aur pyar hogaya episode 6

Swara calls Laksh repeatedly.
Laksh: why r u calling me again and again!! Look I love ragini and I always will. I did this engagement for my parents sake. But don’t expect anything more from me.

Swara : listen to me Laksh.. I want to talk to ragini but I have no courage to show her my face. Pls tell her I want to meet her at college garden.

Next day at college garden. Ragini is miffed with swara, but still comes with laksh.

Swara: ragini i think our elders got in a misunderstanding amd broke their relations. But i dont want to do the same mistake like they did. I dont want to lose my best friend. Pls forgive me ragini.
Ragini is shocked at swara’s sudden change of heart. Laksh also ask her to forgive swara and b friends with her.

Swara: my mom missed her family a lot and sumi aunt too. May b her love for them became her hatred too. Afterall we hate those whom we love very much. She has been hurt but i think only dadi and sumi aunty can help her b same like she was before. Will u help me in uniting our family.

Ragini smiles and nods a yes and hugs swaraa.
Ragini: thank god swara u came back to me. I was feeling so alone.
Laksh: hey chotu!! I was their with u, the whole time!!that’s not fair!!

Ragini smiles as laksh makes his remarks, sanskar sees the three laughing from his classand gets amgry.
Ragini comes home and acts to talk to sumi.
Ragini: do u know ma!! Swara’s mother shivani aunty got in an accident and is admitted at hospital. (She looks at dadi as she gets concerned) she is not at all well. And lost a lot of blood. Whole college was talking about it. Swara didnt came to college as well.

Sumi: (looks at dadi getting concerning and asking sumi to stop chitchat and help her with chores) oh so sad!! She must b in real pain right now!! And would b needing her family. (Dadi eye at sumi) i meant swara. (She changes hastily)

Shivani is at hospital, she is sleeping, someone sneaks into her room. Its dadi, she comes near shivani and looks at large bandage at her head. She cries silently and kisses shivani’s forehead. She then leaves the room and go. Shivani gets up who was acting to sleep, as she had seen dadi roaming in the lobby. She gets happy that her ma came to meet her.

Swara looks at dadi leaving while crying. She goes to shivani’s room and sees her very cheerful, Swara asks her the reason but she doesn’t reply. Instead says that she is thanks god for today’s day. Swara says that u ended in hospital and still r thankful, weird!! But Shivani smiles without replying Swara .

Swara thinks that just by meeting dadi Shivani got so happy if they would have their relation of mother daughter back then Shivani would b overjoyed. She calls ragini and says that their plan worked and dadi came to see Shivani and Shivani was very happy.

Dadi is making bhindi. Sumi comes and asks that why she is making bhindi as no one likes it. Dadi says that she is sending this bhindi for swara’s mother as she is ill. Sumi asks if she wants to talk to Shivani. But dadi says that she is doing all this for humanity’s sake. And nothing else. Sumi smiles that dadi is lying openly and remembers how dadi used to make bhindi when Shivani was ill as she wouldn’t eat anything else.

Dadi calls ragini and gives her a tiffin asking it to give it to Swara . ragini says that we don’t need to do this things for them!! As they r not our relative. But dadi gives her a lecture that she gave her Sanskar to help people in need and now she should help them.

Ragini brings Tiffin at hospital, swara and ragini smiles.

Swara gives soup bowl to shivani and takes the tiffin and starts eating from it with aurbind. They both exclaim that they haven’t tasted such bhindi in their entire life. Shivani thinks that she knows only her mother’s bhindi smells so good and thinks how to eat it. She thinks that Swara and aurbind might finish it, if she doesn’t say anything.
Swara says don’t know who left the tiffin at the counter for us. But it is delicious.

Shivani: Swara ! It might. For someone else.
Swara : no ma our room no. Was written I. Front of it. So it was for us.
Shivani: it might b for other room. Or someone would have mixed something in it. Give it to me.

She take the tiffin and leaves to other room and finishes it. Swara and aurbind see her having bhindi in tears and smile.


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..