Avneil FF.. A new face of love (PART-6)

Hi Guyszz….. First of all… Belated Merry Christmas to all and an Advance Happy new year…. May the coming year be more promising than this year….
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The last episode ended by Avneil looking at the pandit confusingly because pandit thought them as a couple and blessed them………..
Avni: Why he is talking Strange things…
Neil: I don’t know…
Pandit comes from inside the temple and gives a plate of sindoor and asks neil to make avni wear this on her vermillion spot
Neil: What… I can’t do this
Avni: Yes… What is all this
Pandit: What is new in this… Being married couple and completing this ritual in time.. You have to do this as a good husband
Avneil : Husband…… Married couple.. Sindoor… What nonsense
Neil: we are not married and i am not her husband
Pandit: What… Then why u lifted her in your arms and climbed those steps
Avni: It was because.. I was feeling dizzy and he lifted me
Pandit: But…then why u both came that way.. That is the path for married couples.. It is a part of the ritual.. You both completed that which means you both are born for each other
Avneil look at each other…
Tu safar plays in the background
Neil: we came that way because we thought it is easier
Pandit: Ooh. I am sorry.. I thought….
Avni: its alright…
Pandit turns to go…
A sudden wind comes…. And the sindoor gets onto avni’s vermillion spot and neil’s hand …..Pandit turns to them.. He sees them with the sindoor and gets shocked
Avneil looks at each other..
Again the wind comes and the Devi’s chunri which was put on devi’s head flies in the air and falls on both avni and neil…
Pandit smiles seeing them
Avneil tries to remove the chunri.. But it gets stuck on their hair
Riya and the gang comes there and sees them under the chunri.. Everyone gets surprised and smiles except Juhi who looks at avni angrily
Pandit : This is a sign given by Devi maa… Look..you both completed the ritual unknowingly and when you refused to put sindoor.. Devi maa herself put it on your forhead by his hands.. And she proved that you both are born for each other and will stand by each other in tough times… She blessed you by giving her sacred chunri herself.. No one will get such luck…
Pandit goes inside
Avneil comes out of the chunri
Riya and all other come to them and asks do you both got married
Avniel: no… It was by chance
Ali: But we heard about some ritual and you completed it like a good couple
Riya : And look friends… Look at Avni’s forehead.. There is sindoor
Avni: It came due to wind
DD: Sir.. Then how come your hand also has sindoor
Neil: It is truth… Due to that sudden wind.. It happened
Ali: But neil.. There was no wind.. It was a good climate.. Right DD
DD: yes….
Pandit comes..
Pandit:Yes… Both of you right… The sindoor was due to wind and wind was not there
Riya: what..
Pandit: The wind was made by Devi maa.. It happend here only.. That is the truth
Pandit goes inside…
Riya ali and DD teases Avneil
Avni gives the chunri to another pandit
Pandit: Sorry.. We cant accept this… This is for you both… Keep it with you
Everyone teases them again… Avni gets angry and goes from there keeping the chunri there… Riya and Juhi goes behind her to pacify her
DD and Ali look on.. Neil loojs at the chunri and leaves
DD and Ali looks at each other confused

Its night
Girls and Boys make their tents.. Avni takes the tent cloth and tries to keep it right
Neil looks at the Avni who is hardworking a lot and smiles
DD notices this and shows it to Ali.. They ask Neil what is he looking
Neil unknowingly says Look how hardworking she is… But she always throws attitude to me only.. But anyways she is so cut when she throws to attitude..
DD and Ali says Aawwww…..
Neil realizes what he said and says i mean…… That
DD: Its okay sir… I won’t tell to bhabhi..
Neil and Ali: Bhabi… Whose bhabhi
DD: I mean… If…. Under any circumstances.. If you both get married.. Then i have to call bhabhi know.. So i thought of practicing it from now onwards
Neil: Dd… Don’t joke much..
Ali: But.. The thing Dd said can happen also… Right Neil
Neil: Ali….. So you both became a gang.. And i am alone.. Okay… See what I can do….
Neil takes the water and pours on both of them… Ali and Dd runs.. He runs behind.. They play like kids…
Avni Juhi and Riya sees them and Smiles

To be continued
PRECAP: Avni’s scarf flies in air and falls somewhere.. Neil is playing with DD and Neil.. Neil gets a jug of water to throw at DD and Ali… Avni comes in between to take her scarf.. And the water falls over her.. Neil gets shocked and cups his face.. Avni looks at him and takes A cup of water to throw
Juhi gets jealous

Forgive if i Made you bored

  1. Jasminerahul

    sindoor chunri scene was lovely.panditji saying that avneil are born for each other n the wind was caused by goddess for them.last scene was cute n funny

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      Thank you……

  2. Nice update

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      Thanks dear…. Keep reading

  3. Lovely Update….. I loved the sindoor and chunri portion the most…..

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  4. Very beautiful episode. Please post next episodes ASAP.

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      Thank you Shruti….will try to post soon… 😊😊☺️

  5. Grear dear….you are doing well……sindoor portion was so romantic

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