aur pyar hogaya episode 22


Ragini godbharai function is completed. The men arrive and gift ragini, ram comes and gift her a diamond necklace, Sanskar gifts her a saree. Laksh gifts her a teddy bear. To everyone’s shock dp arrives, Sanskar gets angry as he remembers what dp tried to do to the babies and ragini. Laksh is also angry but ap holds his arm and tells him not to create a scene. Dp comes, ragini takes his blessing with Laksh. He gifts ragini a cradle with Krishna. Ragini likes it. Dp apologizes to ap and ragini and then to Laksh and Sanskar and asks them. Ap asks dp to stay with them.dp gets happy how ever Sanskar thinks something fishy. At evening, Sanskar is boxingand is very aangry, he is thinking about way dp must b planning. Swara comes their and Sanskar punches the bag which hits Swara who is entering the room. Sanskar runs to Swara and helps her to get up. He asks her if she isn’t hurt.

Swara : I haven’t seen u so tensed!! Wats the matter?? Wat happened??
Sanskar:(taking his boxing gloves aside) dp staying with us!!
Swara : but he apologized to us na… I think he also wants to b with his grand child.
Sanskar: Swara that man already knew that ragini was carrying his grandchildren then to he got her kidnapped and ordered his men to kill her. How can u trust him around ragini!!
Swara : Sanskar!!(holding his hand) I know u r worried about the babies. And dont worry we both r here and even Laksh is their. No one can harm the babies. And don’t worry I will keep aneye on dp while u r not at home. OK??
Sanskar: thanks swara!! U relieved me some of my tension.
Swara : okay now eat something. Even sujata aunty didn’t dare to call u for food as everyone thought that u would b angry.

She brings Sanskar to dining table and sevres him the food. She sits besides him till he eat. She then holds his hand and asks him not to worry about ragini. Sanskar and Swara go to their respective rooms. Sujata sees all this and thinks they both like each other. But Sanskar is so stubborn that he will not give attention to his feelings for Swara . I think I have to do something.

Laksh comes running down.
Laksh: ma.. Ma..
Ap: Laksh wat’s the matter??
They hearing ragini screaming in pain. All run to laksh’s room to see ragini. Sanskar is also going to see ragini, but swara stops him and asks him to take the car out so that they could take ragini to the hospital faster. Sanskar agrees with her and instead of seeing ragini heruns to take the car out. Swara goes to ragini’s room and asks lLaksh to bring ragini out. Laksh takes ragini who is screaming in labor pain in his arms and asks her that he willnot let anything hhappen to their babies.

They all reach hospital. Everyone prays. All r worried because ragini went into labor in her eight month and if that will affect the baby or not?? Pari is glad as ragini’s rule will end now. As her pregnancy will end. And thinks that as she has gone in labor early may b her children won’t survive.

The doctor comes out and says that ragini hasdilevered two boys. EEveryone are happy and asks to see the babies. The doctor says that they r kept in warmers as they r still small and will b their for some days. Laksh asks about ragini. Doctor says that mother is also fine. Everyone gets happy and swasan hugs each other but then realize it and gets awkward however no one notices it as all r happy for babies. Pari is irked. All goes to see the babies. While Laksh goes to meet ragini. Ragini is unconscious. Laksh pampers her forehead and she gains conscious. She gets all hyped asking for her babies Laksh asks her to calm down. He says that babies r fine but as they came early are kept in incubators .. Ragini asks him to take her their. Laksh says that she is weak and should rest. And they will see their babies. But ragini insist.

Laksh takes her in a wheel chair to the babies. She gets happy seeing her boys. And gets teary eyed. She wants to take them in her arms but doctors says that she should rest for todayand they would give her bbabies to her tomorrow. Ragini wants them but Laksh asks her to take care of even herself just for him. He is taking her back to her room. When Sumi, shekhr dadi shivani and aurbind comes. Dadi comes their with lots of sweets. And feeds everyone. She goes to feed ragini, but ragini stops her.

Ragini: dadi would u have distributed sweets like this if my child would b a girl??
Dadi is teary eyed. Swara comes by dadi’s side and tell ragini and she never told dadi that ragini bore 2 sons. Ragini looks at Swara and then towards dadi who had realized her mistake. Ragini takes dadi to the nursery and shows both the babies. Dadi gets happy and says that they look like little ragini. She hugs ragini. Laksh brings ragini back to her room.

Laksh: so my gang is all made. Now me and my boys will b on one side and u will b alone!!
Ragini: thy r my boys too!! And u will see they will love me more…
Laksh: I will bring toys for them!!
Ragini: I will make their favourite dishes.
Laksh: ragini I thought we will have girls like u!! Beautiful and innocent.. And thought of two girls name.. Ruhanika and radhika..

Ragini: I thought we will have boys and so thought of boys name!! Aryan and aarav..
Laksh: Aryan and aarav!! Perfect!!
Laksh kisses ragini’s forehead and hugs ragini. Ap and sujata r giving sweets to the staff and parish gets irked

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  1. Raglak scenes are cute

  2. love raglak so much

  3. Shana98

    Awesome. Hopefully nothing happens to the babies by pari

  4. Wow nice

  5. aww so cute I think park and do is going to something next part soon

  6. I swear these r the same names from that ff raglak yeh kaisi kahani I dnt knw who it’s by but if I’m wrong plz correct me

    And yh the epi was awesome upload the next part soon

    1. Rekhavv

      Thanks Khushi to tell me… But I actually didn’t read that…

    2. #khushi dat ff is by athira…i loved dat ff.. :).

      Bt dis story is totally different from dat dear 🙂

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    Aww….toooo cute.?

  9. Awesome episide dear 😉 😉 ;)…loved it 🙂

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