AvNeil FF : You Again Chapte Six

Chapter Six

Rhea was crying when suddenly there was a knock on the door . Rhea quickly hides the picture and wipes the tears . Rhea opens the door and finds her mother .

Rhea : maa aap yaha kiyaa khar rahi hai

Hetal : betaa tum teek toh ho na

Rhea : haan maa mein teek hoon . Aap yaha kuch kaam thaa kiyaa ?

Hetal : haan maaji nai bholaa hai kadaa banaa nai kai liyai abhi chaley jaao .

Rhea : teek hai mein ready hokar abhi jaar rahi hoon .

Hetal : okay betaa aur neil ko call karnaa math bhool na . Warna maaji gussaa ho jaaey gaa

Rhea : haan maa mujey yaadh hai .

Hetal leaves Rhea’s room . Rhea starts getting ready .

Chamko Cafe

Neil was sitting lost in thoughts . Infront of him there was a coffee which was now cold . Neil was think about Avni . How she got scared with police . He was still feeling that she was hiding lot of things underneath . There was more to her than she was letting on . And how can he forget how he made a fool of himself infront of whole department


Neil was in corridor when sketch artist came whom he has called to get a sketch done to see who has saved Avni . So he started describing the person exact same way aavni had described . When the sketch artist finshed the sketch he was shocked

Neil : tumhari chehrey par baara kiyu bajaa huwa hai

Artist : sir aap nai describtion sahi diyaa hai kiyaa

Neil : haan kiyaa hua

Artist hands neil the sketch . When he sees it he feels stupid . Just to make everything more worse DD comes and see it

DD : kal raath wali ladki nai aap ko apki hi description diyaa aur aapko pataa bhi nehi chalaa .

And every single person in the police station erupts with laughter .

Flashback ends

Neil : kiyu mein tunhari barey mein soch rahi hoon . Kiyu tum meri dimaag sai nikal nehi rahi hoo . Kiyu ?????

Neil was so lost in the thoughts that he doesnt notice that ali was sitting beside him for past 10 minutes . Ali couldnt handle anymore . He was seeing his friend lost in thought since he came . Ali keeps his hand on neils shoulder . Neils looks at ali

Ali : neil tum teek toh ho na

Neil : haan mein teek hoon . Tum yeh kiyu booch rahi ho

Ali : tum jab sai aayi ho apni hi dunyaa mein ho . Apni coffee tak nehi pee tuney

Neil : mein teek hoon

Ali : yaar mein tumsey poochnai wali thi kal tumhati phone kisi ladki nai uthayaa thaa kon thi woh

Neil : mujey nehi pataa . Ajeeb si ladki hai woh . Mainey uski jaan bachayaa lekin usney mujey thank you tak nehi bolaa bohoth strong dhikaatha hai lekin woh hai nehi . Pataa nehi kiyu mujey aisey lagthaa hai woh kuch chupa rahi hai

Ali : uskaa naam kiyaa hai

Neil : mujey nehi pataa

Ali : tumhey uskaa naam pataa nehi lekin tumey uski baarey mein baki sab observe kar liyaa . Pyaar ho gayaa hai kiyaa

Neil : nehi i dont love her . Woh to sirf mujey intrigue karthi hai

Just then Neil gets Rhea’s call . Neil in mind thanks Rhea’s timing as he knows ali wont be leaving him soon . Neil takes the phone call

Neil : haan rhea bolo

Rhea : neil woh mujey jeweller kai paas jaana hai kadaa bana nai kailiyai aur dadi nai bolo hai ki tumhey saath mein ley jaaon if you are not busy .

Neil : mujey station par bas thirty minutes kaa kaam hai Woh katam karkey mein athaa hoon pir hum lunch par jaa ey gi

Rhea : okay neil i am waiting for you . Bye

Neil : bye

He cuts the call and bids bye to ali

In jewellers shop

Rhea was getting bored so she started clicking her selfies . And uploaded the best selfie tagging the jewellery shop name .
In Avni house

Avni gets notification that rhea has posted a new pic in her insta so she checks gets to know that rhea is in jewellary shop . Avni quickly takes her car keys and goes to jewellers shop . For her luck jeweller shop was only fifteen minutes away from her house . Before going avni has called the jewellers to make a fake exact bangle .

