Avneil FF: Bffes To Lovers #chapter 1

a woman around 25 is seen. she is wearing a beautiful red saree with black border on it.she is our dear avni. she was looking gorgoues in that saree with drape of the saree. she was wearing a mangalsutra with a name encarved in it. but the name was not clearly seen. she was wearing a diamond bracelet and blue saphirre diamond earrings with straight open hairs reached till her waist.

avni was going through some of her books, photo frames f her childhood. she was rearranging them as she completed going through them. she picked up the bundle to take but something fell down. it was her diary with the name ” AVNI’S MEMORIES WITH LILY”. It was her diary. that diary which she used to write since she started to learn how to write. she put the bundle to its place i.e. store room and came back to her room with her diary. she opened it and ran her fingers on the pages like as if trying to feel her writings with her fingers. she flipped some more pages and a smile crept on her beautiful yet innocent face. not because of her writings but looking at a photo. it was a boy and a girl’s photo. below it was written ”AVNEIL”. yes the boy was non other than our handsome neil and qt avni. it was the photo that was taken 15 years ago. so much have happened in her life till today. suddenly she stood up, kept the diary on the table and went out of the room. she soon returned with a glass of fresh orange juice and some fries on a tray. she kept it on the table beside the bed and took the diary. she started reading from the 1st page in her mind, in between taking some snacks and munching them.

date 04/07/1997

dear lily,

today was my birthday but my birthday wasn’t that great. in birthdays we usually use to get surprises but today i got the biggest surprises in my life u have ever imagined. my mother left me and my dad forever but i got a bffe. his name is neil. my life had started with slow montion and will end in slow motion. everything started with slow motion and everything happened that day. [ i think u will like to go to flashback and listen but i will be the narrator. common even i want to play an important role. fi9 jokes apart. kk i accept that i m not good at cracking jokes so enough!!!! hey who said that. its me Avneil FF: Bffes To Lovers. WWWHHHAAATTT!!!! u! how can u talk! common when ur bakbak starts then automaticly i can speak. non resume the ff and stop ur stupid talks. fi9]. { just a bit fun}. (let’s resume).

it was the day when miss mumbai(i really don’t know ) possession was going to start. a boy, nearly the age of 26 was seen playing basketball match with his friends. he is ashish mehta. suddenly he stopped rooted in his place with his mouth a little bit open. he was looking at the girl who won miss mumbai’s award and she too was looking at him. everything went slow for both of them as they shared a deep long eyelock. he eyelock was broken when the ball hit ashish’s head and he fell down. his friends gathered around him and knelt down beside him asking if he is alright. but only one sentence came out of his mouth ”I LOVE U”.

******************************************************************************************hey lovely readers sorry for the late update(telly updates). i am back with a new ff with its 1st chapter. everything is fresh, new plot. hope u all like it and do vote and comment. one more hing guyz since some of u want me to b regular so in order to be regular i will b posting short updates. hope u all will be satisfied….



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