Avneil Drabble: Goodbye

Hey guys.. i have written a drabble, it was very challenging as i have to convey my idea in approx 100 words.. but it was fun too.. hope you like it..

In the church, avneel are getting married. Everything is going smooth, so much happiness. But maybe destined is not in their favour. Because when they exchanged rings neel’s phone rang and he runs from there leaving avni at the alter.
Avni couldn’t take this scene and faints.
Family took her home and doctor came to check her. She told its stress.
Later neel comes. To everyone’s shock door is locked now. He breaks it to find avni laying on the bed with a bottle in hand and a note on bed that says ‘goodbye stay happy with juhi’ neel screams ‘No’


How was it.. comment and like..
Should i make it a os or is it good be just a drabble.

Thank you
Love you

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    1. Mehak

      Don’t worry.. see the next part of it

  1. Not at all nice…

    1. Mehak

      Thanks for sharing your views.. btw check out the part 2

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. 🙂

  2. Nice make it an OS continue please

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. will try soon 🙂

  3. Vibhu

    Hey .. This is the first fiction I m reading about Avneil .. pl. make it an os .. it was superb

    1. Mehak

      Hey.. Thank you so much dear.. will try soon .. 🙂

  4. Shocking & thrilling update. Twist & turns makes interesting to read your episode. Always you think to start with something new & different concept that’s your speciality as a writer. All the best Mehak.

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much.. thank you.. thank you 🙂

  5. Make it os and complete it

    1. Mehak

      I wrote a drabble and completed it..

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