AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 10

chap 10
Avni was walking around all she could see was loads of trees around her.

Avni: oh god how will I get out of here. I don’t even know if I’m walking in the right direction she spoke to herself.

She continued walking and decided to take her phone out of her pocket only to realise she left it at the cafe

Avni: erghh Avni couldn’t u remember to bring your phone with u. Suddenly she stopped in her track when she heard a sound .. she got a little scared thinking what if it’s some animal. She hid behind a bush and looked up slowly to see Neil walking ahead. She got out of the bush and came in front of Neil

Neil who was walking while still trying to find connection on his phone shrieked when avni landed in front of him out of nowhere.

Avni: y r u following me she said with her hands on her hips

Neil: listen I have no interest in following u. Just like u even I was finding a way out of here. He said walking ahead and avni followed him Neil stopped and looked at avni narrowing his eyes

Avni: what?

Neil: now even I could say y r u following me.

Avni: just like u even I was finishing a way out of here. He said copying him

Suddenly Avni heard a sound she moved closer to Neil and held his arm Looking around. Whereas Neil was looking at avni.

Neil: what happened already finding a chance to hold on to me he said teasingly.

Avni: even in situations like this u say stupid things she said moving her eyes around. Neil could feel how Avni was a little scared by just holding tightly onto the fabric of his shirt around the arm.

Neil: listen let’s forget out tashan for now and stay together to get out of here he said a little nicely Avni looked at Neil she was about to deny as she didn’t want any help from him

Avni: don’t think too much Avni just say yes. He is an police officer so he would know ways to get out of places like this she thought Neil snapped her out of her thoughts

Neil: miss ajooba y R u thinking too much.

Avni: no nothing. Ok I’m fine with that. Neil shook his head because of the way she said it

Let’s go this way..Neil picked up a big stick…Avni followed him and both landed near the sea

Avni: did we come back here for picnic. Neil gave her a look

Neil: we came here to create a recuse signal. Avni thought for a second

Avni: take your shirt of

Neil: what? He asked shockingly

Avni: I said take your shirt of is that hard to understand. She saw Neil pulling his shirt together from the top

Neil: y? he asked suspiciously.

Avni: so that we can put this shirt on top of the stick. Easy to create a rescue signal she said rolling her eyes.

Neil nodded he hated it when she would always have an answer for everything he says. Neil
Took of the shirt while avni held the stick …avni took his shirt and started to tie/wrap it around on the top of the stick and Neil helped her place it together

Neil took out his phone. To see if there is network.

Avni: if u have your phone y can’t u call

Neil: oh madam I do have a brain to think like that. But u see there is no network over here.

Avni snatched his phone and went inside the jungle she kept on moving the phone about and saw the network when she held it a bit high

Neil: how dare you take my phone he said and was about to take it.

Avni shut up… and enter your code I will keep the phone like this… Neil unlocked his phone

Avni went on the caller list and called Ali

Neil: listen let me call for help

Avni: that’s what I’m doing.

Ali answered the phone and avni pressed the speaker button with her other hand making sure the phone is held at the same position

Ali : hey Neil what’s up.

Avni: Ali it’s Me… Ali who checking something on his laptop. Looked up surprised to see Avni calling
From Neil phone

Ali: Avni ?

Avni: yeh listen we r stuck at some jungle and we need some help

Ali: we? Before Avni could answer Neil spoke

Neil: Ali I’m also here.

Ali : But how did U both land up there

Neil: will tell u later on but do one thing call dd straight away and tell him to trace my location.

Ali: ok dw I will tell him. But U guys be safe and please at this stage don’t argue

Avni: don’t worry. Avni cut the call and gave Neil his home back

Neil: next time don’t snatch my phone like that

Avni. There won’t be a next time for that to happen.

Suddenly Neil saw a snake and pulled Avni closer as she was about to walk in that direction.

Avni: what the… she was about To shout when Neil covered her mouth. He silenced her with his eyes and she stopped fidgeting.
Neil kept looking at the snake and then at avni.

Neil: snake he whispered slowly Avni eyes widened she didn’t dare to look behind…her hands automatically held Neil’s vest

Neil looked at avni his hand that were covering her mouth went towards her hair to remove the clip. As soon as he got the chance he threw it at the snack direction and soon the snake left from there. Neil looked at avni before letting her go she turned around and saw no snakes she turned around and looked at Neil who was smiling at her she looked away when Neil leaned a little forward and spoke

Neil: another thing added to my thank u list

Avni: don’t even think about it . She said walking back to where the rescues signal sign was while Neil followed her

Neil: Mandan do u realise we r in this situation all because of you and instead of saying sorry earlier on u were blaming me and now when I saved u from the snake u don’t even say a thank u.

Avni: y do u always say the same thing. The only thing U seem to talk about is a thank u and a sorry nothing else.

Neil: well u do such things that I always have to talk about these two things. Avni looked at Neil irritatingly while Neil gave his usual *I’m saying the truth* look.

Avni sat down and Neil sat down next to her.

Meanwhile at the cafe Ali was about to call dd when dd himself landed at the cafe

Ali: dd thank god u came I was about to call u

Dd: what happened noodle bhaiya. Ali was about to hit dd for always calling him that but he stopped as tracing avneil was important right now

Ali: I wanted to talk about Neil and avni

Dd: Neil sir? And who is this Avni …Ali rolled his eyes dd would never let anyone finish what they want to say

Ali: chup and listen to me .dd nodded and Ali told about Neil’s call

Dd: here i was thinking where did Neil sir disappear but now I know.

