AUTHOR’S NOTE by FTRaJo:Suggestions needed + Message to those who comment on EDKV written updates

Hey all. Well this is a message from Fatarajo and I also want those who used to comment in EDKV written updates read this too. And also yes those who read my fan fictions can also read it too.

As you all know that the comment box vanished. No need to worry we can all comment on the fan fiction Kittu wrote for us so that we can comment.Those who
don’t know about the page here is the link:


We can all comment there.

And I realised that the comment box stayed for 2 weeks. If the comment box in Kittu’s page disappears before she publishes the new episode u all can comment here till Kittu publishes the new episodes. And if there is any news regarding EDKV season 2 I will share the link in Kittu’s ff wherever we are commenting. And if changes are made we can already communicate via Kittu’s ff.

And about those who is reader of my fan fiction.Well as you all know I published the intro and the first episode. I know was supposed to publish the second episode today.

As you all know and if you don’t I will just say again that I am a first year student pursuing my studies in engineering.
Unfortunately, my semester has began. And last time I had only 2 exams due to which I could write fan fictions despite my lessons but this time I have 4 exams and also new modules so this semester is quite tough for me. Worst is unlike last time this time I don’t have any break before my common tests. I don’t know if I will be able to give time for the fan fiction.

It is not that I am quitting. I just need your suggestions. It may not be possible for me to publish once a week even if I was suppose to publish twice a week. Maybe once every two or three weeks is possible.

But at the same time I don’t want you all to wait for the episodes for a very long time. Because most of you will most likely forget the story. So i understand.

Well I will not stop writing I just need some suggestions. I also have some certain stories in my mind too.

1. I can continue with the Kaun Tujhe ff but most likely I will publish the episode once or twice a month so I myself am not happy with this option.
2. I have a lot and a lot of stories in mind and I don’t mind writing them. But problem is time. So due to my busy schedule it will not be possible to be regular. I don’t mind writing one shots. Will write them at least once or twice a month.
3. As you all know it have been two weeks since EDKV ended. And as a fan I myself didn’t want the show to end, but every good things come to an end one day which is what happened with EDKV. I didn’t mind the ending but I was disappointed with the abrupt ending and that’s it. Really the show deserved extension. But I can’t do anything about that. I actually have a story like it is my imagination over how I wanted the ending of EDKV to be like. But it’s like five chapter long . So every two weeks or actually every 10 days I can publish one chapter.

I know that’s slow so that I can write during free time (I have less of that now). But I love to write too. But studies also important na.

In terms of the writing style, As most of you liked my fan fiction style (dialogues one) more than one shot style, (essay ones) will write my stories be it one shot or fan fiction in that style.

So which one do you all prefer over these 3. Option 1, 2 or 3. Like should i continue with my kaun tujhe ff, or write one shots twice a week or write the five chap my imagination of EDKV ending. The one that
you all choose the most, I will do that.

Thanks for taking out your valuable out reading this message.Sorry if I did any mistake. It’s actually my first time writing an author’s note ? never expected had to write one day.


Please help me out. I am very confused. I really don’t want to quit and I won’t. It’s just that I may be late or irregular and please please help me out in choosing any 1 of the 3 options.

Thank you.
Lots of love
From Fatarajo/Jo

Hope this gets posted on EDKV page.

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  1. Fatarjo please plz don’t stop your ff kaun tujhe coz it’s my fav one . I so so so eagerly wait for it . I m not forcing u but plz if possible don’t stop that ff . It’s just mind blowing especially the name of your ff . JUST LOVE IT ? ?????❤️❤️❤️❤️?????

  2. ya I also like that.

  3. Please don’t stop writing. You can write whenever you get time. Obviously studies come first so just upload your stuff whenever you get time and we’ll surely wait for it.
    As regarding your options, you can first complete your ff and after that when get time you can upload those 5 chapters thingy you mentioned. (just a suggestion 😉 )
    Though it’s a request that please complete your ff first. Don’t worry about the time you’ll take or something as we all will wait for you. Best of luck for your exams. Take care. Love you ?

    1. *when you get time, you

  4. Ariana

    Dear plz don’t stop writing. Ur stories r soooooooooo good and unique tht it makes me go crazy. I would LOVE to have a continuation part of EDKV especially if tht’s written by u. It’s okay if u r busy. I understand. U don’t have to b regular just post whenever u r free. And do share all of ur creative ideas. U r actually taking away my breath coz now I’m madly waiting for ur stories. Pls try posting as much as possible, sooooooooooooooooooooon
    love u
    take care

  5. Beas

    Dear Joyee Plz never think of quitting. We all r also not happy with the abrupt ending so I’LL go for option 3. Now its ur choice . I just wrote what I wanted and sorry if I hurt u ?

  6. Prettypreeti

    Ohh Jo I m commenting there only..
    hey darling I know study important but pls take out time.
    Actually I loved ur three plan s
    But pls don’t stop tat ff.
    I love it.
    Think something.
    Os bhi post kr
    5 shot bhi.
    Ff bhi.
    Study bhi.
    Love uuuuuuu.

  7. Alina

    Hii jo.. Ur ff is soo good i want that and on da other hand i am also not satisfied wid edkv so i want u to continue that.. Obiuosly studies are u do one thing.. U first finish off 3rd..i mean give proper ending of edkv it will take less tym as u r saying that u will complete it in 5 chaps na?? n then continue kaun tujhe.. Nd if u tkink everyone will forget that story so when u will post next part share the link of previous chap or else give us short prob dear! So my vote goes for 3rd option..
    Ok bye
    Luv u..

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