avneil ff: kyun main jaagoon (episode 3)

This is my ff, hope you like it.

The lines in black colour are for what Avni is thinking and speaking, – – colour ones are for song and ‘ ‘ is for what author is saying or describing.
and ” ” for dialogue

Avni’s POV(of morning)

‘Alarm rings, causes avni to wake up and turns it off. When she wakes she rubs her eyes and opens it up slowly. She is still sleepy and when she gets a glimpse of her surroundings, she gets nervous as it was not her room, then after a minute it strikes to her that it was the hotel room. Sleep is still not leaving her so she gives herself light slaps.’
Wake up avni, wake up. Ahh..whats the time ‘ she looks at the clock’
Its 6.30, shit so late i slept till this long,stupid avni.’ she gets up instantly but feels dizzy. So she sits back on her bed and holds her head. She recalls what happened last night.’

Abhi bhi pata nhi kyo dil nhi maan rha h. Ek ajeeb sa ahsaas h. Jaise kuch galat ho rha h, kuch galat hone vala h. Kuch samjh nhi aa rha h. Yaha tak aa gai hu vapis nhi jaa sakti aur jao bhi to kaha, kuch nhi bacha h ab. ‘She gets lost in thoughts. Suddenly she gets out of her trance.’ Chodo ab in sab baato ko. Jyada sochungi to jaane ki himmat hi kahi kho jaegi. Abhi uth kar fresh ho jati hu, phir amol ko phone kar dungi aur maa ko message. Phone kiya to maa mujhe jaane nhi dengi, kisi na kisi baat se rokne ke liye maana hi lengi, kya karo maa ko maana bhi nhi kar pati me, koshish karti hu but last me maa hi jeetti h.

‘Avni gets up from the bed and grabs her towel and clothes (her saree, blue one) and goes to the bathroom. After having a nice long, really long shower she comes out of the bathroom and searches for her phone. Which she finds, under her bed; then she recalls how it ended up being under her bed.’


She ran into her room and with a swift she left the hold of her trolley bag, turns and bolts the door. The tears were continuously escaping her eyes and were mapping her face. Then she threw her phone and ran towards the bathroom to sit under the shower.
*End of Flashback*

Thank god it’s not broken and is in one piece, let me switch it on.

‘After the phone switches on, she checks the notifications. There were amols’s,DD’s , prakash’s and ali’s missed calls. Messages from kareena and amol. Surprisingly there was a missed call from neel too.’

Neel ki missed call, neel ne mujhe phone kiya tha vo bhi itni raat ko, kya kahna chahta hoga neel, kya pata kuch important ho. Ya phir . pata nhi kyo phone kiya h neel ne. Ab kya bacha h humare beech baat karne laayak. Kuch nhi bacha h. Me phone nhi karongi usko, uski awaaz sun kar tut jaongi me, kal bahut mushkil se joda h mene apne aap ko, phir nhi tutne de sakti hu me, nahi avni chahe kuch bhi ho jae neel ko call nhi karna h na hi uthana h. Maa ko pehle message kar deti hu, normal vala karna padega because data card chal nhi rha h.

Maa me sab kuch chod kar jaa rhi hu, aap tension mat lena meri. ‘ She sent the message’

Tension to hogi maa ko but kya karo jyada kuch bata nhi sakti me. Maa ne kitna bharosa kiya than neel par, unhe kaisa lagega jab unhe ye sab kuch pata chalega. Pata to chal hi jaega but abhi nhi, me nhi bata paungi.

‘After taking a deep breath she says ‘ Ab Amol ko call kar deti hu.
‘She dialled amol’s number, after few bells he picks it up’

