aur pyar hogaya episode 2

After a month of their meeting, Swara calling ragini..
Swara : hi!! Ragini! Swara !! Have u decided wat to wear?? I m so confused!!
Ragini: dadi gave a blue salwar kameez, I thinki will wear that!!
Swara : (coughs) oh!! My stupid innocent ragini, its fresher and ninot bhajan… Wear something western..
Ragini:western!! But Swara dadi won’t allow me to wear anything western. And I don’t have such clothes.

Swara : ragini!! Don’t worry I m coming to pick u up. We will get ready at my house.. I m sure u will like something from my closet.

Swara comes to baadi in her car. Ragini is ready in her blue salwar. Sumi ask the girls to have fun at the fresher, ragini takes dadi and sumi’s blessing and leave.. In the car she is still thinking about telling lie at home.

Swara : don’t think this much, u didn’t tell any lie!! U just didn’t tell them truth..
Ragini nods and smiles.. Sumi remembers her time with Shivani and how they enjoyed in their college days. And takes out their old pic.

swara’s room.

Swara wears cyan coloured dress with metallic accessories, while she makes ragini wear a blood orange coloured dress, ragini is trying to pull down her dress as she feels it is too short. But then Swara ask her to relax and enjoy being western for sometime.

They arrive at the venue, Laksh is stunned to see ragini in modern avatar. He goes towards them and facing ragini says’ Swara u look gorgeous’ ragini and Swara gets confused and look at each other. Laksh too get confused, as the girls don’t reply. Laksh again facing at ragini’ wat happened Swara ?’

Swara : hello!! I m Swara ghosh !! And this is ragini gadodiya!! I think till last time I checked.
Laksh: u r Swara !! ( shys and realizes his mistake)

The girls laughs and leave. Swara tells Laksh it happens to the best of us.don’t worry. Laksh thinks that he made a blunder and asked wrong girl out. But then continue his work in party. Vivek and his friend notice ragini in western outfit and think that behenji is trying to get modernized. Vivek goes and ask the girls for dance. Swara and ragini agree. But after sometime, vivek starts to touch ragini everywhere. Ragini tries to leave dance floor but vivek pulls her close and tries to kiss her. Suddenly a punch lands on viveks face. Its Laksh..

Laksh: how dare u vivek?? How can u act so vulgar??
Vivek: bro!! This behenji wanted it so I was giving her, wat she wanted.. Look at her clothes!! She wanted to show off her body, then wat wrong did iI do??
Laksh: it useless to talk to someone with this mentality, he ask ragini to come with him, Swara is also with ragini and ragini is crying. As Laksh starts to leave, vivek tries to punch him, but Laksh dodges him and a fight ensues between them. Some of vivek friends also come to beat Laksh but he punches all of them, vivek brings a baseball bat to beat Laksh, but some one stops him, he looks behind, to find it is Sanskar.

Vivek : Sanskar Bhai!!
Sanskar: don’t back stab others!!
While saying this he curtly looks at Laksh..
Sanskar: I organized this party, if u try to ruin it, remember I will ruin u!! U get or business out!!
He throws the baseball bat and walks out, Laksh runs to him to say thank u. But Sanskar replies that he stopped vivek today as he wanted to do this good work himself one day.. He leaves.
At night Swara and ragini are talking on the phone. Swara is non stop chatting about Sanskar and his style, while ragini about how brave Laksh is!!

A month has passed since that incident, Lakshand ragini are unofficially couple, Swara looks at them coming from tthe canteenand. Says look the couple of the college arrived. Ragini shys hearing this. Laksh looks at ragini’s cheeks turned rose while blushing, he too blushes. Swara : awww!! U both r blushing!! So cute of both!!

They go the garden and sit, Swara and Laksh notices that ragini is upset. Laksh ask her wat is the reason?? Ragini says that dadi is finding a good boy for her marriage and she is afraid.

Laksh: ragini! Do u trust me??
Ragini nods yes
Laksh: I m going to talk to ma.. And she will make papa understand.. Don’t worry, we will get married.. I promise u..
Swara : but u both r from same caste then wats the problem, just behave as if u are getting arrange married to laksh, Laksh happy, dadi happy, u happy and everyone happy!!

Ragini: Swara , its not that simple!!
Swara : nothing is impossible, its just difficult..
Ragini: OK Swara ma.. Thanks for ur gyaan. (Ragini folds her hand in front of swara and Swara acts like giving blessing to her, Laksh laughs)

Ragini: giving moral gyan is easy but when it comes to love life, u haven’t talked to Sanskar even once

Hearing sanskar’s name Laksh coughs, ragini gets concerned for him but he says that he is OK..

Swara : oh !! Ragini!! Why did u make me remember him!! Ohh sanskar Sanskar..Sanskar.. When will our time will come..
She hugs herself thinking of Sanskar.
Ragini signs Laksh and they both laugh at swara.
Laksh: why don’t u talk to him??
Swara : tried to but nothing came out of my mouth!!
Ragini: yes!! Swara keeps on talking continuously, but when Sanskar comes in front of her, her mute button gets on.. And nothing comes out..
Swara pinches her and asks her to shut up.

Ragini and Laksh smiles seeing each other and while Swara with her dreamy eyes thinks about Sanskar.

At shivani’s office durgaprasad is sitting, he looks at Swara and Shivani’s photo, and ask about her daughter. He expresses his desire tomarry sSwara and Laksh. Shivani gets confused as she doesn’t want Swara to get married so early and ask for some time to discuss it with aurbind and then reply.. Durgaprasad leaves from their..

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