AvNeil FF : You Again Chapter Two

Chapter two

Avni reached her house and sneaks into the house . She goes to kitchen and keeps the cake in the fridge . When suddenly she hears voices so she goes to see what is happening . The voices were coming from the living room which was so beautifully decorated . There were two figures who were standing in the middle

Man : neela relax karo na

Neela : kaisey relax karoon Aryan avni kahi nehi hai puraa ghar dekh liyaa hai

Aryan : woh yehi kahi hogi . Hamesha tension mein reheti ho . Isi speed mein tension lethi rahi na to tum bohoth jaldi hi old lady ban jaao gi

Neela : mai old lady lag thi hoon

Arayan : haan

Neela : kiyaa kaha tumney

Aryan : mera matlab yai hai ki tum old lady bhi hogayi tab bhi itney hi beautiful logo gi

And kisses neela’s cheek while neela blushes .

Avni : awww how cute

Neela : tum kab aayi

Avni : mein toh kahi nehi gayi yehi to ti mein

Avni gestures Aryan to help her out her from the situation which he quickly understands.

Aryan : princess tumahari anko khi samney hai . So chill karo na neela .

Neela : haa bohoth achey when ever avni makes mistake you always come to save her

Aryan : its my duty to save my princess from any problem

Avni comes and hugs both of them .

Avni : ok lets forget this and happy anniversary mom and dad .

Neela : thank you mera bachaa . Okay now Avni go and freshen up mai kaana lagaa thi hoon .

Avni : okay mom

Avni goes to her room leaving aryan and neela

Neela : afte dinner we have to tell her

Aryan : yeah she has already waited for 15 years . If this opportunity goes we dont know if we will get an opportunity like this .

Just then avni comes

Avni : what kind of opportunity

Aryan : princess we will talk about this metter after dinner

Avni : okay dad

They have dinner like a normal family chatting about their day and teasing each other . After dinner Avni brings the cake

Neela : when you got this cake . You again sneeked out .

Avni : woh mom i am sorry lekin mujey cake bananaa athi nehi aur woh log ghar par delivery karthi nehi isiliyai mai leyney gayi . I am sorry

Neela : aryan u knew about this

Aryan : yeah i am sorry too

Both : I am sorry

Neela : iss baar dono ko maaf kiyaa kiyuki yeh mera favourite cake hai agli baar tum dono ko punishment mileygaa .

Both : okay

Neela : ab ek saath baath karnaa band karo ajeeb laga thaa hai

Both : okay

Neela : tum dono kaa kuch nehi hosaktaa

Avni : humey pataa hai mom humaraa kuch nehi hosaktaa . By the way kiyaa baath karni thi aap ko mujesey kaaney kai baath

Aryan : woh princess tumharaa badlaa leyney kaa sahi waqth agayaa hai . Dayawanti kai bas abhi kuch nehi hai . Unki business loss mai chal rahi hai . Meheta house bhi nilaam pai hai . Iss karz sai nikalney kai liyai woh rhea ki shaadhi kar rahi hai . Kisey kar rahi hai woh pataa nehi hai abhi tak . Tumhey india jaakahar kisi bhi taraa iss shaadhi ko rokh naa padeygaa .

It takes minutes to Avni to understand all the things Aryan had expalined her

Avni : agar mein yai shaadhi rokh leythi hoon toh Dayawanti will not have any money . Woh sarakh pai ajaa ey gi . Uss kai pass paisaa nehi hogaa system ko manipulate karney kai liyai .

Neela : bilkul sahi avni . So you are going to india tomorrow .

Avni : aap log nehi arahi meri saath

Neela : we wiill come later . Aryan alredy has planned to shift his whole business to india so it will take sometime to wrap things up

Avni : but i will miss you

Aryan : princess we will come soon you have to focus on Aman and venge on your mothers death . We have to give your mother justice

Avni : you are right dad . Mein iss waqth kamzor nehi padsakthi .

Aryan : yeh lo identity card

Avni takes the identity card and sees that it has her picture but the name was Ananyaa Verma . She gets confuse as why she needs a fake identity.

Avni : Ananya Verma ??

Aryan : nakli naam isliyai kiyuki agar tum avni bankai gayi toh Dayawanti ko asani sai pataa chal jaa ey gaa tum avni hoo

Avni : okay dad mera flight kab hai

Aryan : in two hours

Avni : aap mujey ab bataa rahi hoon mujey bagaaney ki itni jaldi hai

Aryan : princess ma tumhey kabhi nehi chodugaa . Instead you will get fed up and ask me to leave you

Avni : never

They both her whe neela looks at then with teary eyes

Avni : mom why are you standing there come her

And Neela also joins in their hug . It was just like a normal family which Avni has been desperatly searching . Fianally the gods have fulfilled her wish .

After two hours avni bids goodbye to neela and Aryan and starts her journey to get vengence to her mother and get her brother Aman .

Meanwhile in India

Every person in the police station is discussing how their sir had encountered a dangerous gang deal which happened last night and has managed to get hold of the the brother of most dangerous undercover don Mr.Jaggish .

A boy is seen entering wearing navy blue colour shirt with white blazer while a constable is comming behind him talking to him about something . When the boy enters all the people in the police station salutes him . Everyone starts congrulating him .

When suddenly a man is seen taking . Who looks so angry . He was handcuffed and two police officer were standing near him . The man gaze falls on the boy and seems like his anger has reached on another level

Man : mera bhai tumhey nehi chodeygaa Neil . Woh tumhey maar deygaa

Neil : Mujey damki deyrahi hai . Bulo math tum kaha par ho . Aur tumahara bhai bhi bohoth jaldh tumahari saath jail mein hogi

Constable : sir jiii

Neil : kiyaa hua DD kiyu chilaa rahi hai

DD : woh mathaa ji nai aap ko ghar bhulaa yaa hai

Neil : kiyaa hua ab mom mujey kiyu bulaa rahi hai ?

DD: woh toh tab bataa chaley gi jab aap ghar jaa ey gi

Neil : yeah after finishing this paper work i am leaving .

After finshing two hours of paper work neil leaves .

In the airport

Finally avni reaches india and she comes outside of airport

Avni : Dayawanti meheta ab aap apni ulti ginti shuru kyjiyai . Kiyuki aap ka sabsey badaa dushman aap sai badlaa leynai agayi hai

Precap : AvNeil first meeting . Suicidal drama . But who ?????

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