AvNeil FF : You Again (Chapter 1)

This my first fanfiction . Hope you guys liked it .

Chapter one

Avni never knew life can be so cruel . Like every little girl she thought that life was a fairytale and she was the princess of that fairytale waiting for her prince charming to come . Little did she know life was not a fairytale . Avni got to know this truth in hard way . As an eleven year old child she lost her mother . She faced so many things that an eleven year old shouldnt face . Like right now Avni was on gunpoint by her so called grand mother . Who she despises with all her might . That lady have made little Avni life so miserable , first she took away her father then killed her mother and took away her newborn brother .

Dayawanti : aaj tumhey koi nehi bachaa saktaa Avni . Aaj mai tumhey tumahari maa kai baas bejh dhungi . Kiyaa kahaa thaa tumney tumahri maa kahaa reheti hai tumahari dil mein . Goli bhi vahi maar thi hun tumey

And then she shoots Avni and she falls . After Avni falls Dayawanti goes without glancing second time . Neela who was hiding from Diksha was behind a close bush has witnessed everything that had happened there . So when dayawanti leaves from there she comes to the hill and breaks down there

Neela : AVNIII

Neela hears faint help word coming and sees that avni was hanging on a tree banch without wasting a second neela pulls avni and takes her to hospital

In hospital

Neela takes Avni to the hospital which she owns and secretly takes Avni to opertaion threater which she has asked to prepare before coming .

There was only one doctor and two nurses who were really close to Neela

Neela : Thank you Harish Uncle that you agreed to do the operation without any formalaties . I know if any one gets to know about this aap ka license cancel hosaktaa hai

Harish : thank you math bolo as a doctor its my duty to save a live waisey bhi tumharey papa nai hamerey liyey bohoth kuch kiyaa hai toh itna toh hum kar hy saktey hai

Neela : aap jaldi operation shuru kar dhyjiyai . Mein bahar wait kar thaa hoon .

Harish : okay beta

Neela goes to outside and sits in the bench and the tears she was holding till now starts flowing freely

Neela : mujey maaf kar dy jiyai Ayeshaji mai humari bachi ko dayawanti sai bachaa nehi paai . Please god meri bachi ko bachaa lo .

The doctors started the opertion . Avni’s condition was critical. She had lost so much blood so they arrange blood and start the transfusion . When they cuts to take the bullet they see something extraa ordinary in the mechine

Nurse : doctor yeh kaisey hosaktaa hai . I have never seen anything like this

Harish : neither have I but because of this she is alive till now or else she would dead by now

The operation threater opens and Harish comes outside .

Neela : uncle Avni kaisi hai

Harish : neela beta jisney avni par goli chalaya thaa usney uski dil jisjagaa honaa chahiyai thaa vahaa goli maraa hai .

Neela : aap ka matlab kiyaa hai uncle woh teek toh hai na

Harish : dont worry she is fine . Mere matlab yeh hai bohot rare case mein yeh hotaa hai ki dil right side mein hotaa hai aur Avni uss rare cases mein sai ek case hai . Uskaa dil left mein nehi right mein hai . Neela woh bachi bohoth strong hai itney koon behene ki baadh bhi hosh mein thi

Neela : woh toh hai meri bachi bohoth strong hai . Kiyaa mein usey mil sakti hoon .

Harish : haan meiney Avni ko tumhari family room mein shift kar vaa dhiyaa hai go and meet her and i think she will be discharged in a week

Neela goes to meet Avni in the room . When she opens she sees avni sleeping peacefully . Neela has not seen avni sleeping like that for a long time .
She sits near avni takes avni hand in her own hand .

Neela : thank you avni zindaa honeey kai liyai . Mera iss duniya mein tumahara ilavaa koi nehi agar tum chali gayi toh mera jeena ka koi maqsadh nehi hai .

After few minutes she keeps her head near the bed and falls asleep . The next day avni becomes councious and finds her neela mother watching her

Neela : bachaa tum teek ho na

Avni : Ma i am sorry mujey apki baath maan leyni chahi yai thaa .

Neela : its okay bachaa . Ab yahaa sai chal tey hai hum . Yeh badlaa hum tab puraa karey gi jab waqth sahi hogaa .

Days were passing the two nurse would come and change avni dressing and bring food for both of them . Nurses would stay with avni when neela goes out to arrange new passport as she lost both of their passport when she was hiding from Diksha .Avni was getting better with each day finally today was the day when she will get discharge from hospital . Neela took avni straight to the airport and left for NewYork to start a new life with Avni where she will get a better childhood , a better education and most importantly a place where she doesnt have to worry about being killed .

15 years later

A girl is sitting in near a a lake which was lit by moonlight and her were legs dipped in water . She was seeing a heart shape locket while talking to it . She seems so happy .

Girl : Mumma aaj mein bohoth kush ho bataa hai kiyu . Aaj neela mom aur aryan dad ka 10 merriage anniversary hai .

Yeah that girl was avni in the locket one side was a pic of avni , ayesha and amol picture which was taken few hours before her death they were so happy . The other side has a picture of neela , avni and a man . The man and neela was wearing wedding cloths . And avni was stading in the middle of both . They were looking like a happy family .

Avni : I still remember when i met dad for the first time woh itney achey tey ki mein 15 minute mein hi dad ka friend ban gayi . Mom ko dad sai shaadhi karney kai liyai convince karnaa was so difficult . But akhir mein woh maan hi gayi . Woh dono ek dusrey kai saath bohoth kush hai . Akir mein mom ko repect karney walaa aur uskai saath deyna wala and most importantly pyaar karney walaa pati mil hi gayi . Yeah i know you will ask if i have anyone special . The answer is same mumma i dont have time for love till i venge your death .

Suddenly her phone rings and the caller ID shows as dad

Avni : hello

Aryan : princess kaha ho tum .

Avni : park mein hoon dad

Aryan : princess come fast or else your mother will kill both of us . Till now your mom doesnt know you are not home . I have open backyard door enter from there .

Avni : ok dad i will be there in half an hour . Love you dad

Aryan : love you too princess . Drive safely .

Avni : yeah

And hangs the phone .

Avni : mumma lets go otherwise , mom will kill me today if she gets to know that i have sneak out .

Avni close the locket and quickly goes to pick the cake .

Precap : Avni , Neela and aryan celebrating anniversary . Neela giving avni a shocking news

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      Already there are six chapters uploaded

  4. here neela is married to aryan . i always wanted neela to stay happy , in this ff neela is happily married to aryan and aryan’s character too is very good . awesome start , eagerly waiting for next epi

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