AvNeil FF : You Again Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Neil sits in the same position for few minutes . Something about the girl was bothering him . He feels that she was hiding something . She was hurting herself . She was protecting herself from something but what . All these thoughts were going in his mind . When suddenly he heard a scream . Neil quickly stood up and ran find the source of sound .

After few minutes Neil saw who had screamed her lungs out . She was so terrified that Neil rushed towards her as fast as his feet could take .

Neil : kiyaa hua

Avni : kiyaa nehi … meri jaan bachaao . Woh mujey maar deygi . He is holding my dress .

Neil : kon tumhey maar deygi

Avni : jo meri peechey hai

Neil : kon tumhari beechey hai

Avni : sawaal karnaa bandh karo please and help me

Neil obeys to what avni has said and and carefully looks behind her . When he sees the attacker’s face Neils face pales .

Neil : yeh toh bohoth katharnaak attacker hai

Avni : kiyaa

Neil : agar yeh tumhaari kapdo ko chodkar tumey kaat ley thaa hai i will give you max 5 min to say goodbye

Avni : tum yai baath kiyu kar rahi hoo mujey bachaa kiyu nehi rahi hoo

Avni so scared that her voice was trembling. So Neil cups Avni face and makes her look at her attacker’s face . Which made her to forget how to breathe for few seconds. Avni attacker was just a tree branch . Her dress was stuck in tree branch which resist her to move any further .

Neil saw the look on Avni’s face and could hold the laughter which he was holding for so long and bursted out laghing .

Neil : your face was priceless . I should have tacken a picture .

Avni : tumney batayaa kiyu . The way you were talking i thought it was mini tiger .

Avni was very angry so she left him and went near the flag they have set so that someone could come and rescue them .

When Avni reaches there Avni sits near the flag

Avni : mein itni darr gayi thi lekin isey mazaak sujh rahi hai . After this whole thing ends i wish i will never see this boy again .

Mean while

A curly hair boy is seen working in a cafe when suddenly an aunty comes and starts shouting

Aunty : Ali … Ali tumny meri tillu ko dhekhaa hai kiyaa . Meiney usey ghar aney ko kahaa aur woh gayab ho gayi . Kisi ko nehi batayaa woh kaha jaa rahaa hai . Mera tillu . If he comes here tells him that his mom is angries withs him . Agar woh jaldi ghar nehi ayi toh tum log dhekh lena

Ali was scared no hell scared will be the right word . As he know what she could do for her tillu

Ali : ji shwethaa aunty mein apki tillu ko dund thaa hoon

Shwethaa : okay fasts

After saying that shwetha leaves from the cafe . Ali quickly dials neil phone but his phone was unreachable

Ali : yeh neil kahaa gayab ho gayi agar woh nehi milaa toh pataa nehi iss baar shwethaa aunty kiyaa kareygaa

Last time when neil went on a duty without telling anyone . Shwethaa has created the same drama and when they couldn’t find him on time . Shwethaa has called him and DD to khanna house and made them eat the dinner prepared by her which will be anyone nightmare .

Recalling that incident made ali to make faces purely with disgust .

After trying neil few times with no luck ali calls DD

Ali : DD neil kahaa hai

DD : woh sirji toh ghar jaaney kai liyai nikh leethi . Kiyaa hua

Ali : neil ghar nehi bohochi hai aur shwethaa aunty dhamki dheykar gayi hai . Ab yahaa jaldi aa

DD : okay i am coming.

After saying this ali cuts the call . He again tries calling Neil .

In the island

After few minutes Neil comes and sits there looking at his phone

Avni : you have a phone why didnt you call anyone for our rescue

Neil : tumey kiyaa lagaa meiney koshish nehi ki hai . Yahaa par signal nehi hai .

Avni : whatever

After few minutes avni takes neil phone when he puts the phone beside him and goes to the forest . When suddenly someone calls . Avni gets shocks when she reads caller ID as Ali .

Avni : yeh woh ali nehi hai . Iss dunyaa bohoth sari ali hothaa hai avni

Dismissing all thought avni picks the call

Avni : hello

On the otherside ali feels that voice familiar and thinks about avni who he is still waiting to comeback . He miss his bestfriend.

