aur pyar hogaya episode 23


Sanskar comes to raglak room. Swara is playing with Aryan. Aarav is sleeping besides. Ragini. Sanskar picks up aarav and starts to play with him. But aarav starts to cry. Sanskar tries to console him but he keeps on crying. Swara takes aarav from him. And aarav stops crying.
Swara : aarav now tell ur chachu, whose side u r on??
Sanskar: this is cheating Swara . u r always with them. And now they act as if they even don’t know me..
Ragini: Sanskar but for how many days now!! As Swara is going home tomorrow.
Ragini takes aarav from swara. But swasan looks at each other helplessly.

Swara is packing her bags. She sees her pic with aarav and Aryan and raglak and Sanskar. She says that she is gonna miss everyone very much. Sanskar knocks on the door.

Sanskar: even I m gonna miss u very much.
Swara : wat??

Sanskar: I meant to say that we all will miss u… As well. (Correcting himself.)Swara can’t ustay for a while longer.
Swara ; sSanskar! Ragini and the babies r fine now. And if I stay anymore then their will talks in the society.
Sanskar: will u b able to stay without me?? I mean without us??
Swara : no sanskar.. I would miss u all verymich… But will come to visit u soon.

Sanskar comes to Aryan and aarav. He talks to them.
Sanskar: Ur massi can’t stay with u.. But Ur badi ma can.. I know u both love her too. So I m gonna tell Swara .
Swara is sitting with raglak in garden. They r remembering their college time. And how time has now changed. Laksh agrees that he was very immature before but since ragini came he became so mature and responsible. Ragini asks Laksh that how can he b so self obsessed, he is praising himself!! Laksh says that he is telling the truth. Ragini asks him to look into mirror. Ragini makes angry face.

Laksh: aaawww my chotu!! I love when u make this angry face.
Ragini: u like my anger then..
Ragini hits him.
Laksh: chotu!! Sorry!! I didn’t mean that!! Sorry. Chotu!
Swara laughs.
Laksh: I m sorry chotu!! Pls turn back into my sweet Darling ragini… I can’t handle this ragini..
He tries to hold ragini’s shoulder. But she jerkshis hand off .
Laksh: awww my chotu! For my sake !! ( ragini allows him to touch) ! For Aryan’s sake!!( he makes s smiles on ragini’s lips, she smiles) foraaarav’s sake!(he hugs her, ragini hugs him back)

Ragini: some one should learn how to woo a girl from u!!
Laksh; yes yes I have a PhD in it.. As I m married to most nautanki baaz girl.
Ragini again gets angry and leaves from their. Laksh runs behind her asking her to stop. Swara laughs and thinks that they didn’t even changed a bit. Sanskar comes their and asks Swara if she has time to talk to him. Swara asks him to sit. Sanskar says that this house will miss u.. Swara says yes she knows.
Sanskar: aarav and Aryan will miss u!!

Swara : I know!!
Sanskar: raglak will miss u!!
Swara : I know!!
They both look emotionally towards eachother.
Sanskar: ma and baadi ma will miss u!!
Swara : I know!!!
Sanskar: I will miss u the most but!!
Swara : I know that too.

Swara and Sanskar kisses each other.
Swara : but this can’t happen no one will agreeto this. I have to go.
Sanskar: pls sSwara listen. I would make everything alright.
Ragini: yes Swara . let Sanskar try it. And we will also help him.. If this wat u want then this will happen for sure.
Rag lack stand besides them.

Laksh: I have heard everything. Now choose Ur happiness Swara do u want to b with Bhai or not.
Swara : yes I love Sanskar. But ma and baba will not agree because of the last time.
Ragini: time has changed. And Sanskar has also changed. He helped me a lot during my difficult times. And now I will see that Ur love reaches ita destiny.

Sanskar falls on his knees. And takes out the ring and asks Swara to marry him. Swara with tears in her eyes and no words to express herself. And just nods a yes. Sanskar makes her wear the ring and hugs her. Raglak also hugs each other.

Swaragini hugs each other and swasan too hug each other. Pari watches all this and gets irked. She thinks already ragini and her babies r their and now this Swara will also b a permanent resident to maheshwri house.. She thinks to do something so that both the sister can never enter this house again

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  3. raglak scene are so cute next part soon

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  8. Loved d episode ws amazng..raglak rocks..dnt know wt pari wl do now??hope everythng gets well…n swasan gets married 🙂 🙂 ..keep rockng 😉

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      After a little struggle swasan will marry

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