AvNeil Drabble: Her hair which stuck to his button (1)

Avneil Drabble: Her hair which stuck to his button

Inspired by: Mehak


It’s a beautiful sunny day, the wind isn’t blowing. The skies aren’t grey, people are not stuck in traffic, it is a silent day.

The scene shifts to a girl who is seen wearing a white knee-length beach dress. Her hair is straight and open, she has applied red lipstick with a light touch of blush on her cheeks.

She stood up and started to running near the water to feel the sand and water mixing up on her feet. She is extremely happy, she is seen running faster.

The scene shifts a boy who is seen wearing a shirt and jeans. He is seen taking photos of the sea, as he loves photography. He also started to run as he felt the sand and water mixing up together.

The boy and the girl are seen running, they have no idea that they’re near each other.

As the girl passes the boy, her hair gets stuck on his shirt button, and they both collide. He accidentally falls on top of her. Their lips accidentally had crashed into each other’s, leaving a lipstick mark on his lips too. The girl pushes the guy. He sees this and stands, he puts his hand forward to help her stand up. She ignores him and gets up by herself.

“Please be careful next time, if my cousin weren’t here, I would’ve have smashed your face the right second you had fell on me” she said angrily.

“Oh really?” He asked as he raised his eyebrows.

“Ugh..I don’t want to mess with you, I’m leaving” she said angrily.

She stepped 6 times to move forward but something had stopped her.

The guy whistles to her.

She turns around and sees that her hair is still stuck to his button. She gets angry seeing him laugh. He gently pulls her hair so she could come closer to him.

“Oww” the girl yelled as he pulled her hair.

“Oh I’m so sorry” he said getting sad that he made her in pain.

“Just shut up” she replied, trying to take out her hair from his button.

“You can’t leave, until you tell me your name” he said, as he grabbed her waist.

“Look my cousins are here” she said.

“What’s your name?” He asked her.

“Avni Ayesha” she said, as she finally took her hair out of his button. She turned around to go back to her cousins.

“BTW my name is Neil, Neil Khanna, a girl like you can call me tillu” he yelled smiling.

Neil(thinking): Palat, palat, palat naa.

She turned around and he gave a big grin.

“Bye and go flirt with another girl, Neil, oh I mean Tillu” she laughed.

He smiled seeing her.

She turned around and went back to her cousins.


I know that drabbles are supposed to be short, but someone tell me! How can I control myself for writing? I couldn’t keep it short, that’s why I did basically not a lot, but a lot.

Should I keep writing drabbles.

Os coming out tomorrow because now I will post 2 os a week and should I write 4 dribbles a week and I will regulary write a chapter of my fanfic

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  1. Nikitansx

    I have no idea when I wrote “(1)” in the title

    1. Nainaa

      That means you are going to continue this story.. BTW.. I am your secret admirer..

      1. Nikitansx

        No I won’t continue, I just accidentally wrote (1) in the title

    2. Nainaa

      Sorry. I didn’t mean that way

      1. Nikitansx

        It’s okay

  2. it’s really good. it’s very different & new storyline’s concept that’s really interested to read. 1st meeting of avneil which you show in your storyline is impressive. You use your presence of mind very beautifully to explain this concept that makes reader to think your unstoppable ability. You always try to do your best that’s make you a special writer day by day. whenever you would like to write, you can obieously. Take care of yourself for your family. Good luck Nikita.

  3. Nikitansx

    No I won’t continue, I just accidentally wrote (1) in the title

  4. Awfully cute! Loved it!

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