aur pyar hogaya episode 20


Sumi asks ragini what happened and why is she so angry.. Ragini replies to ask dadi. Sumi looks towards dadi, Shivani too comes their and look at their tensed faces and asks what has happened. Dadi’s face is all pale, while ragini is almost crying. Sumi and Shivani is confused.
Dadi: Shivani!! Ragini got confused!! As I was caring for her!! She thought how did I change in a day so much!!
Dadi signs ragini to not to say her truth to them. Swara too comes their. Shivani says to ragini that dadi was just worried for Ur future and that’s why she didnt like u to have baby while u were unmarried. Now everything has fallen in its place then u should also forgo e dadi. Ragini silently nods yes and doesn’t say anything.

3months go by…
Ragini is reading, Laksh makes her have food with his hands. He asks her to finish the last roti. But ragini keeps on saying that she is all full. Just then Sanskar comes to their room. He shows books that he has brought from Swara and r recent notes. He keeps all of it in her cupboard. Laksh asks Sanskar if he needs help in carring the notes. Sanskar says no and asks him to feed ragini properly. Ragini asks Sanskar to stop Laksh from feeding as she is already full but he is insisting on finishing this roti. Sanskar says Laksh why r u giving roti to ragini?? Laksh says but Bhai she had just !!
Sanskar interrupts.. U should feed her 2… Ragini shouts no…

Sujata enters with a glass of milk. She gives it to Laksh and says after she has finished her meal make her drink whole glass. And Sanskar has to see that their is no cheating. Sanskar and Laksh nods a yes. While ragini makes faces looking at the milk. After finishing her roti she makes excuse to not to drink the milk, but Laksh makes her nose close and Sanskar makes her drink from the glass. As she finishes the glass. Laksh and Sanskar laughs saying mission completed. While ragini runs behind them to beat them. As she runs she has ache and stops. Laksh and Sanskar comes to her and asks what happened. They worry may b due to all their mischief ragini has pain. Sanskar runs down to call ap and sujata.
Ragini says to Laksh that baby kicked for the first time. She places his hand on her belly andmakes him feel the kick too. All the family comes rrunning worried. Laksh says to ap that baby kicked his hand and he could feel it. Ap gets glad and place her hand to feel the baby. Sujata too places her hand. Pari gets irked. Sanskar gets happy amd calls Swara.

Sanskar: hi… Masi…
Swara : hello chachu!!!why did u call so late?? Is ragini fine??
Sanskar: Swara !! The baby!!
Swara : tel me fast, u r scaring me!!
Sanskar: the baby kicked…
Swara : aaawwww… I wish I was their too.. Wait I m coming…
Swara in her pajamas asks driver to take her car out, she runs to ragini’s room and sits besides her. Sanskar and Laksh r also besides ragini.
Swara places her hand on ragini’s belly but doesn’t feel any kicks. She says that why the baby is not kicking.
Sanskar: because he loves his chachu more..
Swara : that is not fair Sanskar… U stay here and so u can get close to baby… Its not an even competition… If I WS here too then I would have also felt baby’s kick.
Sujata comesand says then u should stay with ragini here till she ddelivers.. She will have Ur company in reading and will not get bored. Swara says that she will come here after taking her mother’s permission. Sujata smiles. Ragini gets hyper saying baby kicked again. Swara places her hand on ragini’s belly and feels the kick too and gets happy.

Next day Swara with her bags comes to maheshwari mansion, Sumi is also with her. They plan to keep ragini’s godbharai function after their exams. Ragini comes from the kitchen and hugs Swara and Sumi. Sumi asks her about her health and then leaves. Pari thinks that gadodiyas think that they own this place, they come here anytime and stay here. And thinks that as ragini is pregnant with child she would b the queen of this house but I won’t let that happen ever. Sanskar comes home and looks at Swara reading from a window and gets happy. He goes to tease her saying that no matter how hard she tries baby will b close to his chachu.. Swara gets irked and shuts ragini’s rooms door on his face.. Sanskar screams that he got hurt… Swara opens the door with concern but Sanskar laughs at her. Swara gets angry and runs behind him to beat him… While Sanskar shouts swara is a dumbo… Swara is a dumbo in house…

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  1. Ragsanlak scenes are nice

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    Thanks dear

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    Awesome 🙂 😉

  5. awe ragini is so cute

  6. aww ragsan and lakshya bonding is good and swasan argue for baby next part soon

  7. It was really gud I hope nothing happens to the babies cuz of pari or anyone else cuz it will be really sad

    1. Rekhavv

      No parish won’t b able to harm the babies. Swasan united fight for babies and protects them with raglak

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