aur pyar hogaya episode 9

Shivani and Swara are making ragini ready in red cholli. Sumi comes puts a black dot behind ragini’s ear, they all hug each other. Its a small ceremony at baadi.

At maheshwari house laksh is getting ready, sujata is irked looking at laksh and how happy he is. Ap is happy as she is getting a marwadi bahu and always thought as they lived in kolkata she would never have a marwadi bahu. Dp however talks tp his secretary that we cant deny ghosh’s request as once he returna from US. He is gonna invest in our business. And we would need him. And whether he gets his daughter married to laksh or his niece, i dont care i just need a leverage against him.

At baadi as laksh tries to enter, swara stops him at the gate. And ask for her neeg or she will not let him or his family enter. Laksh makes cute faces and asks her to let him go as her sister would b eagerly waiting for him too. Sujata comments that ap’s son has no manners and talks about running to his wife in front of all elders. Swara stays adamant, laksh gives her money and she lets him in. Laksh is mesmerised by ragini, ap goes to ragini and ragini takes her blessing, she takes all elders blessings. Sujata reluctantly gives her blessing. The ring ceremony gets completed and Laksh does shayri for ragini. Ragini gets shy, while utara and Swara keeps pulling the couple’s leg. Dp has a phone call and the atmosphere turns tensed. Some has taken over maheshwari group of companies with 56% of its share. Everyone is shocked, but sujata gets happy. She says that the new bahuhas brought bad omen with her. And so ddp lost his company.

Dp’s employee comes and tell him that a new company took over their company. Armitage company. Sujata is happy to here that armitage has taken over dp’s company. Sanskar enters their in suit and tie. Swara looks at him with dazzling eyes. Sanskar says that she is the owner of armitage group of companies and has taken over maheshwari group of companies and now dp works for him. Every one is shocked.

Dp: how can u do this to me??
Sanskar: I asked u the same thing before 4 yrs but today I will answer u the same way u answered me that day. (He takes out ten rs. Note and hand it to dp) this is wat u deserve.

He leaves from their. And everybody is shocked. Laksh and ragini looks at each other.
Ragini: wat happened with Sanskar Bhai?? Why he is so angry on papa and did this??
Laksh: don’t know!! (He tries to change the topic which ragini comes to know and then thinks that he will say it himself)

At maheshwari mansion dp throws stuff and shouts how can that boy take everything that I worked for through out my life from me.. I won’t him live. Laksh adarsh and ap tries to calm him but he doesn’t listen to Anyone. Ap says that didn’t knew Sanskar would do this.

And FB is shown. Sanskar is in college, he is most bright student and is a uni topper. Dp doesn’t like him very much as his both the sons don’t have a business sense like Sanskaraand he would finally have to give everything to Sanskar to take care. As he was only his worthy successor. Sanskar like a girl in his class she is Khushi. Khushi is daughter of mla. And Khushi likes Sanskar too. But if Sanskar had married to Khushi then his power would increase as khushi’s dad would support him. So dp influenced Kumar(khushi’s dad) to make her get married to his AP’s brother. Sanskar then asked money from dp to start business but he gave him 10 rs note. And said that he deserved this much only and asked him to get lost. But Sanskar made his company with the help of his friends and cameback to take revenge.

Dp had mortgaged his house and business for a big deal that armitage had given him, without knowing whose company was it. He couldn’t finish the order and Sanskar took over the company.
Sujata calls sSanskar and asks him to meet her and she missed him very much. Sanskar says that he too missed her but he will not meet her till he comes to maheshwari mansion.

Sanskar comes to mahehwari mansion. Dp asks him how dare he to enter his home.

Sanskar: ur home?? Mr. Dp mahehwari u had mortgaged ur house and companies to me now they r all mine. He takes sujata’s blessing. She is very happy and bless him to live long and b successful. He asks her to get his room ready for him. As Sanskar comes out of bath, sujata brings food for him. And tells him that she cooked all his favorite dishes. And she told him that she wanted to accompany him but how he didn’t took them with him and asked tostay at home and keep an eye on ddp. She says that dp was planning to get married Laksh to Swara for investment from her father but now Laksh is going to b married to ragini. So if Sanskar gets married to Swara then ghosh would favour his own jamai more than his niece’s husband and we would have an upper hand on dp. Sanskar smirks..

Dp thinks that once ragini and Laksh gets married everything will b fine. I must ask them to hasten up the wedding.

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