Avneil FF: Bffes To Lovers #prolouge

hlw lovely readers. i am back with a new ff. everything fresh, new plot. hope u all love it. comment down to let me know ur reviews

avni loses her mother one day but got a bffe. his name was neil. they both became best friends and were really inseparable. avni’s life always went everything in slow motion but neil’s fast forward. avni falls in love with neil day by day but for neil, avni will always be his best friend. neil will be having a lot of girlfriends bt won’t take anyone seriously while avni will remain single. heir life as bffes will go smoothly until one day rhea, avni’s cousin sis came, then neil and rhea fell in love with each other. avni will be seen how desperate and lonely avni will be feeling not having her bff on her side and won’t be able to play basketball, their favourite sport wht will avni do to get her bffe? will she be able to win neil’s heart before too late? find out urself in this amazing journey with avni only on Avneil FF: Bffes To Lovers.

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  1. Good luck on this new ff please carry on with the other one

    1. Lillianalieben

      thnx dear and i will soon post both he ffs

  2. Nikitansx

    OMG OMG. Pls update soon. Like tomorrow pls

    1. Lillianalieben

      sure dear. u too update soon ffs. i really liked ur ffs

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