aur pyar hogaya intro

The characters:

Swara: Swara ghosh, born in a Bengali family. Her father is bengali. And her mother is marwadi.. Her father, aurbind is a civil engineerin US. While her mother is an income tax officer in Kolkata.. Her mother name is Shivani..
Ragini: swara’s class mate.. She is daughter ofsumi and shekhar. Shekhar is shivani’s brother. But Shivani had ran away with aurbind so shekhar’s mom had disowned her.. Today gadodiyas don’t know anything about their daughter Shivani. Ragini is also unaware about it and neither does Swara know.

Shekhar: living in baadi with his mother and his Bengali wife sumi. Sumi is shekhars second wife. After janaki, ragini’s mom died sumi a neighbour to them took care of little ragini, so dadi decided to make her ragini’s mother, and forgot her hatred for Bengali.. He is working hard to give his family all the happiness but always falls short.

Sumi: a loving mother figure to ragini, an ideal wife to shekhar and very humble to ground. She too works but manages home well. She loves ragini very much and decided never to have her own child, though it caused her to b called as a childless women in the society.

Dadi: she is sweet but strict, she wants money at all cost for her family, she too wants her family too b very rich.. And always dreams of it.

Sanskar: though his whereabouts are not still confirmed, he is a tutor at Swara and ragini’s college. He is very hard working and used to b a topper in his college days, ( but all this are various rumours). Student say that he murdered his own father and his mother disowned him, but no one knows wars the truth..

Laksh: son of durga prasad maheshwari, a leading tycoon. Laksh is a spoiled brat, but is has a good heart. He claims that he had many gf but actually he has never had guts to ask a girl out.

Other characters are.

Durgaprasad: business tycoon. Laksh father.
Annapurna: a conservative but sweet mom to Laksh.
Sujata: Laksh’s aunt. She hates Laksh for some reason which is not know till now.. And always holds Annapurna and Laksh responsible for her condition.
Ram: sujata’s husband. With whom she doesn’t talk with anymore.
Adarsh: Laksh elder brother.
Parineeta: adarsh wife.
Uttara: sujata’s daughter.

A fb shown of Shivani vowing to show never show her face to her mother ever. For what she has done to her own daughter is beyond repair. Dadi is also angry and ask her to get out. Janaki and shekhar are standing with dadi and asking her to calm down. Sumi with her mother is standing across the place looking at all the drama. Shekhar takes his mother inside. The fb ends. And sumi is shown. A death anni is made of Shivani.

Sumi: is it necessary ma?? To do all this??
Dadi: yes!! The day she left baadi was her death day for me. I know she was ur best friend and u miss her..
Sumi: but she would b alive somewhere and celebrating her death anni is not good. Why are u still angry on her?? Shekhar married me, I m a Bengali too. But u never stopped loving me.. Or loved me less. Then why Shivani??
Dadi: Sumi don’t compare urself to that girl. She left us in a ditch for her future and u fell in the ditch with us and brought us out. I can’t thank u enough for wat u have done for us. Forme u will always b my daughter before her and even shekhar!

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