AvNeil FF : You Again Chapter Three

Chapter three

Avni sends her luggage to her home and sets off to to explore the city . The city which once was so familiar but now it seems that she has came in unknown place . Mumbai has changed a lot in these years and she was happy to see so much change in her city .

Avni didnt knew when she came near the bridge but right now it seems the right place to be thinking about her life . She stands in the other side of railing while leaning on the railing .

Avni : 15 saal hogayi . Iss sheher nai merey saath bohoth kuch galath kiyaa lekin kabhi insaaf nehi kiyaa . ab nehi ab yeh sheher insaaf hothey huey dey kai gi

Neil who was passing by the bridge saw Avni standing there .

Neil : woh ladki sucide karney wali hai kiyaa . Yeh iss sheher logo ko ho kiyaa raha hai . Kuch galath huwa nehi aur sucide karney chali .

Neil parks the car and marches towards Avni and stands other side of railing .

Neil : tum aisaa kiyu kar rahi ho

Avni who didnt knew that someone has came , gets startled and looses the balance. Neil quickly extends his hand and catches her but for their dismay they both looses their balance and falls in the ocean .

Neil merges through the water and searches for avni . When he doesnt find her above the surface he goes underwater and founds her sinking . Neil quickly swims towards her . Neil holds Avni’s waist and swims towards the surface . When he reached above the surface he sees that a land is nearby so he swims towards it .

After few minutes neil reaches land holding avni in bridal style . Neil lays avni on the sand and starts giving her CPR . After giving continuous chest compressions avni still doesnt spits the water so neil hesitates but gives her mouth to mouth . After few secounds avni spits all the water on Neil .

Seeing Neil so close to avni shocks avni so avni pushes neil so hard he fall on his back . She quickly stands up starts walking . While Neil was following behind her .

Neil : ajeeb ladki ho tum mainey tumhari jaan bachaya aur tum mujey thank you keheney ki badley dhakaa dhey rahi hoo .

Avni : mainey kahaa mujey bachaney kai liyai . If i remeber correct i think i fell in the ocean because of you . Main tumhey jaanthi bhi nehi lekin tum mujsey aakhar baath karney lagi .

Neil : Tum sucide karney wali thi so like a good citizen mein tumhey rokh nai gayi . Yeh bhi meri galthi hai


Neil : chilaa kiyu rahi hoon abhi mera kaan sahi salaamath hai . Lekin bataa nehi kabtak hogi

Neil murmurs last past .

Avni : mujey lagaa tumhari dimaag ki taraah tumhaari kaan bhi karaabh hai .

Neil : mera dimaag karaabh nehi hai

Avni : issi liyai tumhey yai lagaa mein vahaa sucide kar rahi thi tabki mein vaha sirf soch rahi thi

Neil : oh hello soch na hi thaa tho railing uss paar jaaney ki kiyaa zarurath thi iss paar hokar bhi soch sak …

Neil sentence was cut by avni screan as avni trips on tree branch which was above the surface and neil catches her . Neils one hand was in avni Waist and other one holding her wrist while avni both hands was holding neil shirt . They were so lost in each other eyes for few minutes the forgot they were just strangers . Who didnt knew each others name . Avni was the first one to break the eye lock and composes herself .

There start walking in silence . Avni looks arounds they have been walking for few minutes but still they have not seen a road .the only thing they were able to see was trees . So after lot of debating with herself she finally decides to ask the question to the irritating boy she has met .

Avni : where are we ?

Neil : mujey nehi pataa . Mein tumhey Dora the explora ka map lagtha hoon jo tum map map gaa liyai aur mein tumhey rastaa bataa dhoon gi

Avni : arggg … tumsey baath karnaa beykaar hai .

Avni goes from there while neil takes his phone to see if there is any signal in the forest . But it seems neils luck was on holiday as he was having a such a bad day . So he walks towards the way avni went . When avni saw neil she got a idea

Avni : Achaa hua tum aagayi

Neil was little shock why she was looking for him as he was getting really bad feeling about this .

Neil : kiyu

Avni : tumhari shirt dho mujey

Neil : kiyaaa . Mein tumhari naam bhi nehi jaanthi aur pirbhi meiney tumhaari jaan bachayaa lekin tum toh meri izzath loot nai mein lagi hoo

Avni : What !! If you want to leave from this place fast then give me your shirt

Neil obeys her and gives her his shirt . Avni gladly takes it and hangs it on a long stick . After that place it near a tree . Neil stares at her as she has three head . Avni notices it.

Avni : kiyaa ??? tum mujey aisi kiyu ghur rahi ho jaisi ki meri theen sar hai

Neil : mujey tum itney beyfakoof tho lagi nehi

Avni : kiyaa mathlab hai tumhari mein beyvakoof hoon ?

Neil : haan toh iss harkath ko beyvakoof nehi kahoon toh smart kahoon

Avni : haan shaaidh tumney flim nehi dhekhi . Jab koi aisi jagaah ko jaathi hai toh woh aisai hi karthey hai .

Neil : mein filmey bhi dekhthi hoon aur woh bhi teek sai tumhari taraah nehi

After saying this he takes the stick and runs towards the sea while avni follows her . Neil puts the stick in the sand and looks at avni

Neil : if you want someone to see this and come to rescue us you put this in out in open not in close place where nobody can see it .

They both sit in the sand near the stick . Avni takes her bag and sits hugging it . Neil noticed that since they came here avni has not put her bag down for a moment .

Neil : tumhari bag mein kiyaa hai

Avni : mere bag mein jo bhi ho tumhey kiyaa

Neil : agar tumhari bag mein kuch kaas nehi hai toh tum isey neechey kiyu nehi rakh rahi ho . Aisey seeney sai kiyu lagaaya hai

Avni : iss mey meri zindagi ki sabsey keemthi cheez hai

Neil : woh kiyaa hai

Avni : mein stranger’s ko meri bag mein kiyaa hai woh nehi batataa

And leaves from there leaving a curious neil .

Precap : AvNeil nokjok continues . Avni lands in trouble .

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