AvNeil FF : You Again Chapter Five

Chapter Five

DD drops avni at her house . When she reaches the door she takes her luggage which was near the door . It was a good thing that someone has not tacken her stuff when it was standing there unattended . Avni opened the door . It was decorated beautifully . Just like Avni simple and elegant .

Avni walk around the house as if she took another step she will fall from tiredness. Right now a bed was heaven for her . After few minutes of searching which for avni was an eternity she finally managed to find the master bedroom . The minute she saw the bed she yells in happiness and run towards as fast as her feet could take . The minute her face touched with soft pillow she was out cold .

The next morning avni sleep was disturbed by the sun rays . Avni groggly wakes up knowing that she cant sleep after waking up and groans when she sees its only 8 . So she gets ready to and start her day . Today she has to make a move as Tomorrow was the day when rhea was going to get engaged so she has to find a way to enter the meheta house .

Avni comes to kitchen and finds nothing

Avni : oh god … i have no groceries. I have to go shopping and most importanly a phone which i lost because of that Idiot .

Avni takes the house keys and was about leave when another set of keys catches her eyes . It was a car keys . She took the car keys and locks the door . After locking the door she looks around when a garage caught her eyes she walks towards the garage and when she opens it her face lits up like a child face lits when they open their gifts on Christmas Eve .

Infront of her was a beautiful black Honda Disel SUV . This was the car she was planning to buy . When she opens the car there was a a note .

Note – To : Princess,

I know you will wondering how i got to know that you wanted this car . Princess dont forget i am your father . And fathers know their daughter’s best . Without their speaking they gets to know what their daughter want . So a small pressent on behalf of me and your mom .

From :

Avni : thank you dad you are truly the best father a daughter could ask . I am so happy that I got you for a father . My own father didnt care about me but you care about me like i am your own . That is more than enough for me .

Avni starts the car and sets the GPS to nearest supermarket . In an hour she buys all the stuff . She puts the groceries in the trunk of the car and drives the car she was drive a little when a motorcycle comes in wrong way and avni immediately makes the car right in doing so she midely hits another car .

Avni gets out of the car and goes to the other car . The other person get out of the car . The person was shwethaa

Avni : I am sorry aunty

Shwetha : its okay betaa . I seen what happens it was not your fault . Pataa nehi kaisi log hai yai . Bike pai beti nehi unlogo ko aisa lagthaa hai woh hawai jahaaz mein beti hai . Inlogo ki license cancel karnaa chahi yai

Avni : bilkul sahi kahaa apney . Aisi laa parwaa logo ki wajas sai pataa nehi har saal kitney logo ko takleef hoti hogi .

Shwetha : mai apni supercop tillu ko bolu gi inlogo ko arrest karney ko .

Avni : aap ka btaa police wala hai kiyaa

Shwetha : police wala nehi super wala cop hai mera tillu .

Avni : aap bohoth proud ho na aap ki beta sai

Shwetha : bohoth .

Just then shwethaa gets a call

Shwethaa : mein abhi arahaa hoon. You worrids not .

After saying that she hangs the phone

Shwethaa : i have to go right now . Nice meetings you .

Avni : same here .

She leaves from there and buys a new phone then leaves for her house . Avni cooks food and sits near the ipad reading everything about dayawanthi mehetaa . She enter social media and makes a account under the name Ananyaa Verma . Few minutes later she has made instagram account and started following rhea and amol meheta .

In meheta house

Dayawanthi was seeing talking with a lady . She is seen talking to her very sweetly .

Dayawanti : shwethaa ji aap yahaa . Mein bohoth kush hoo ki aap nai apney beta kai liyai meri pothey ko chunaa hai

Shwetha : Mention not . Rhea itni achi hai ki usey toh chunaa hi tha . Peheley mulaakath mein usney bebe aur mujpey aisi impression jo banayaa hai

Dayawanthi : humney hamari beti ko bohoth achi sanaskaar di hai .

Shwethaa : woh to hai . Yeh sab chodiyaa rhea kahaa hai mein usey kuch deynai ayi thi .

Dayawanti : mein abhi bhulaa thaa hoon .

Dayawanti orders a servant to call rhea . Few moments later rhea walks down from the stairs . She comes near shwethaa and takes her blessing.

Shwetha : yeh kandaani kadey hai . Bebe nai tumhey deynai kai liyai kahaa thaa

Shwethaa hands the bangles to rhea and leaves from there .

Rhea : Dadi mein unki saath yeh dokhaa nehi kar sakthi

This made dayawanti angry and she takes rhea hands pressed it really hard . Rhea yelps in pain

Rhea : Dadi mujey dard ho rahi hai

Dayawanthi : dard ho rahaa hai . Agar yeh dard nehi jailnaa hai toh mein jo keherahi hoon woh karo . Tumey yeh shaadhi karni hai .

Rhea : mein toh neil sai pyaar bhi nehi karthi aur woh bhi mujsey pyaar nehi karthi

At this Dayawanthi cups rhea face

Dayawanthi : tum itni kubsoorath ho iskaa isthimaal karo aur usey tumhari pyaar ki jaal mein pasalo .

Dayawathi makes rhea wear the bangles which was big

Dayawanthi : yeh kadaa badaa isey choti karney ki bahaney tum jewellery shop jaao aur waha neil ko bhi bulanaa .

Rhea : teek hai

Rhea agrees to her without any question as she doesn’t want any more pain from her .

Rhea goes to her room and starts crying into her pillow

Rhea : kiyaa kusoor hai mera . Kiyu mujey yai sab karnaa padrahaa hai . Pachpan mein dadi nai mujsey avni ko pareeshan karnai ko kahaa aur meiney avni kai saath milkar usey parishaan karney ka naatak kiyaa . Yeh soch kar mujey dadi kaa pyaar mileygaa jab avni naj kaha thaa mujey behi miley lekin pir bhi usney meri help ki ek achi behen aur dost ki tarah . Woh itni achi thi aur dadi nai uskey saath kiyaa kiyaa . Usey maar diyaa . Maar dhalaa meri eklothi behen aur dost ko


Little rhea was playing outside with her ball when her ball goes inside her dadi’s car so she goes to take but the car trunk shut so she gets traps . Rhea was so scared that she taps her hand in the car sheild but no one hears it after a while of crying she falls asleep . A servent comes and keeps some basket in the car but the servent fails to see rhea . He doesnt close the car trunk properly as dayawanthi comes and scolds him to do things fast and takes the car

When rhea wakes up she sees the car trunk little open so she lifts and sees her grandmother going so she follows her and stands near a tree and sees her dadi shooting avni and her falling . Rhea was so scared that she ran and sits in the car trunk and hid herself . When they reached home she sneekes into the house and went to her room

Flashback ends

She takes a pic of avni , amol and her which neela has tacken when rhea secretly took amol to avni . So that she could play with her brother for a while .

Rhea : i was so scared that i couldnt talk for a year . I still get nightmares of that . I could still see avni face . You were right our dadi really is a monster but i cant say anything if i did anything she will kill me the same way . I really wish you were here with me . I need my sister and best friend . I never said it before but today i want to say it . I love you avni di and i miss you .

And she cries hugging the picture .

Precap : Avni and rhea meeting . AvNeil Meeting .

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