Ali : yeh neil ka phone hai na neil kahaa hai

Avni was about to say something when neil comes behind her and takes the phone .

Neil : hello

Ali : neil tu kahaa hai . Your mom is really angry with you

Neil : ali i am stuck in an island . Mijey nehi pataa mein kahaa hoon . Mein tumhey location beyjrahaa hoon just send DD and tell him to come .

After saying that he cuts the call and sends the massage to but to his dismay the signal goes .

Neil : shit . Signal ko bhi abhi janaa hai

Avni : signal chali gayi

Neil : yeah and by the way what were you doung with my phone

Avni : i was just trying to get out from here

Neil : so you mean i was not trying to get out from here .

Avni : who knows

And avni leaves from there in a different direction . Neil gets his shirt and starts following avni . After a while avni feels someone following coming behind and does a wrong method of self defense . While neil flawlessly defends himself from avni attack .

Neil : your method is wrong .

And neil teaches her the correct method . While teaching her neil has come quite close to her . As much avni wanted to deny the fact that neil closness was not affecting her she couldn’t deny as she felt safe in this dangerous situation . His closness was not troubling her but it was soothing .

After teaching her few methods Neil puts distance between them and starts walking few minutes later they find a road . Call it luck just in time a vehicle stops .

Avni : can you give me a lift to the city

Driver : ofcourse

The way the driver was behaving neil could tell his intention was not good .

Neil : we dont need it

Avni : he doesnt need but i need it

She sits in the car and they drive off . Neil runs after the car but decides to take a shortcut . When he saw the car parked . In that moment it wont be a lie that neil was scared for her . He only knows her for few hours but he cares for her safety . When suddenly he hears a faint yelping . When he sees other side of car . The driver was laying on the ground beaten to pulp and he was holding his manhood as if he is dying of pain . Seeing the drivers condition neil actually felt bad for the drive.Then suddenly he remeber about Avni .

Neil bends little and hold the man collar

Neil : woh kadki kahaa hai

Driver : mujey nehi pataa woh bahagg gayi . Aaj sai mein kisi ko lift nehi dhoongi

When neil puts him down he stands up and leaves from there with his car .

Neil walks around and finds avni sitting on a rock . Neil goes towards her takes his shirt and makes her wear it as her dress was torn in in someplaces . Suddenly he feels his phone vibrating so he takes and sends the message .

He sits near avni and sees that avni has a small cut in her hand so he takes a bandage from his pocket which he has put last night just in case he needs it on last nights mission

Avni : you keep bandages in your pocket

Neil : you are lucky that today i have it . By the way who has beten him up .

Avni : a boy had come and rescued me .

Flashback :

When the driver started misbehaving avni uses all the self defence technique that neil has taught her . And as a finishing touch avni kicks him hard in his manhood .

Flashback ends

Neil: who was that boy

Avni gives him a misleading description of himself . Just then they hear the police siren . When avni hears the police sirens her face pales . Neil notices this and wonders what happened to her suddenly .

Police car comes halt near to them and few people comes out and salutes

DD : sirji aap teek toh haina

Neil : haan mein teek hoon . Mujey meri car tak chod dho pir madam ko uski ghar tak chod dho

DD : teek hai

Avni : i can go on my own

Neil : no go with them and i dont want to hear a no . DD take her .

Avni without another word goes with DD

Preacap : neil in chamko cafe . Avni and neil second meeting .

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  1. Zaina

    I luved ur way of writing… swetha’s dialogues are perfect and made me remind her funny englisg.u r great….

  2. Zaina

    I luved ur way of writing… swetha’s dialogues are perfect and made me remind her funny english .u r great….

    1. -Mairaa-

      Thanks Zaina i am glad you are loving it …. its really difficult to me to write her dialogues . But with your comment got to know i am doing justice to her charecter . Thank you …..

      1. Zaina

        No need of thanks dear. U r doing very well. I love ur way of writing. U explain each and everything. Continue till the end. We Will always support u.

      2. -Mairaa-

        Awwww…. ur comment touched my heart …

  3. Why I feel this track went the same way as the original one.

    1. -Mairaa-

      Some parts was same as i loved that scene from the show

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