AvNeil FF : You Again Chapter Nine

Hey guys … i have translate it into english but i dont know if the dialogues are as good as hindi but i really hope you guys will like it

Chapter 9

After teasing Neil about his nickname everyone gathers around the hall to complete the ritual . Neil and rhea was standing near each other but they both were looking uninterested , they has kept their smile on but if anyone look closely at them they can tell their smile is fake .

They were about to start the ritual when lights get dimmed and spotlights get onto rhea . Flowers starts showering from the above . Rhea has a beautiful smile adorn on her face which was genuine . When suddenly they hear a boys voice

Boy : ehem ehem can i have your attention please

Everyone looks at the boy . Meheta’s was shocked to see him while avni was having a teary moment . It was difficult for her to express what exactly she was feeling. Whether she was shocked to see him suddenly appearing , happy that she was seeing him after so many years or sad that she missed him growing up infront of her . Indeed infront of her was her brother . Her little brother who she used to feed the bottle , whom she used to sing lullaby . She came out of her thoughts when her brother again starts talking

Amol : I can’t believe it Rhea di . You are getting engaged . Aap kuch dino mein mujey chod kar chali jaao ogi . Waisey achaa huwaa aap jaarahi hai mujey apna favourite cake aap saa bachana nehi padegaa . ( i cant believe it rhea di . Youa re getting engaged .You will be leaving me going to a new place in few days . Its a good thing as i dont have to share my favourite cake with you )

Rhea : Amol

Amol : sorry sorry !!! I will definetly miss you not

And starts laughing while rhea burns in anger . After avni died rhea spent most of her time with Amol . They were really close . They have done so many mischeif togeather , sneaked out of the house late night just to get some ice-cream . But still rhea couldnt save Amol from adapting Dayawanthi’s methods .

Amol comes to rhea and hugs her while Avni wzs watching this with teary eyes wishing her brother could come and hug her .

Dayawanthi : ab chalo bohoth hogayaa ab sagaai karthey hai ( ok common you have teased her enough lets do the ritual )

Bebe : hàan mein peheley rhea ko kadey pehena thi hoon ( yeah first i want to make rhea wear the bangle )

Avni ( in mind ) : yahaa bebe ko jab yeh pataa chaley gaa ki kadey nakli hai toh misunderstanding toh zarur ho gaa jahaa tak mein iss dayawanthi ko janthi hoon woh zarur tanaa mareygaa aur bebe ko dekhar lagthaa nehi hai woh esaa kuch sunsak thaa hai. ( when bebe come to know that bangle is fake its a sure thing they will have a misunderstanding. I know dayawanthi will definetly taunt bebe and seeing bebe it doesnt seem she will tolerate it )

The servent brings the Bangles in a plate . Bebe takes the bangles and takes rheas hand while avni was praying to make the bangles break . Bebe makes Rhea wear the bangles much to avni disappointment as it didnt break.

Avni ( in mind ) : yeh kadaa tootaa kiyu nehi ab kiyaa karoon jisey mein iss engagement ko rokh sakhoo ( why didnt the bangle break what to do now . How would i stop this engagement )

After bebe made rhea wear the bangles another servent came with rings . Bebe gives rheas the rings . Rhea was about to put ring in Neil finger when she felt a dizzy spell hit and and she falls down . Avni and Neil who was standing either side of her holds her before she falls down . She was in semi counciousness.

Avni : rhea

Avni could help but shout when rhea fragile body came in touch with hers . Everyone was shocked and worried for her .

Daywanthi : isey betaao jaldhi ( quickly make her sit )

Avni and neil makes her sit in nearby chair . Avni was about to go bring the water when she felt a hand holding her hand . She looks and sees rhea was holding her hands tightly.

Rhea : Avni di math jaao ( avni di dont goo )

She said in small voice but everyone heard her . Meheta’s was shocked while amol and khanna was confused .

Avni was so happy to hear rhea say her di for the first time . She wanted to sit beside her and tell her that she wont go anywhere leaving her . She will be there for her always . But she couldnt she knew if she did she blow her cover .

Neil : yeh avni kon hai ( who is this avni )

Amol : haan dadi meiney toh kabhi Avni kai berey mein nei sunaa . ( yeah dadi who is she i have never heard of her )

Daywanthi : koi nehi hai ( she is no one )

Avni was sad that amol doesnt know about his own sister .

