AvNeil: Ae dil hai mushkil…Episode 5

Hi guys.. I know I’m veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy late. Now dont kill me, pls. I’m reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllyyyyyyyy soooooooorry. Pls, dont be angry, I will try to update ASAP. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Pls forgive me.

Now this isn’t continued by my ff’s last epi. The recent happenings in the show will be also taken. Neil’s accident, Neela’s kidnapping, then Neil saving her, Avni making Neela go away, and Neil angry at her. Now, this epi will be Avni winning Neil’s trust. I know it isnt that good, sorry.

Avni texts Neil meet her. Neil smiles.
DD: What happened sir?
Neil: Its Ananya’s msg. ‘’Main janti hunk i tumhe lagta hai ki maine tumhe dhoka diya hai, par mera vishwas karo, maine tumhe koi dhoka nahi diya hai. Pls mujhe café main milo.’’
DD: That’s good sir. So you will go?
Neil: Of course. Now. Itself.
He drives to the café and finds Avni sitting there.He goes sits at the table
Neil: So?
Avni: Listen Neil-
Neil: Ananya, I don’t get you. You didn’t want me to reach your home. I saved your mum, you made her go away so that I cant see her. You were trying to save Amol, a criminal-
Avni: Neil, listen to me. I know saving Amol wasnt the right thing to do. But I didn’t wanted to punish him, I wanted to improve him, make him civilized. I-
Neil: Oh really, I mean, koun chahega ki uske ma ke kidnapper ko saza dene ki jagah use sudhara jaye? I mean, mere sath aisa hua hota toh maine toh-
Avni: Neil, meri baat suno. Main janti hun tum kya kehna chahte ho. Par main Amol ko sachme sudharna chahti hun.
Neil: But why?

Avni: If your own brother would have done this, what would you have done Neil? Sent him to jail, really?
Neil: First of all Ananya, no son will kidnap his own mother. Second, Amol isn’t your brother, is he?
Avni: Okay, Amol isn’t my brother. But I want him to improve. I don’t want Riya’s brother to be-
Neil: Ananya, do you really consider Riya your friend?
Avni was hesitant
Avni: She did wrong..Neil, I really didn’t click the pics. I never did.
Neil looked away.
Avni: Neil, you saved my mum and so I owe you. Even if I give my life, I cant repay it.I just want you to trust me, and I really, trust you. Neil, whatever I’m doing is for a reason. I never meant to hurt you. Pls Neil, trust me.
Neil looked away frustrated.
Avni: Pls Neil..
Neil looked at her and they locked eyes. They looked at eachother for a few minutes and then Neil broke the eye lock.
Neil: Okay, I trust you. Actually I always did, but your deeds..leave it now
He gets up and puts his hand forward
Neil: Friends?

Avni smiles. She gets up smiling and shakes her hands with his , nodding. Neil smiles. Ali comes there.
Ali: Thank god you two are now friends.
The two of them smile. They all sit and have a convo. After sometime Ali goes away, leaving Neil and Avni alone.
Avni too gets up to leave.
Avni: Okay, so I must go..
Neil gets up
Neil: Hmm.
Avni smiles and goes to her car. Neil calls her back
Neil: Ananya!
Avni stops and turns. Neil comes to her.
Neil: Look, I don’t know whats ur target, but if you ever need me, remember, I will be always there for you. You can call me whenever, wherever.
Avni smiles and nods. Neil smiles back. He turns to go
Avni: Neil
Neil turns
Avni: I will never betray you. One day you will understand why I’m doing this.
Neil nods. They smile at eachother.

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  1. Nainaa

    Hey Dear!! you did a great job and the convos are worth real..

    Being a fellow author, I can understand that we have to deal with our personal life as well as we have to satisfy our readers So, it gets difficult to update daily or in a while..
    If you don’t mind I’d like to suggest you to add a Recap of previous episodes when you update a new episode after a while.. Cause some may not get time to refer previous episodes to get a hold on current track.

    Free ka gyan.. Drag the conversations as looooong as you can.. I repeat only conversations not story 😉 .. Why beacuse.. longer the conversations, stronger the relations. long conversations even attract people and can improve our creativity.

    coming to your ff.. I gotta say you are a fantabulous writer and I didn’t just say it, I mean it.

    Keep going girl.. love you loads..

    BTW.. Can we be friends? What say?

  2. Plzzzzzz don’t put it sooooooo late nxt time

  3. Please di update soon I am a silent reader

  4. Berry

    Hey ..it was totally amazing episode I liked it bt it was very short n plz post soon now onwards ..?

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