aur pyar hogaya episode 7


Hi guys.. I know u all want romance scene and swasan to start but that will take some time. Till then enjoy swarag bonding and sumishivani. Their will b few raglak moments too.

Swara Laksh and ragini are sitting in canteen and they all look worried. Ragini ask Swara wat should they do next so that the family actually meet each other. Swara gets and idea and makes ragini agree to it, though she denies it.

Swara comes to her house, Shivani looks at her as she is tensed. Shivani asks her but Swara doesn’t reply. Laksh enters behind her carrying unconscious ragini. She has bandage on her head. Swara ask Laksh to keep ragini in her room. Laksh goes. Shivani confused asksSwara wat happened?? Swara replies that while she was Learning car she by mistake hit ragini, she got scared that ragini’s dadi would get her arrested so she brought her here. Once she is conscious she would go back to her house. Shivani goes to swara’s room and looks her sleeping and watches Laksh carcass her face. Ragini wakes up and gets away from Laksh. And starts asking who is he?? She doesn’t recognize anyone. Swara gets scared. Shivani ask her to call a doctor and see. The doctor comes, he is Laksh friend. He tells that ragini has memory loss. Shivani is shocked. She thinks that of Sumi comes to know her daughter lost her memory than she would break down. Suddenly dadi enters and starts asking where her laddo is? Sumi and shekhar also are tensed. Ragini acts not to recognize them and then hugs Shivani to protect her.

Shivani: beta nothing will happen to u!! They r family!!
Ragini acts to faint. The fake doctor tells that they should keep ragini here as she trusted Shivani and that would help in her recovery, dadi says that how can we leave ragini here. But Shivani replies that this is her bua’s house and ragini can definitely stay here. Sumi says thanks to her. Shivani says that ragini would soon b fine. Swara says that she is responsible for this, as she did this accident. But dadi and Sumi ask her to just take care of ragini and not to think much, as ragini will b fine. The fake doctor tells them to stay together as may b she might remember u all if u stay in front of her. Dadi resist but Shivani insist for ragini’s sake to stay at her house.

Day one …

At dining table, servant serves fish to Swara and aurbind. Dadi feels disgusted, Shivani sits with her and eats veg food.

Day two..

Shivani comes from office and looks at Sumi frying pakoda and Swara and ragini sitting and eating pakodas. Sumi joins them, with an extra plate looking at Shivani. Shivani resistantly sits with them, but then enjoys timewith the girls and sSumi. As the girls leave.

Sumi: do u remember Shivani, we used to say that if we have girls then they would b best friends too!! Look our past is seen in present today!!
Shivani: yes!!
Then remembers that she is talking with Sumi and leaves from their.
Shekhar comes home tried with jalebi, ragini and Shivani gets excited seeing it. They both enjoy jalebi, Shivani thinks that ragini is so much like her. Shekhar is sitting in the garden, when Shivani comes to him.

Shivani: can I ask u something Bhai??
Shekhar: anything dear!!
Shivani: what happened to janakibhabhi?? Andhow did u marry sSumi.

Shekhar: Shivani, or janakibhabhi died soon after giving birth to ragini. Ma and baba were sick and I was fired from job. And ragini was just a month old. I was helping ma and forgot ragini on terrace, it was later that I remembered about her, but when. I went their she was not their. At night we saw Sumi coming back home with ragini. Dadi abused her of still ragini. But she told that shekhar had forgot ragini on terrace and she had got burnt badly and had hypothermia, so instead of telling them, she took her to the hospital. Dadi realized her mistake and apologized to Sumi. Sumi had developed affection for ragini and nearly raised her for 3 yrs, then ragini started to ask for her mother. So dadi decided to get us married so that she could have her ma. We were in debt, so Sumi sold every ornament shehad to clear our debt and raised ragini more than her own child. She loved ragini so much that she never had other child.

SShivani is Teary eyed for Sumi.

Shekhar: she always used to say that shivani’sfamily is just like her own ffamily and would do anything for them.

Shivani remembers all the good time she spend with Sumi. She walks towards ragini’s room to see if she needs anything, but she see ragini video calling laksh.

Laksh: hi!! Chotu!! How r u???
Ragini: I m good. Swara’s plan is working perfectly.. And the distance between family has reduced and even many misunderstanding have been cleared.
Laksh: good!! Chotu but I miss u!! Pls come back to college or just meet me somewhere outside.
Ragini: no Laksh we can’t take this risk. When dadi knows the truth she wouldn’t spare me.
Laksh: but ragini!!
Ragini: no Laksh we would meet once everything falls alright.
Laksh: OK!! Chotu love u!!
Ragini: love u too.. Gun
Laksh: gn.. SD..
Ragini: SD..

Shivani smiles that the girls did this drama but they don’t know that I m their mother and they learnt this all drama stuff from her only..

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    SO cute to see Swarag n Sumishivani friendship bondin n our raglak as usual sweet moments, hope evrythn bcms 5ne n dey al unite

  4. haha now it’s shivani time
    love rags

  5. Raglak part is cute, try to add more raglak scenes

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    Thanks u all for reading.. Sanskar will have a great role after the family unite

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