aur pyar hogaya episode 8


Shivani is talking with Sumi. Sumi is shocked. Shekhar has listened to their talk. And is equally shocked.

Shivani: I think Swara needs to b taught that I m her mother!!
Shivani grins.
Sumi: Shivani girls did it all to unite us.. Just don’t scold them for this.
Shivani: don’t worry Sumi I would reply Swara in her way only. She thinks she can only mastermind a great plan now see wat I do to her.

Next day Shivani says that she is booking tickets for ragini and her to go to US for her treatment. Laksh comes and listens this and gets shocked. He rushes to swara’s room.
Laksh: everything is ruined !!! Everything is ruined!! Run!!!

Swara asks him to calm down and speak up wat happened. Laksh is still gasping. Ragini is also tensed.

Laksh: Shivani aunty is talking ragini to US for treatment.

Ragini: no!! This will get too much!! We need tosay tthem the truth, if we go to US the issue will become big..
Swara : no mom will kill me!! Give me some time. I will fix it.
Shivani listens them talking and is hiding behind the window. She thinks that she knew that little rat would run to inform this trouble tohis boss.

Swara and ragini comes to the hall with Laksh. Shivani gathers everyone .

Shivani: I have decided to take ragini to US for treatment.. The doctors said that she would need a month of shock therapy and then will b fine.

Ragini: ‘shock’ !!! No bua I m alright..
Sumi: beta!! If u dont get treated how will u resume ur old life.
Swara : but she is fine!! Wat if she has side effects and forgets everything.
Shivani: we have to take that risk.but doctor said it is safe and she would b fine after 30 shock therapy.

Laksh: ’30’
Shekhar: even if a few more are required don’t worry, ragini would comply to treatment!!
Ragini gets tensed.shekhar comes to her and says don’t worry ragini u will b fine I will also come with u to US.

Ragini: but baba. It would b very expensive..
Swara : yes.. Yes..
Laksh: yes I too heard its very very expensive uncle.
Aurbind: don’t worry beta.. I m bearing all expenses. Accident happened by Swara so we will get her treated.

Swara mumbles and Laksh is also tensed. Dadi also ask ragini to go to US.
Ragini: (falling at dadi’s feet) sorry dadi !! Sorry I was acting from beginning!! We wanted to unite u all. I didn’t have any accident. But pls don’t give me any shock therapy

All elder start laughing. While Swara Laksh and ragini looks confused.

Shivani: u thought only u could do the acting..
She makes ragini get up holding her ear. Ragini ask her to leave her ear as it is paining. Swara is trying to escape from their but aurbind catches her.
Aurbind: hi!! Princess wat a mastermind plan!!but I think u learnt everything from ur mom and dad and they could catch u with or lie.. It takes time but we would.. Always..

Swara : papa.. Pls listen.. Sorry..
Sumi: Swara .. Its OK.. We have forgiven u for this as we all became united.
Shivani: yes to end ur drama whole family came together.
Shivani stands by Sumi and holds her hand and dadi’s hand.
Laksh is also trying to escape.

Shekhar: ohh!! Little mouse where r u running?? They r our daughters.. But that doctor and all those reports ccan’t b their work.. Tell me how much u helped them??

Laksh: (mumbling) doctor reports .. Just a thatmuch
Aurbind comes to shekhar.
Aurbind: we can forgive sSwara and ragini butthis guy should b punished for not sstopping them.. And conspiring with them..
Shivani: yes he should b..

Ragini:(getting concerned) no bua pls. He did it to help us.. He is not at fault..

Shivani: ragini!! I will tell his punishment and u don’t come in between. I Shivani ghosh.. Breaks or engagement with Swara
Laksh is tensed as wat Shivani might say next.If she would inform ddp or get him arrested.

Shivani: and I m going to send u to jail…
Laksh is shocked so is ragini and Swara ..
All three of them starts to apologize and ask toforgive lLaksh.
Shivani says no he deserves this.. Listening this ragini starts to cry and even Laksh is about to cry. Shivani calls come someone to come inside. Ragini ask her to forgive Laksh.. Even Swara ask her to not to do this.

Shivani: here u r!! Finally!!
Laksh Swara and ragini thinks that its police and gets scared but when they turn they find ap and dp standing their. Laksh starts to mumble again.
Swara : ma!! Wat is this!!
Shivani: I did some extra drama!! Laksh is going to b engaged to ragini..
Aurbind: marriage is a type of jail too
Shivani eyes him. They all laugh.

Shivani: dpji my Swara is not in love with ur son but my niece loves him very him much. It would b great of u consider their match..

Ap comes to ragini and says that she is very beautiful and is looking forward to the day when she comes home as her bahu. Ragini shys.. Swara gets happy. Laksh shys as well.
Dp says that order came from home minister(ap) so now it is fixed that ragini will b maheshwari’s bahu..

Dadi hugs Swara and ragini and then Shivani and Sumi. She brings sweet and makes everyone have it. Sumi too hugs ragini and then Swara .

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  1. Nice I like your ff a lot .

  2. i thought it was swalak….

    1. Rekhavv

      No dear its swasan and raglak

  3. Nice…

  4. Varsha

    It was so funny as elders made our hero n heroin sad n afraid. Shivani n Sumi r gr8, waiting for your next episode

  5. Megha123

    Awsm part loved it

  6. loved it love rags and shock treatment actually shocked me

  7. aww so happy raglak gonna be together next part soon

  8. Rekhavv

    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.

  9. Sindhura

    How come dp accepted all of sudden
    Before that thry insulted rag family

    1. Rekhavv

      Dp wants to have relationship with ghoshat all cost.

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