Ali: now u know right then come on quickly trace his location

Dd: yeah… he made a call… once done

Ali :what happened

Dd: it will take few hours to get their location traced…right now it’s about 4pm I hope we find them soon.

At the parikh house it had been few hours since shweta bebe and dayawanti had left Neela was working on some file when aman Came and sat to her

Aman : Neela what is this Take some rest he said closing the file… sometimes he would joke around and teasingly call Neela by just her name

Neela: bacha just few more minutes then I will come…So how was it at the cafe today enjoyed having your usual PoHa

Aman.: yup he said busy texting away on his phone

Neela:did Avni and Ali like your surprise visit

Aman: yeh they did but then Di mood got spoilt and she left from there. Neela looked at aman who was still busy on his phone

Neela: Avni mood got spoilt and left from the cafe? She said repeating Aman word … aman widened his eyes he was not meant to tell anyone as everyone would start to worry for Avni

Aman: I mean..the thing is … act.. no…i… Neela knew her son well enough

Neela: y r u fumbling aman and don’t lie to me tell me what exactly happened that avni mood got spoilt she said seriously .Aman told Neela on how Avni got Upset and left from there.

Neela: let me call her. She took her phone and called avni… but Ali answered

Ali: Neela aunty it’s me Ali

Neela: Ali where is Avni

Ali: aunty she is not here

Neela: even I know that aman told me what happens at the cafe but she should have been back right ?

Ali: aunty u don’t worry Avni will come back he said making sure not to let her find out that avni is stuck with Neil at some unknown place

Neela: ok when she comes back do tell her to call me

Ali: bye aunty.

Neela cut the call

Neela: Bhagwan ji I hope my bacha is ok…aman gave Neela a hug from the back with his hands around her shoulder
Aman: neelu maa dw about Di we all know she would be ok he said trying to make her feel better Neela smiled and turned her face to look at aman.

It was starting to get dark. Neil decided to go and find some wood to make a bonfire… Avni went along with him and helped him.. while they continued their sarcastic remark at each other.

Suddenly Neil saw a cocoanut tree

Neil: hold this.. he said placing some wood in her hand while avni started wondering what Neil is up to

Neil climbed up the thee with an ease and luckily it was not that big he broke about two coconut which fell near Avni

Avni: stupid what if that hit me. Neil got down and looked at avni

Neil: well then u should have a brain to move away …oh let me guess your brain hardly works. He said picking up the coconut and started walking ahead

Avni: if i was not stuck with u over here than I would have given u a good reply she mumbled to herself…

Neil: did u say something he said turning around

Avni: no maybe your ears r ringing once we r back do get them checked she said not able to control answering back.

Neil: don’t lie I’m sure u said something.

all of a sudden Avni tripped and fell down. Neil turned around to see Avni lying flat on her stomach he put the coconut down and went towards her and made her sit up.

Neil: couldn’t u walk properly look what u have done to yourself…Avni looked at Neil for a second and then looked at her arm which she was holding as it was bleeding. Neil saw that and made her stand up. He made her sit down on a rock

Neil: stay here and don’t move he said sternly … Avni looked at him and then back at her arm. She was holding it tightly to lessen the pain

Neil came back with the woods that dropped when avni tripped and he ran back to get the coconut.

Neil : show me your wound

Avni: it’s ok don worry she said Neil gave her a look and without asking her held on to her arm and started checking the wound

Avni: i sai… but she couldn’t continue

Neil: shhh stop talking and let me help u he said looking at her seriously

He took out his handkerchief and went near the sea and made the handkerchief a little wet… he came and sat next to Avni and started to wipe the blood away Making sure not to press it hard on the wounded area Avni broke the silence

Avni: how long we will be stuck here for

Neil: don’t know just hope dd finds us soon. He wrapped the handkerchief around her wound so that the bleeding doesn’t get worse

Neil bought the cocoanut near him… somehow broke the coconut and gave one to Avni and broke one for him… after a while Neil lighted the bonfire and avni was adding few wood into it.

Both sat there silently suddenly neil thought about something and asked Avni

Neil: miss ajooba can i ask u something

Avni: well since u r mr question mark it’s your habit of asking question

Neil: I’ll take that as a yes. By the way I noticed at the party at riya place everyone was there except your dad and even everyone came to my house but your dad wasn’t there. Has he gone out somewhere?

Avni looked at Neil this was the second time someone reminded her of ashish metha first that kid and his dad and now Neil

Neil casually looked at avni. He was not able to tell what she was thinking but he could see mixed emotions in her eyes

Avni: I have a request she said trying to talk normally

Neil: what request?

Avni : don’t ever ask about my dad she said looking at Neil who was surprised seen the small tears in her eyes and not to miss the anger in her voice… she got up to move but Neil held her hand and pulled her down slowly…Avni closed her eyes to control her tears

Neil: I’m sorry i didn’t know u would react like this. He said thinking about what Ali told him about Avni the other day and how Avni reacted now . .. Avni gave a small smile

Avni: thank god at least a sorry for something.

Neil: that because I would accept it if I have made a mistake. And also would say A thank u if someone helped me

Avni : there starts your sorry and thank u lecture.

Neil: u started it… before Avni could say anything they saw a police jeep appearing. Both got up and saw

Dd and Ali getting out of the jeep

So here is chap 10. I hope u all like it.

Thank u to all those who commented on chap 9 really… loved reading each comment. I hope more comments come for this chap

So once finished reading don’t forget to leave ur lovely comments.

sorry for any spelling or grammar mistake

love sonali

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