Dayawanthi has suspicion that rhea was helping her today her suspicion has turned true . Rhea was indeed helping her .

Bebe : hum yeh sagaai pir kabhi kareyngi ( we can postpone this engagement )

Dayawanthi : nehi aaj hi karthey hai ( no we will do this engagement today only )

Bebe : koi baath nehi dayawanthi behen waisey bhi rhea ki tabiyath bhikaraab hai ( its nothing to worry dayawanthi . Rhea is not feeling well we can postpone it )

Dayawanthi : nehi rhea ko bhi buraa lag jaaey gaa ki uski sagaai nehi hui aaj . Ananyaa beta will hold rhea hand . They can finish the ritual .( no rhea will feel bad if this engagement didn’t happen Ananyaa can hold rhea hand and finish the ritual )

Before khanna could say anything dayawanthi gave neil the ring .

Dayawanthi : Ananyaa beta rhea ki haath bakad kar neil ko ring pehena ( ananya dear hold rhea hand make neil wear the ring )

Ananyaa takes rhea hand and looks at neil . They get lost in eachothers eye . Rhea hand loses from the ring and was behind avni hand . Avni also doesnt realise that and makes neil wear the ring . Everyone starts clapping which brings both of them to real world . Neil makes rhea wear the ring .

Bebe : ab sagaai bhi ho gayo hai .ab to koi doctor ko bulaa iyeai ( okay no this engagement is done . Can someone call the doctor now)

Amol goes to call the doctor

Bebe : Tillu rhea ko uski kamrey mein leykar jaao ( tillu take rhea to her room )

Ananyaa tries to remove the grip feom her hand but the grips get tighter and rhea wimper increases . It hurts her to see her sister in so much pain

Bebe : Ananyaa puttar tum bhi jao . Mujey nehi lagthaa abhi rhea tumharaa hath chodeygaa ( ananyaa you also go i dont think rhea will leave your hand )

Neil pick rhea in bridal style and goes toward rhea room while avni follows also follow them .

In rhea’s room neil puts rhea in her bed . Avni sits beside her . Neil also sit beside her .

Rhea : i am sorry avni di mujey maaf kar doo i couldn’t save you ( i am sorry avni di i could save you )

After that rhea fell uncoucious . Avni was about to reply rhea when Neil spoke

Neil : yeh avni akhir hai kon ( who is this avni )

Avni was shocked . She had forgotten that neil was sitting beside rhea .

Avni : mujey nehi pataa . ( i dont know )

Neil : tum toh rhea ki best friend ho na tumhey toh pataa ho na chahiyai . ( you are rhea best friend you should know )
Avni : har waqth tumhari police giri karnaa zaruri hai kiyaa . Yai tumharaa police station nehi hai aur tumhari mangaithar yahaa behosh padaa hai . ( you dont jave to your police work everywhere. May be you are forgetting your fiancé is unconscious here)

Neil : mujey bhi pataa hai ( i know )

Before they could argue more whole family comes with the doctor neil stands up and stands with bebe while the doctor stands rhea checkup . Everyone was waiting doctor to speak up to know whats wrong with rhea

The doctor stands up and face the family

Doctor : rhea bilkul teek hai bas todaa stress hai iss ki wajasey yai bimaar hogayi . yai dawaai dheydho aur riyaa ko bilkul stress hona chahiyai ( rhea is fine. I think rhea was thinking too much because which she fell ill so make sure rhea dont have any stress )

The doctor leaves with amol .

Bebe : ab hum chaltey hai ( Now we will leave )

The khanna’s bid bye to mehetas and leave from meheta house

Dayawanthi : Ananya betaa aaj tum yehi rukh jaao rhea ki pass . ( Ananyaa you should stay here with rhea )

Avni agrees as she know if she goes to her house she will be worried for her and cant sit peacefully .

Everyone leaves the room leaving avni with rhea .

Avni : tumhari koi galthi nehi hai . Tum nai toh kitni baar meri matath ki thi . Just dont stress yourself over that thing . ( rhea ots not your fault . Instead you have saved my life so many times . So just dont stress yourself over that thing )

It seems as rhea had heard her as a smile comes to her face and she snuggles closer to avni.

Precap : Avni meeting Ali

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