Avajun- Part 1{Avajun’s meeting}


Hi guys I am Siddhi back with a brand new ff.It’s not based on any serial.So let’s start with character sketch

Arjun Malhotra:A rude 40 years old business man.

Avantika:She is an orphan.

They are main lead.

Manisha:She is a bad women who loves Arjun’s property and wants to marry him at any cost.

Guys first Arjun and Avantika will hate each other but then they will fall for each other.

A girl is seen doing dance in her room.She is Avantika.

Avantika stops her dance and drinks water.She gets a call so she picks up the call.

Avantika:Hello Shanaya

Shanaya:Hello Avantika did you forget that today at 10 am.

Avantika:Oh shoot I forgot.Now it is 8:30 I have to get ready fast.

Avantika cuts the call and gets ready fast and leaves for the interview.

A man is seen doing a work in laptop.A person comes inside his cabin.

Person:Arjun Sir

Arjun lifts his head


Person:Sir from many years I dint got promotion.

Arjun:Means you want that you get promotion.

Person:Yes sir

Arjun gets angry and slaps the person.

Arjun:Just stupid man.You down work properly and you want promotion.Just get out.

The person gets out of his cabin.

Avantika reaches the office and bumps into the same person.

Person:I am sorry

Avantika:What happened?

Person:My boss.That boss is very rude.He is a demon.

Avantika:No person can be a demon.

Person:But my boss is worst then demon.

The person leaves.Avantika goes and sits on chair and waits for her chance.

Arjun feels exhausted sitting in cabin so comes out of cabin.

Avantika is sitting when because air her some papers flew away.She picks up the paper and is about to go but her leg slips and she is about to fall when someone catches her.

(Guys I have decided that Avajun will not hate each other so please don’t get angry)

The person is Arjun who catches Avantika.

They both have eyelock.Arjun helps her to stand.

Avantika:Thanks sir.

Arjun:It’s okay and have you came here for interview?

Avantika:Yes sir

Arjun:Okay then I will come after sometimes then will take your interview.

Arjun goes from there.

Precap:Avantika gets select for the job……………Manisha’s entry.
So how is this part?hope u will like it.And remember Avajun will not hate each other.

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