and Neela went in while aman and Ali sat Down talking

Avni served Neela and gave her a first bite. Which Neela happily took… both continued feeding each other

Avni went and joined aman and Ali later.

Avni: so what have U guys been talking about

Ali : I have a surprise

Avni: a surprise?

Ali: yes but promise u won’t tell anyone

Avni : don’t worry I won’t

Ali: ok the thing is… and Ali told Avni about the surprise. While anvil had a big smile

Avni: that is amazing Ali

Ali: it would be amazing after all it’s Ali surprise

Avni: there goes the self-praising again

Neela: Ice cream anyone she said coming with 4 bowls and a ice cream tub… avni aman and ali nodded and all all enjoyed their ice cream

Ok guys here is chap 11 im not sure about this chap but I still wrote it… I hope u all like it

Also thank u for those who commented on the preivous part really loved reading all the comments it meant a lot

I hope u all like this part so will be waiting for all those lovely comments . So once finished reading do leave your comment

Sorry for any spelling and grammar mistake
Love Sonali

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