AvNeil FF : You Again Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

After Avni storms out of the shop . Rhea comes there .

Rhea : oh Neil tum aa gayi

Neil : haan tumharaa kaam ho gayaa

Rhea : haan aur mujey tumhey kisis sai milanaa thaa .

Rhea looks around for Avni but she doesnt find just then she gets a message from avni saying she left

Rhea : sorry Neil wo chalaa gayaa mein tumhey ussey kal zaroor milvaa ungi

Neil : teek hai chalo lunch karney chal they hai bohoth bhuk lagi hai

Rhea : teek hai

Neil takes Rhea to chamko cafe but before he can enter he gets a call from DD so he goes to take it asking rhea to order food till he comes .

Riyaa searches for empty table and marches towards it when she crash into something or rather someone .

Rhea : aaj har kisiko mein hi milithi takraanai ko peheley ananyaa pir woh worker ab yeh

She looks up and sees ali the person she hates with all her might . Since childhood he beileves that she is a spoilbrat and doesnt care about anything . So she behaves like that infront of him .

Ali : tum yahaaa kiyaa kar rahi ho

Rhea : yeh restaurent hai obiviously khaana khanai key liyai ayi hoon

Ali : Tumsey baath nehi karnaa hai . Mujsey takraakai mera din karaab kardiyaa tumney

After saying this Ali storms out of the restaurent . Rhea goes to the table and order food . After few minutes the food arrives and also Neil . Rhea and Neil gets into an easy conversation while eating . After having their lunch neil pays for the food and drops rhea at her house .

At night time avni calls her parents via skype so they can see each other

Avni : hey mom and dad . How are you ?

Aryan : hum teek hai tum teek toh hona

Avni : haan mein teek hoon

Neela : tumney kal call kiyu nehi kiyaa

Avni : sorry mom woh kiyaa huwaa ki ek beywakoof ladka milgayaa tha . Aur uski wajasey mein ek island mein pasi hui thi rath tak

Aryan : kiyaa tum trek toh hona

Avni : haan dad mein teek hpon . Dont worry .

Aryan : toh kaam plan kaisey chal rahaa hai

Avni : Plan . Bohoth achaa plan banayathaa riya ka shaadhi todnai kai liyai aur uski fiance sai milna ka liyai lekin wahaa par bhi woh ladkaa agayi aur mujey wahaa sai bahag naa padaa bhina uski fiance sai miley

Aryan : woh wahaa kiyaa kar rahi thi

Avni : pataa nehi police walo ko wahaa kiyaa kaam tha

Neela : woh police wala hai

Avni : haan mom

Aryan and neela were happy that avni was talking about a boy. they have never heard her talking about anyboy except about ali . They were even more surprised that she didn’t hate that boy for being a policeman instead she is angry with him for ruining her work . They continue chatting for a while until avni leaves for sleep . As she has to go rheas engagement in the morning .

Next morning Avni is seeing getting ready for rhea’s engagement. She wearing a beautiful dark blue lehengaa . She quickly takes her car keys and leaves for meheta’s house .

Avni parks her car and stand infront of meheta house . All the bad memories come flooding in her mind . Her challenging dayawanthi meheta to make her known by her name , dayawanthi meheta making her beg infront of her to make Ayeshaa free from jail .

Avni : mumma aaj mein pehelaa kadam leyrahi hoon apni badley ko puraa karnai kai liyai . Mujey ashiwaardh dhyjiyai ki mein iss baar apko insaaf dey sakun .
Avni enter meheta house . Meheta house was beautifully decorated with white flower and blue curtains . Avni stand in the hall when someone taps her shoulder from behind . She turns around and comes face to face with Dayawanthi meheta . It wont be a lie that to tell that she was scared for a moment before the hatred for her starts surfing up .

Dayawanthi : tum kaun ho aur tum yahaa kiyaa khar rahi hai

Avni : mein rhea kaa dosth hoon Ananyaa aur usney hi mujey uski sagaai pai bhulaa yaa hai .