Avni reaches the jewellers shop sees rhea seeing necklaces for her . She goes to near counter and ask for the bangles. She pays for the bangles and puts it in her bag. Just them rhea stands up it was the perfect moment for avni to make her move .

Avni takes her phone and starts walking looking at her phone . And purposefully runs into rhea .

They both look at each other . Avni still remembers how rhea has helped her . Right now she wants to hug her sister but she cannot . Rhea feels an unknown connection with her but ignores it .

Avni : I am so sorry

Rhea : its okay

Avni : no its not i was not looking where i was going . Wait a minute you are rhea meheta . Right ??

Rhea gets shocked as how an unknown person knows her name .

Avni : tum yai soch rahi hona mujey tumhari naam kiyu pataa hai

Rhea : tumhey kaisey pataa

Avni : tumhari shakal pai likhaa huwaa hai

Rhea : ohhh . Haan mein Riyaa Mehetaa hoon. Aur tumney mujey yeh nehi
Batayaa tumhai meri naam kaisey pataa chala

Avni : woh mera dost tumhari insta pics kai barey mein baath karthi hai aur meiney bhi dekhaa toh mujey bhi bohoth pasadh agayi . Your fashion sense is awesome

Rhea : Thank you

And looks at Avni as she doesn’t know her name

Avni : oh sorry mein apnaa naam bholnaa bhul gayi Ananyaa Verma

Rhea : thanks ananyaa

Avni : waisey meiney sunaa hai tumhari shaadhi honey walaa hai

Rhea face pales a little but she recovers soon .

Rhea : haan meri shaadhi honey wali hai . Aur mein abhi mera fiancé kaa wait karvrahi hoon woh abhi tak ayaa nehi hai .

They sits near by couch and chats like friends who has not meet in years . When they se them nobody can tell they have just met . Everyone will assume that they have been friends since childhood .

Rhea : mujey tumhari number deydey aur meri shaadhi mein zarur anaa .

Avni : mein kaisi abhi to hum miley hai

Rhea : please aa jaao please please . I need a friend and mera koi dost hai nehi .

Avni : teek hai i will come

They exchange number and just then a worker comes with juice for rhea but he runs into her ruining her dress

Worker : I am sorry maam

Rhea : its okay . Where is the washroom

Worker : its that door .

Rhea : thank you . Ananyaa mein abhi ayaa isey saaf karkey . Tum meri fiance sai milkar jaana .

Avni : teek hai rhea

When rhea leaves

Avni : achaa lagaa yeh dekh kar rum bilkul nehi badli abhi wahi rhea hoo

Avni takes the bangles and quickly exchanges the bangles

She starts going toward the counter to see some necklace . But she runs into someone again . But this time it was not purposefully. She looks to see the face and she gets shock . infront of her was neil . Neil was also looking at her with shock . They have never imagined that they will meet again

Both : tum

Neil : haan mein . Kiyaa mein yaha nehi asakthi .

Avni : nehi mujey lagaa ki police walo ka job police station mein hothaa hai jewellery shop mein nehi

Neil : sahi kahaa tumney lekin mein yahaa professional kaam sai nehi apni personal kaam sai ayaa hoon

Avni : mujey woh sab nehi jaanaa hai

Neil : mujey tumhey pataana bhi nehi hai

Avni gets irritated and goes near the counter and starts looking at head jewellary . Neil comes towards her and makes her wear a head jewellery .

Neil : yai achi lagrahi hai

Avni : meiney tumsey poocha . Nehi na ???

And she starts leaving the shop just then shops alarm rings and watchman and manager comes .

Avni : mainey kuch nehi churaayaa hai

Manager : har chor yehi bhol thi hai .

Avni was scared all the encounter with police comes to her mind . Manager takes her bag . Just then neil comes and holds managers hand . Avni looks at neil which clams her down seeing him makes her feel that he will not let anything happen to her. Neil shows them his police ID which shuts managers mouth

Neil : kisi aurath ki bag mein dekhnaa ka haq tumhey nehi hai . Woh ek female employee ko hotaa hai . Tumhey nehi

After saying that he takes the head jewellery from avni’s head and gives to manager . Avni takes her bag from neil hand and leaves from the shop.

Precap : Rhea and Ali meeting . Avni trying to find who is Rhea’s grooom

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