Avneil FF: Bffes To Lovers #chapter 2

they soon get married ans started living with my father working in the butcher shop. everything was going on well until one day came that is my birthday when everything fell down. my mother was cutting meat in the shop she was crying silently. she came out and came near me. she knelt in front of me and told me that she was going for shopping and will come back. saying so she left. as soon as she left, her father came there and asked where is her mother. she told him that she went for shopping. my father, not wasting a single time, rushed towards he direction my mother went. bu not without giving me a doll. soon it was evening and i was waiting for my father and mother to come home but only my father came. ALONE. i didn’t knew what happened and i kept asking questions but all what i got back was a hug from my father and hen he went inside our house. i didn’t knew how to react but i did get to know that i lost my mother forever. soon the noon became evening. around 5:30 pm, it was still day since it was summer . outside my house were some of my boy classmates who were playing basketball. i went near them to ask ” can i play with u all”. but they laughed. i was crying thinking that my mother left me and i don’t have friendz but i was wrong. a boy came near to us and he chased them all. he took the ball and passed it to me. i smiled at him and vice versa. but that day i got to know that god after all is not that bad. he takes one precious thing from us but gives another precious thing to fill the space of the left over thing. i lost my mother forever but got a best friend forever.



avni’s 1st page of her diary comes to an end. avni had a smile on her face. ( now now guyz. jaisa ki hum ne aap logose kaha tha ki hum iss ff may ek important kirdar nibhana chati thi, toh hum aapko yahi batana chathe hai ki humm aapko soch kar batate hai tabtak aaplog ff parhkar njoy kijia).

avni’s pov

that day i really felt alone but after neil came to my life everything changed. sach me kisine sahi kaha hai. zindagi aapse kuch shinagi jaror lekin aapko uske badtle may kuch na kuch jaror denge jo aapke kaam aa sake. jo ush shine huwai chiz ki jaga le sake. meri bhi zindagi may maa chorke chali gaie lekin neil deke chali gai. thnx maa. aap bhale hi mujhe chorke chali gaye lekin ush dook ko harne ke lea neil ko bhaz diya. ab aapke yaad may main rooti nahi balki haasti hu. pata hai kyu. main batati hu. kyuki mujhe paata chal gaya ki zindagi ek paheli hai. Pata hi nahi chalta kab konsa khel khelne ka arambh kar dete hai. Aur hum to ase khare rahte hai ki zese pai nahi ki hum kar kya rahe hai. Lekin jo kuch bhi hota hai ache ke lia hota hai. Yahi ha zindagi. Jishe hue k hi bar pate hai, jita hai aur marte bhi hai.(guyz, even though its avni’s pov but everything written in her pov are all my thoughts and feelings so i hope u all understand my way of thinking).

End of avni’s pov-

(Ab meri bari, humne kaha tha na important kirdar nibhaige so here I come) she started remembering the days she spend with neil. Their fights, their qt noke jhoks, their own way of having fun. She turned the nxt page of her diary and started reading it. In the diary the incident wasn’t written very briefly but after reading the diary, avni had tears in her eyes. In that diary of avni’s was written about that incident which made avni feel that pain which she didn’t got when her mother left her and his dad. The incident goes like this (it’s written in the diary). It was evening. The day came near its end and outside it was dark but everyone can at least see each other. Outside neil’s house, neil and avni were playing their favourite sport. BASKETBALL. but soon their game was interrupt by some noise which came from inside neil’s house. they stopped playing and looked towards neil’s house. what they saw in front of them. neil’s father came outside their house with his luggage and was shouting at neil’s father. neil’s father sat inside his car and left while neil’s mother kept shouting wait, don’t leave. that day was the 1st day avni saw her best friend crying. she could bear all the pains of the world but can’t see her best friend in this state so she did that thig which her friend did when they 1st met. she puts her two index finger inside her mouth and stretches her mouth and makes it into a big smile . neil’s smiles looking at her and that was he last day she saw her best friend i tears. the note ends here.



hey guyz sry for he late update. i wanted to be regular but ri8 now it’s impossible since xm is on the next door. i will be posting 2-3 episodes in a week and after 20th of november i will be off since from 21st of november my xms are starting and will end on 30th november. after 3th november i will again become regular since my final xms will end and winter vaccations will start on both of my ffs avneil ff: two hearts separated by destiny to become one soul and avneil ff: bffes to lovers. till then njoy reading this update. keep reading, keep liking, keep commenting and don’t forget to recommend.




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