Dayawanthi : achaa tum rhea ki dost ho . Woh rhea kabhi apni dosth ko ghar pai nehi lekhar athi hai . Tum bohoth kaas ho gi jo tumhey woh ghar par ley ayaa hai . Rhea apni kamrey hogi .

Dayawanthi calls Hari and orders him to take avni to rhea . When avni reaches rhea room she finds rhea infront of her dressing table doing her make up . She was wearing a white lehengaa with simple jewellery.

Avni : wooow . Rhea you are looking really beautiful

Rhea looks at the door and her face lits up when she sees avni standing . She quickly stands up and pulls avni into a hug . When rhea hugs avni she starts feeling the same feeling she got the day she first met . She feels like she has finally got her sister .

Rhea : i am so happy that you came

Avni : anaahi thaa akir tumney itney pyaar sai bhulayaa thaa

Rhea : ab meri help karo tayaar honey mein

Avni helps rhea to get ready .

Avni : tumharaa fiance ka naam kiyaa hai

Rhea : Neil khanna hai .

Rhea was about to show her his picture just then neil calls her . Rhea takes the phone call .

Rhea : haa neil bholo

Neil : meiney yai bolney kai liyai call kiyà hai hum thodaa late ho gaa ey gi

Rhea : teek hai mein maa ko bhol thi hoon

she calls a servent and tells him to inform the elders about the same .

At neil house

Bebe was ready

Bebe : humey der horahi hai jaldi kar tum log .

Just then kareena comes . Kareena comes
waring a silver lehengaa

Kareena : mein agaayi bebe

Bebe : bohoth pyaari lagragi hai

Just then everyone comes and they leaves for mehetha house . After a while they reaches mehetha house . Neil gets a call from station

Neil : bebe yeh bohoth important call hai mujey isey utanaaa padeygaa

Bebe : tillu aaj kai din toh apney kaam ko chutti dey dey .

Neil leaves from there without hearing bebe word .

In Rhea’s room

Rhea leaves for Dikshaa room to have another set of lipstick . Just then rhea’s phone rings . Avni looks at the call id and she gets teary . She quickly goes towards the balcony of rheas room and takes the call . The call was from amol .

Amol : Di congratulations . Mein bohoth kush hoon ap kai liyai aur aap kai liyai ek suprise hai … so just wait for it .

After saying that amol cuts the call without hearing a response . Avni stands there . She is really happy it feels like the couragement she needs is filled inside her just hearing her brother’s voice . Just then she turns and sees a boy

Avni : woh rhea ka fiance hai kiyaa .

Just then some one calls him and her suspicion is cleared . She tries to see him .

Rhea enter the room and sees Avni standing in balcony . Rhea come behind her and scares her . Avni gets scared so she screams and jumps a little . Rhea starts laughing .

Avni : ab dekh rhea mein tumhari saath kiyaa kar thi hoon .

Rheas balcony was quite a big one so rhea starts running while avni was behind her . Neil who heard the scream looked upstairs and was looking at the scene with a smile on her face . He couldnt see Avni’s face but was mesmerized with avni laughing which was reaching to his ears . It felt like music to his ears . Neil goes when bebe calls him to come fast .

In the balcony rhea and avni both were tired

Avni : okay stop mein tak gayi

Rhea : mein bhi

Avni : rhea tumhari bhai ka phone ayaa thaa tum yahaa nehi thi toh meiney phone uthaa liya . I hope you dont mind

Rhea : of course i dont mind kiyaa bholaa usney

Avni : yehi ki usney koi suprise plan kiyaa hai tumharey liyai .

Rhea : uskaa suprise humeyshaa kai tharaa best hi hogaa mujey wait nehi hora haa hai

They both sits in the swing gussing what will be the suprise .

Precap : AvNeil amused to see each other . Neil and rhea engagement . New entery .

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