Author’s note for my readers by Flyingfatty aka ArpitaKrish

Hey guys…. I am back here but not with my ff. I know 1 month ago I posted a note and told you guys that I am not going to post till next year as per daddy’s order. But I want to share something with you all. Being a science student, Why I started writing !!!
Actually I always come up with thoughts, & because of that I get distracted. Problems and things that happens around me always pinched. That is the reason, I started giving direction to my thoughts. From last few days I was getting distracted again so I decided to write…
but wait !!!
It will not be regular. Whenever my mind will cook an idea, I will write. Perhaps next post will be after 1 week, 1 month, 2 months or 6 months and you people need not to get worry, as I am not going to disappoint daddy and Ma’am. I will write when I will get time. Don’t be miffed with me.
Thank you. Loads of love. ❤

Pending ff of mine:-

1. Love story of Shah sisters and Kapoor brothers. (Swasan- Kanchi fs)

2. Ishq Vishq (Kanchi ff)

3. Hadh – A tale of love & revenge ( Kanchi ff)

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  1. Happy to hear your back. I have full hope sure you will balance with your studies and tu take care? you are such a wonderful writer

    1. Flyingfatty

      Thanks but you are supbbb.

  2. Nice idea shrishti we will wait for you writing dear. Take care.

    1. Flyingfatty

      Hey thanks yaar

  3. Glad you came back….seriously when u left i was bit upset and now you r back

    Back to TU welcome back

    1. Flyingfatty

      Hey thanks BTW starlight is sounding osmm

  4. Anu88

    We are so so happy dear you finally came back dear……….we miss you so so much dear…………I am Eagerly waiting for you writing dear………….post next part soon……….love u lots dear…… yaar

    1. Flyingfatty

      Hey Anu, thanks yaar.

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    I am sure studying is the first priority for you! I hope you outlive your Expectations and Can’t wait to have you back. Best of luck with everything and remember everyone is here to always support you. Loads of love!❤️

    1. Flyingfatty

      Thanks Annie. Means a lot.❤

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