aur pyar hogaya episode 4


Shivani is rocking her chair angrily, aurbind comes their with glass of water, but Shivani doesn’t look at it.

Aurbind: don’t stress out Shivani. U will fall Ill. All that happened was past.
Shivani: I m still suffering for that past. How can I forget!

A fb is shown, about Shivani coming to know from her classmate that aurbind and Sumi are soon too b engaged. Shivani breaks down. She goes to baadi to confront Sumi, and blames her for stealing her true love from her. Dadi who has been in chowk listen this and is shocked. Shivani breaks her all relation with Sumi, despite Sumi trying to explain her. When Shivani tries to enter her house dadi forbids her to enter. Shivani is asking her to forgive her, but she really loves aurbind very much. While saying so she gets unconscious, shekhar is worried for Shivani and ask dadi to let her get healthy first and then we will discuss wat to do. The doctor after checking Shivani informs the family that she is pregnant. Dadi is very much angered and throws her luggage out of the house, and also pushes Shivani out, Sumi comes to support shivani but she jerks off Sumi. Dadi insult Sumi saying that it was her that made her daughter do such a sin. And ask Shivani not to show her face.

At baadi Sumi remembers, how aurbind had told her that after his ma and baba found that he was in love with shivani, they emotionally blackmailed him. Sumi thought that if she does engagement with aurbind she would get closer to aurbind mom and make her accept Shivani and would sort out both families disputes and accepts to get engaged to aurbind, aurbind is also shocked, as he thought that after hearing truth Sumi would never get engaged to him.
After Shivani is kicked out of her house, Sumi comes to aurbind. And slaps him. And asks how could he do such a thing with her friend. He should have supported Shivani in this condition. Aurbind is clueless about what Sumi is talking. She reveals that Shivani is pregnant with his child, aurbind is shocked to hear it. Sumi asks him to come forward and claim his responsibility.
But Sumi is late as Shivani had left town. After a few months aurbind finds that Shivani has went to some village and brings her back, Sumi also accompanies him to bring Shivani back, but Shivani is resistant at staying. Sumi forcibly makes shivani sit in aurbinds car, but while driving an accident happens and Shivani goes in labor, to deliver a dead baby boy at 7 the month. They bring Shivani back to baadi who is in pretty rough shape, dadi thinks that Shivani did an abortion and allows her to enter. And says that she would find a good marwadi boy for her. But while entering her house, Shivani blames Sumi for the death of her child and pledges to level the scores some day. When aurbind’s parents forces him again to get married to other girl. Shivani runs off with him, though Sumi tries to stop them. Dadi gets very angry and breaks all relationship with Shivani when. She comes to baadi with aurbind.

Shivani in present pledges that she would make the life of that sharmistha’s daughter a living hell. Swara who is listening while hiding, feels her mother’s pain and decides to b her mothers weapon and get married to the guy. Shivani comes to swara’s room to talk. Swara says that mom I m ready to get married to that boy u chose. Shivani ask OK I shall arrange for a meeting between u both. Swara says no need I can do this for u. U just arrange for our engagement. Shivani smiles and pampers Swara and leave. Swara thinks to take revenge for her mother and her child.

Durgaprasad is happy the girl said yes. Laksh is angry and ask him to listen to him. He says that he loves a girl and wants to marry her. Butddp says that if u say a word more or even think about that girl, I will kill or mother first and then hang my self. And u will b responsible for it. Laksh asks them to listen but all leave. Sujata gets happy at Laksh condtion.

Laksh phone has been taken by dp. Ragini’s phone is with dadi. They haven’t talked since aweek. Swara is worried about ragini. BUt comes to know that ragini is grounded by dadi. She hopes that everything turns out good in her friends life and she gets her love.

At her engagement, Swara is ready in pink lehnga and Laksh is in velvet blue shewani. Dpand ap brbrings Laksh to the stage. Laksh is very angry but dp signs him and shows him poison bottle and makes him sit. Shivani comes with Swara and makes her sit besides Laksh. Laksh and Swara are equally shocked to see each other. Laksh thinks that Swara would never do this with ragini and that he is saved now and gets happy. While Swara thinks that it means Sumi aunty is sharmistha and ragini is the girl. She remembera her time with ragini but then remembers her mothers tears and how she struggled every day to make Swara what she is today. Pundit gives rings to couple, Laksh is sure that Swara would demy this . but to his shock she takes ring and makes Laksh wear it. Ap and dp forces Laksh to make him wear the ring to Swara. As the function gets over, he pulls Swara aside and ask how could she do this?? When she knows that he loves her best friend and she too loves him very much!!
Swara replies that today wat ever I did was formy mmother’s revenge from her mother.

At home, Swara is guilty thinks about ragini but then shakes her thought to make her put of her mind. A week later ragini is now allowed to go to college, by sumi’s insistence. Ragini sees Swara with Laksh and runs up to hug them but Swara jerks her away saying she doesn’t want to b friends with a betrayers daughter. Ragini is shocked at her changed behaviour. Laksh shows ring in his hand, which shocks her even more. She asks how could u do this to her?? Laksh says that he didn’t wanted to get engaged but his Father gave him threats. Swara leaves from their. Ragini ask to talk to the girl and make her back out. Laksh says she won’t do it. As she is none other then swara. Ragini is shocked. Ragini is in tears and falls down but Laksh ask her to hold her self up. Its still engagement and their is still time. She askhim to take him to swara’s house. Swara too follows tthem.
Ragini: Shivani bua, Shivani bua!!
Shivani: ohh laksh !! U came first time to our house tell me wat will u have. Ohh and u brought charity case to us.. Dont worry we will help her too. Like we help other girls.
Ragini: how could u make Swara, do this against her will!
Swara : I did it with my own will. She stands besides Shivani.
Ragini: but why?? U don’t love laksh and he doesn’t love u too, and u both will b in a dead relation. Do u want that for ur daughter, shivani bua?
Shivani: get lost!! Stop this drama!! I m well aware of that witch’s drama. And u r just like her.. Get lost from my home. I m going to make that sharmistha pay.. For wat she did to me!!

Ragini: Shivani bua!! Its my mother’s teaching that I haven’t slapped u. But stay in ur limits. I won’t hear a word against my mother.

Swara : and I won’t against my mother, get lost. I did a mistake by doing anything for u..

They talk bad about Sumi. And ragini gets angry.
Ragini: I wish if I m born again then I shall b born as real daughter to Sumi ma. She has been a good friend . and took care of ur family like her own, after u left, u never came to see us, but she did she accepted others daughter as her own, made our family one again. But u r blinded by u hatred. Sumi ma has a heart of gold. And I don’t need to explain u people her qualities. Wat she has sacrificed for u, becoz u never deserved her. And we shall see who wins, as this daughter is their still standing between u and my Sumi ma. And no one shall ever touch to my Sumi ma’s happiness.

Ragini leaves angrily and Laksh follows her. Shivani thinks wat did ragini meant that Sumi accepted others daughter.

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  1. Varsha

    So sweet dear, nw rags supportin sumi. wnt to c raglak n swarag n sumishiva scene

  2. Megha123

    So sad for sumi & loved ragini’s stand for her

  3. Nice….where is sanskar???

    1. Rekhavv

      Sanskar’s character is introduced. But he is a professor to these three so swasan and their chemistry will take some time

  4. Ragini part is superb

  5. nice ff
    love rags so much

  6. Akshata

    poor raglak but loved this strong ragini

  7. Rekhavv

    Thank u all for reading and commenting.

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