“Hello di, di aap kaha ho, kaise ho aap, aap kyo chale gai di “he said with moist eyes
“Amol me theek hu, tu tension mat le, par tujhe kaise pata chala ki me chali gai ghar chod kar ” she enquries
“Di mene aapko dekha tha jab aap jaa rhe the, aapko rokne ki himmat nhi thi di , kaise rokta, ki aap un logo ke saath rhiye jo aapse aise behave karte h “at this point amol started crying
“Amol tu-tu ro mat, me tujhe rote hue nhi dekh sakti amol, please tu ro mat” avni’s voice shakes as if she might cry soon
“Theek h di, me aapko dukh nhi de sakta di, aap apna dhyan rkhana” amol said
“Amol, tu meri baat dhyan se sun, since mene ye ghar aur iss parivaar ko chod diya h, to tu ab iss ghar me kaise rhe ga, tu apna sara saaman pack kar aur nannoke ghar chala ga jab tak maa nhi aa jati I know you will be uncomfortable but humare paas koi aur choice nhi h, theek h ?” avni says
“Di me bhi aise ghar me nhi rhe sakta jaaha aap na ho, aur me chala jaonga nanno ke ghar, aap meri tension mat lena aapna dhyan rkhna aur di aap kaha ho, aur aap aa rhe hona nanno ke ghar ” amol asks
“Nhi amol ye me nhi bata sakti, me abhi nhi aa sakti nanno ke ghar mujhe kuch same akele rhna h, aur me aapna dhyan rakhungi, tu bhi rkhiyo ” avni said
“Ha di, par jaldi aana” amol says
“Koshish karongi bye amol” avni says
“Bye di” amol says
‘Avni hangs up the phone and hugged it, falls on her knees and cried’

I am so sorry amol, mene promise kiya tha tumhe ki me tumhare saath rahongi but me kya karo amol, nhi aa rhi h mujhe me himmat ki me face kar sako sabko.

‘After few minutes of crying, a knock is heard on the door. She stands up to her feet, wipes off her tears and goes to open the door, she saw a staff person, he said’ “maam your taxi has arrived” ‘ avni nodded and he left, she closes the door and went to the bed and closes her bag. She picks up her bag and phone and leaves to room. She checks out of the hotel and sits in the cab. The driver then moves towards the railway station’

“Bhaiya jaldi” she tells the driver
“Maam traffic h thoda” driver says
“Theek h par koshish ki giye, mujhe jaldi puchna h varna train miss ho jaegi” avni says
“Ji maam” driver replies
‘Avni reminisces her moments with neel. The first time they met on the cliff, when they fell in the water, when neel saves her and she thought he was trying to kiss her. Their moments that happened in forest and near bonfire. All the things happened at that day.’

-Paas aaye
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam
Na huyi.. Ek adhuri
Si humari kahaani rahi-

‘The engagement day moments, at jewellery store moments, rhea’s birthday party moments neels accident, her taking care of him, their trip to catch amol’

-Aasmaan ko zameen
Yeh zaroori nahi
Jaan le.. jaan le..
Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahi
Manzilein manzilein..-

‘she holds her manglsutra and starts to rub it. she recalls their All the before marriage rituals. Their closeness, their talks, eye locks. She was smiling and crying, both the emotions were taking place simultaneously. The memories were making her smile while the feeling of not being able to have moments likes this in future was making her cry.’

-Rang thhe noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha
Yeh jahaan…-

‘Their marriage, her first day at Khanna house, her night with neel.’

-Waqt ke reet pe
Kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya
Tu kahaan..
Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani..(2x)-

‘Their pillow fights, nok-joks, teasing each other, all the nights , all the days, each and every moment they have together’

-Khushbun se teri
Yunhi takra gaye
Chalte chalte
Dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye-

‘Their a flash came in her mind when neel refuses to listen to her.’

-Jannatein agar yaheen
Tu dikhe kyun nahin
Chaand sooraj sabhi, hai yahaan
Intezar tera, sadiyon se kar raha
Pyasi baithi hai kab, se yahaan-

‘She wipes off her tears. ‘

-Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (2x)-

“Hamari kahani rhegi adhuri ” ‘ avni murmurs and a new tear escapes her eye.’

“Maam station aagaya” ‘ driver says, this sudden sound that echos in the car causes her to come out of her meomeries. She wipes off that tear.’

“Ye lejie bhahiya ” ‘she says and pays the driver and askes him to get her luggage out. She then takes her luggage and goes inside the railway station.’
This is my avneil ff. Hope you guys like this, if yes don’t forget to hit the like and comment down below please. And if no then also comment to share your view.
Sorry for any grammatical error or any other error. and sorry if i missed any avneil moment
Next chapter will be what happened in the morning with neel so for disappointing you today.
Thank you for reading
Love you all

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