avneil ff: kyun main jaagoon (episode 5)

This is my ff, hope you like it.
Finally I back with a new chapter.
The lines in black colour are for what Author is thinking and speaking, Red colour ones are for song and blue is for what Neel is saying and () for English translation.

¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Author’s POV
Neel races his car on the road, it looks like he only have some time left, if he get his vital portion on time he will be saved else he will die. Behind his car amol’s car can be seen, he too is racing it but still his speed was less than that of neel’s. In neel’s car, there is neela, DD, Shweta and the rest are in amol’s car.
Neela breaks the silence “Neel bachha(baby), drive slow”
Neel replies “Dont worry, I am driving the car carefully, DD any updates”
DD answers “No sir, the train is on time, we just have 5 mins left for its depature, and the station is almost 10 mins away. And the platform number is 8 and I have also messaged prakash uncle”
Neel bangs his hand on the stirring wheel after listening about the time.
Neel says to himself ‘Avni please don’t go, please, please stay on station and don’t board this train, please god help me’
Everyone is praying, neela, shweta , bebe, prakash, maddy , kareena , amol, and DD. Neel’s car tires shrieked as the car comes to halt leaving everyone to come back from the thought world. Finally they reached the station. Everyone gets out and runs inside. After a few minutes amol’s car too reaches then they also get out of the car and rushes inside and goes toward platform 8.
On platform 8, neel is sitting on his knees with his hands on his face, both of his mothers are hugging him, as he is crying. Everyone understands that avni has gone, they goes to him.
“Neel” prakash says
“Dad she-she went” Neel murmurs
“Neel tum tension mat lo, hum delhi jaaenge aur ananya ko le aaenge (Neel don’t worry we will go to delhi and get her back) ” Prakash tries to give him assurance but he also knows that he has fail in giving it, As neel is not showing any respond instead he went numb. His mothers make him stand and take him outside of the station.
“Lets go back” Neela says
Neel sits in the back and looks out of the window while DD drives. Tears have started escaping his eyes and mapping his face.
Avni why did you go, why did you leave me. It feels like nothing is left in my life. Like my life is aimless. After Juhi’s death, I had forgotten what life is. My life had become black and white. But the day I saw you, my life became colourful. Avni you coloured my world. Because of you I started living again. Because of you I am neel khanna again. And now you left me. Its breaking me avni, the thought that you wont be back in my life ripping me apart. Everyone is saying that you will be back, but what if they are wrong. Don’t let them be wrong, come back for them, come back for me. Come back avni. Come back my miss ajooba. I can’t live without you. Say whatever you wanna say, or hit me but please come back. There is no happiness without you, no life without you. No neel khanna without his avni neel khanna. And no avneil.
At this point the speed of his tears had increased.
Tu jo gayi toh soona hoga yeh jahaan
Pheeki pheeki hogi saari yeh daastan
Tumse judi hai har khushi, tere bina kya hai yahaan
Chaahein tumhein hum maange tumhe
Sun le dua yeh aasman

Neel reminisces his moments with avni. The first time they met on the cliff, when they fell in the water, when he saves her and she thought he was trying to kiss her. Thought I actually wanted to do that, she was looking so beautiful, but I didn’t. Their moments that happened in forest and near bonfire. All the things happened at that day.
The engagement day moments, at jewellery store moments, rhea’s birthday party moments, neel’s accident, her taking care of him, their trip to catch amol.
All the before marriage rituals. Their closeness, their talks, eye locks. He was smiling and crying, both the emotions were taking place simultaneously. The memories were making him smile while the fear of not being able to have moments likes this in future was making him cry.
Their marriage, her first day at Khanna house, her night with neel.
Their pillow fights, nok-joks, teasing each other, all the nights , all the days, each and every moment they have together. Every time I saw her either I wanted to kiss her or hug her so tightly and never leave her. My miss ajooba.
I have lost her. I don’t wanna lose her, please god listen to my wish.

Chhote chhote khwaabon ko aa jodenge
Yeh bhi vaada na tumhein ab chhodenge
Jeena chaahe phir tere liye aankhein na pherenge
Saansein meri tu le le bhale, ab na tumhein jaane denge

“Neel come ghar aa gaya (neel come we have reached)” shweta says breaking neel’s thoughts
Neel sees shweta holding the door for him, neel notices that his mother’s eyes were red too and realised that she has been crying too. He comes out of the car and goes inside the mansion, for him this is not his home until avni comes back. Everyone sits on the sofa and neel finds his place on the floor between neela and shweta. Both of them are creasing crying neel’s hair while crying. It is a crying moment, a very long moment. Neel’s crying because his avni has left him, and everyone’s eyes are moist seeing neel.
Suddenly DD exclaims, ”Sir, there is a new update, Bhabhi has cancelled his delhi to new York flight and has booked surat to delhi flight.”
Neela says “Neel av- ananya wont go, she will come back”
Neel replies “But how, she must be hating me”
Shweta says “No tillu, she cants hate you”
Neela and shweta both says at the same time “We will get her back”
Neel asks “Will she”
Neela says “Of course bacha”
Shweta says “DD, book our tickets for delhi”
DD says “Ji” and goes.
Shweta says “Tillu ro mat beta”
He tries to speak but could complete what he wants to say “Mom” and he puts his head in her lap
DD comes back and says ”sir ji, flight 1 hour baad ki h (sir flight is after 1 hour)”
The scene ends. New scene starts with all khanna family with amol and neela, boarding in the flight. Some time before, neela and shweta has convinced neel that avni will not leave him, and they will get her back in his life. After a long session of convincing, neel finally agrees.
Avni me aa raha ho tumhe lene, aur tumhe aapne saath le kar hi jaonga, ye Neel Khanna ka vada h. Aur is baar me tumhe bata hi donga ki how I feel about you; Ki how much I love you. (avni I am coming to get you, and I will take you with me at any cost. That is neel khanna’s promise. And this time I will tell you that how I feel about you; that how much I love you)
Hamari kahani hogi puri(our story will be complete)
Neel looks out of the window and thinks about how will he confess his feelings to avni and what will he say when he will see his lady love. He smiles thinking. Seeing him both neela and shweta takes a sign of relief.
This is my avneil ff. Hope you guys like this, if yes don’t forget to hit the like and comment down below please.
Sorry for any grammatical error or any other error.
Next chapter surprise.
Thank you for reading
Love you all


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