aur pyar hogaya episode 5


At college Sumi calls Swara .. Swara rudely bypasses her and doesnt even see to her.
Sumi: swara! Ragini told me everything! Thatu r shivani’s ddaughter. And her fight with u!! But pls listen to me.

Swara : and still after knowing everything, u shamelessly came to talk to me.. I don’t want to talk to u..

Ragini: Swara !! How dare u talk to my mother like that!! May b whatever happened was good!! And ma u shall never explain wat u went through to bua and Swara . I know u can’t hurt others and that’s enough, I can’t let u get insulted like this.

Sumi is in tears, ragini hugs and starts to take her back home. But Swara still keeps saying uccan’t prove wrong right.. Ragini signs Laksh and ask him to take her mother home. Laksh takes Sumi to car. Ragini drags to ghat, Swara is asking her to leave her alone.

Ragini: do u know that Sumi ma is not my real mother!! She sacrificed her own baby for me!! So that her friends house can b happy, ur mothers house can b happy!! I m daughter of janaki devi, my father’s first wife. When she died Sumi ma raised me as her own, she knew that one day bua would come back and if she sees that what had happened to her family in her absence she would break down and might ask Sumi ma that why didn’t she do anything to save her family. I have seen dadi harassing Sumi ma.. But she never complained. When she was pregnant, people started talking that now she will show her true colours once she bears a boy to shekhar, she would kick out ragini and her dadi and dada out, so dadi asked her to show her love for ragini by aborting her baby, she did that to and pledged never to have her own child. She always tried that dadi calls bua. But dadi was too angry on bua for leaving us and never to contact back. Isn’t bua at fault for not to contact us ever. And I can’t count how many thinks she did for or mothers family or mother, but very few people have heart to sacrifice their life for other people, to sacrifice their own dream for other people. Today I ragini, pledge if my mothers pain was genuine and if she had pure intentionin her heart for ur mother and never meant any harm to her, u shall never b able to claim Laksh and will realize ur mistake of insulting my mom..

Ragini leaves, Swara is confused, she comes home and talks to aurbind, he explains her that the conditions back then were very different and a confusion and misunderstanding was easy to happen as shivani had distanced herself from Sumi. And stopped discussing with Sumi.

Suddenly his phone rings, its laksh’s no. Laksh says to aurbind that Shivani had an accident. Swara and aurbind rush to the hospital. The doctor says that it was good that the lady gave her blood to save ur wife or ur wife might have died. They see Sumi donating blood for shivani. Sumi comes out, Swara is crying and aurbind is trying to console her, Sumi pamperssSwara not to cry and says that her Shivani is very strong and will b fine. Aurbind says thanks to Sumi. Sumi says I would do it again and again for shivani. Laksh says that while they were going to baadi they saw some people gathered and when they went to see they found Shivani injured. Sumi and Laksh then brought her to the hospital.

Nurse comes to them and says that patient is conscious and ready to meet u. Sumi says that I shall take a leave and asks aurbind to never disclose it to Shivani that she saved her life as she doesn’t want her to ever know that. Aurbind complies. As Sumi leaves Swara ask her dad why was he so polite to sumi?? He replies that Sumi is loved her mother even more than he could ever love shivani. Swara meets Shivani, who pampers. Swara thinks that I have an entire family but due to some misunderstanding we all got separated. But now at my mothers this birthday I will gift her something so special to her that she would never forget..

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  1. nice amazing next part soon

  2. Varsha

    Awwww so cute seeing ragsumi n sumilak together, atlest laksh gt to abt it

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