aur pyar hogaya episode 3


Durgaprasad comes home and tell everyone that he found a girl worthy of their family, for Laksh is shocked to hear that. Sujata is also not happy. At swara’s house, Swara screams’ how could u do this ma?’

Shivani: look I talked to ur father and he said that we should just meet the boy and if he is good then we would do engagement, but marriage will happen only after u say.. Pls shona just meet the guy and his family, such good relation are not got that often and I want best for u!!

Swara though sad agrees to met.

At college, Laksh talks to Swara that his father wants him to meet some girl, and he doesn’t want to say this to ragini as she would get upset. Swara is shocked to see ragini standing behind them.
Swara : ragini!!
Ragini: Laksh! Why didn’t u tell me before!!
Laksh: chotu!! Pls don’t take tension I will tell ma.. U too talk at home. We would come up with some plan.
Ragini: Laksh I m scared. What if our family didn’t accept our relation.
Laksh: ragini, no one can separate me from u..
He hugs ragini. Swara too ask them not to worry and hugs them.
At baadi, ragini tells Sumi about Laksh,
Sumi: r u sure ragini beta, is he the one??
Ragini: yes ma, he is. He respect me and loves me very dearly. Pls talk to his parents.
Sumi: don’t worry lado I will talk to shekhar and dadi, they wouldnt go against me.

But Sumi is shocked to see dadi hearing their talk. Dadi comes inside and slaps ragini. Asking she didn’t give her that upbringing to eye men. And starts to beat her. But Sumi protects her. Dadi asks who is that scoundrel who gave all this thought to u?? Who is that boy??

Ragini while crying replies Laksh maheshwari. Dadi drags her out of the house, while Sumi ask her to stop it. Dadi comes dragging ragini to maheshwari mansion. Durgaprasad ask wat does she wants, ragini is crying. And Sumi ask dadi to calm down and then settle this matter. Dadi thinks that this boy is very rich, if she does good drama then she good get her grand daughter married over hear, and thinks ragini went on her and got a rich guy trapped. She does her drama and tells dp that his son and her grand daughter are in love and to protect her respect from ruining he should get them married.

Dp says that relations r made in equals, we all r marwadi’s but their is much difference between our status and I don’t think a girl living in baadi can live in u must stop day dreaming. And girls of or status r always interested in trapping rich boy.I can give u money but cant ruin my sons life. .

Sumi: how dare u too talk like that about my daughter?? If my ragini wouldnt have been in love, I would have made sure that ur whole family and their pride is ruined. I can bear with anything but not my ragini’s insult.

Ragini while crying looks at sumi.

From back a voice comes.

Shivani: so ur habit of eyeing others love cometo uur daughter too..
Sumi:( looks behind to see Shivani standing their, aurbind is beside her)Shivani
Shivani: Mr. Maheshwari came to me for my daughters hand and after hearing u today I think I m going marry my daughter with their son only. For a characterless girl I can’t deny my daughters bright future..

Sumi: shut up Shivani. Both the kids love each other and u don’t know it..
Shivani: u don’t teach about love to me..
Sumi: ragini , ma let’s go..
Ragini: but ma??
Sumi: time will make everything alright.
Dadi is fumed to see Shivani their with aurbind.
As Sumi passes close to Shivani, Shivani says that she would makes her daughters life hell, like she tried to do with her.

Sumi comes home and looks at her picture with shivani, ragini comes with coffee for Sumiand ask about shIvani.

Sumi says that Shivani is actually her bua(aunt). Ragini is shocked to hear that. Sumi tells her that 22 yrs ago, Sumi and Shivani were in college, Sumi had secret crush on shekhar, Shivani knew that. Sumi was all modern type, while Shivani was traditional justlike ragini. They were like soul sister and ddidn’t do any work without each other. Dadi didn’t like their friendship, as Sumi was Bengali and ate fish, she would allow Sumi to enter her house. But Shivani loved Sumi dearly. Aurbind was in their senior class. And shivani used to like him. Sumi knew that if Shivani likes aurbind then her mother wouldn’t approve their relation and Shivani would b left with either two choice.
1. To run away with aurbind
2. To live without aurbind.
Both would b too painful for Shivani as she loved her family and aurbind too much and cannot live without either one. Sumi tried to discourage her advances towards aurbind, as she wanted Shivani to stay with her parents, as going g with aurbind, Shivani would loose Sumi too. But Shivani started thinking that Sumi like aurbind and doesn’t want them to unite. She started to distance her self from Sumi. Then sumi’s mother came with a boy’s photo to Sumi. To sumi’s shock its aurbind. And the boy had said yes for marriage with Sumi.

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  1. Sindhura

    Oh poor ragini

  2. Varsha

    Raglak r separated??? is it ragsan n swalak story, pls ans tis ques dear, I am totally confused

    1. Rekhavv

      It is raglak and swasan

      1. Varsha

        Ok dear

  3. Megha123

    Will raglak be separated oh no !! ???

  4. ohhh poor rags
    love it
    love rags so much
    love ur ff

  5. Feeling bad for ragini

  6. Rekhavv

    Till now swara doesn’t know that he is to married to Laksh.. But still a lot more twist to come

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    Thanks Everyone for reading and commenting

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