aur pyar hogaya episode 18


The doctor says that u r correct and the worry for us is Ur child related. Ragini is emotionally looking towards Laksh and crying.

Doctor: look, I was doing sonography for for fetal wellbeing. But found two hearts and then came came to know that u have twins. Everything is normal but u need to take extra care of her now. And also it is very early to say that both the babies would survive but that willdepend on her health only.

Laksh: twins?? (Shocked)
Ragini: yes lLaksh!! Twins!!
Laksh hugs ragini saying that its amazing.

Ap calls Sanskar, Sanskar says that ragini waskkidnapped by dp and he tried to harm her and the baby. Ap asks him to take care of everyone being elder. She also scolds her brother to blindly follow all orders of her husband. He apologizes. Swasan goes to meet ragini, laksh and ragini give them the good news. Everyone is happy. All of them come back to India. Sanskar gathers the family, including gadodiyas. He says that he gathered everyone to tell everyone the truth of his and ragini’s relationship. He says that when Laksh went missing and ragini was stressed and was threatened to have an abortion he and Swara decided of a plan to do fake marriage so till they don’t find Laksh no harm comes to baby and ragini.

And Swara always supported him and helped him. It is because of her that today he was able to save his brother and his baby. And now as his brother has returned, he wants all of them to get raglak married so that the baby can b with father too. Raglak look at each other emotionally, Sumi and shekhar looks at them. Ap too looks at them. Season looks at each other emotionally and happily and then towards raglak. Shekhar says that he agrees for ragini’s marriage with Laksh. Dadi unwillingly says yes as well. Swasan gets happy and raglak look towards ap and sujata for approval. They too agree.

Sanskar: ohh!! I forgot to say one thing but!! Raglak r having twins.

Ap and sujata gets glad and hugs ragini, pari gets sad and leaves from their. Finally raglak r married at baadi and ragini’s bidaai is done by Sumi shekhar and Shivani. Swara cryingly asks Sanskar to take care of her sister as a friend. And she knows that Laksh is a good guy for her but if they fight sometime he must solve it. Sanskar hugs her and says that he would take care of ragini and her babies.

Ap welcomes the newly wed couple. Pari is still sad. Ragini gifts everyone. He gives watches to Sanskar, ram and adarsh. A dress to uttara and saree to ap sujata and pari. Pari refuses to take it. And says that she wants something else. Ragini asks her that if she could give it then she would definitely give that thing to her and asks her to say it.

Pari: ragini! Only u can give this to me!! As u have it one more.
Ragini: then its no problem .. Ask for it Bhabhi!!
Pari: I want one of Ur child. Look Ur baby will b in the same house. And u will have other baby,
Ap and sujata scolds pari as how can she ask such a thing. As baby is not a thing that a mother can give because she has two babies.

Pari: wat is wrong in it!! The baby will b still Ur grand child. Just instead of ragini he will call me ma. And I want to adopt our home’s child and not bringing any child from road.

Sanskar: but Bhabhi, these babies already have mum and dad.
Pari: but I don’t have a child and I want it. I want ragini’s first born child. Or..
Adarsh: pari!! We can have a baby, someday we will have our own baby, why r u so much stubborn and want ragini’s baby..
Pari: no one understands me!!
She runs to her room and removes all her jewellery. She thinks that if ragini gives baby to this home then everyone will favour her.

Fb is shown where dp met pari and told her that once ragini gives birth to a boy all the property’s heir will b her child, as per his father’s will. (Eldest son will get all property) pari says that she won’t let that happen all the property belongs to adarsh after dp and then to his child. Dp says but ragini Is already pregnant and even if she gets pregnant their is no chances that she would deliver before ragini.

In present, pari says that I won’t let this child to maheshwari family’s first born child. And for that I would do anything required. Laksh takes ragini to their room, he opens her eyes and find baby poster. And whole room decorated with flowers. Ragini hugs Laksh and says that, she was so scared for their babies. Laksh says that they all together and nothing will happen to them. He also asks her to give her exams which are in next month so that her studies get complete. Ragini goes to freshen up, as she is removing her jewellery Laksh comes and helps her in removing it. He then tucks her in the bedand covers her with the blanket. He switches off the ac. Ragini asks him that he has a habit of ac then why did he switched it off. Laksh replies that he doesn’t want his chotu to catch cold. Ragini smiles.

Laksh kisses on her forehead and then carcass her face. She sleeps and Laksh keeps watching her. He touches her belly and then talks with baby.

Laksh: u must b very tired na. Sorry. But now I will take care of mumma and nothing will happen to u and Ur mumma. He kisses her belly, ragini moves a bit , Laksh thinks that he might wake her up and so goes to sleep as well.

Swara calls Sanskar.
Swara : how is ragini! I thought to call Laksh or her but then thought that they might have slept!!
Sanskar: she is fine. And sleeping.
Swara : did she take her medicine??
Sanskar: yes Laksh gave her.
Swara :is everything fine?? U sound tensed.
Sanskar: nothing!!
Swara : Sanskar u can tell me! If u consider .e as ur friend..
Sanskar: pari Bhabhi wants ragini’s first born child.

Swara : wat!!
Sanskar: we said no to her! But she got angry and left. But don’t worry she will understand it. How r u??
Swara;: I m fine!!
Sanskar: u were mission g ragini and babies??
Swara : yes.. Everyone is sad here as ragini left.
Sanskar: don’t worry she is coming back for pagphera tomorrow!!
Swara : yes.. OK Sanskar gn, ma is calling me..
SSanskar: OK gn Swara .

Sanskar thinks that in last few days he had swara’s habit, don’t know how will he b able to spend his days now without ms. Kolkata express. He remembers Swara and her childishness and her nautanki’s . Swara keeps her phone and remembers all special things that Sanskar did for her before marriage and then how he broke marriage and then how he helped her with ragini and her problems. She thinks Sanskar has changed but she can’t trust anyone anymore. Shivani and Sumi drinks tea and discussing about ragini’s bidai.

Next day at maheshwari mansion, ragini does aarti and gives everyone prashad. Pari takes elders blessing. Ragini too bends down for blessing. But Laksh stops her.

Laksh: how can u b so careless ragini??
Sujata and ap r shocked and think why Laksh is stopping ragini.
Laksh: u know Uk doctor told u to not to bend then too!!!!
Ap and sujata gets happy at Laksh taking care of ragini.
Ragini: but I was taking their elders blessig.
Ap: but u always have our blessing.

She and sujata blesses ragini and kisses her forehead, parish gets irked by ap and sujata’s extra love for ragini. Pari says today is ragini’s first rasoi and gives her a big list of things to make, ragini looks at the list but ap takes it from her hand that she could do the rasam by just cooking kheer.
Pari:(irked) but u had asked me to make everyone’s favorite dishes on my first rasoi, then why not ragini ??
Ap: ragini was tried yesterday.
Sujata: and if she works too much she would get unwell so I had suggested jiji to just let her cook kheer.

Pari: this is good if I had been characterless and got married after being pregnant then I too would get all the special treatment.
Ragini is sad hearing it.
Ap: pari! If u don’t know wat to say then don’t speak..
Sujata: ragini! Come with me I will help u in kitchen.
They come to kitchen but ragini rushes to vomit. Sujata smiles and says to ap that she knows wat ragini would want. Ap too smiles. Pari thinks that ragini ran away even from making kheer

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