aur pyar hogaya episode 16


Ragini is walking all lost on road, she is about to get hit by a truck when someone saves her. It turns out to b Sanskar.
Sanskar: r u mad ragini!! U didn’t saw the truck!!
Ragini:(pysched) why did u save me!! Let that truck hit me!! I don’t want to live..
Swara too comes calling her.. Sanskar slaps ragini and she starts crying and breaks down, Swara supports her.
Sanskar: u have to b strong for this baby. Laksh always told me that u have strong will power then why r u breaking so easily. Pls ragini if something happens to this baby or u I won’t b able to show my face to Laksh.

Swara tries to calm ragini and makes her sit in the car. She sits with Sanskar on front seat. Swara had asked Sanskar to help her search for ragini and Sanskar had immediately said yes. Swara and ragini enter baadi. As soon as they enter dadi slaps ragini hard. She says that where she had gone again to blacken her face and calls her baby a dirt. She then brings some thing forces ragini to eat it. Ragini resist, Sumi comes and pulls ragini the tablet from dadi’s hand fall. Sumi supports ragini. Dadi asks her why did she do so. As this tablet could have solved their everyproblem and she signs towards the baby. Sumi takes ragini to her room and makes her rest. She is crying badly.

Next day..
Sumi is searching for ragini. Shekhar tells her Swara took her somewhere. She says that dadi was asking her. Dadi hears this and thinks that after Swara brings ragini back home, she will take her to the hospital saying about mandir and get the baby aborted.

Swara enters and asks Sumi to bring arti. Their enters ragini and Sanskar and ragini is wearing mangalsutra. Shekhar gets angry and dadi too. They ask Sanskar to get out and asks ragini wat sort of joke is this. Swara says that now ragini is Sanskars wife and we have cometo ttake her luggage. Sumi asks ragini how could she do this? Ragini is crying. Sanskar and Swara support ragini from both the sides Shivani and aurbind also arrive and sees this and gets shocked. Swara says that she would b going to maheshwari house till ragini doesn’t get settled their. Shivani and aurbind scolds Swara and ragini for going against elder and getting Sanskar and ragini married. Swara says no elder spoke when an innocent life was in danger. Now we did whatever we thought was good for the baby. If someone had stood up against dadi’s decisioniI would have thought that ragini and her baby would b safe here. But none of u did. So Sanskar and I decided to give a safety to baby and ragini. She takes ragini’s luggage and leave from their.

At maheshwari mansion. Sanskar comes with swara and ragini. All r shocked seeing them married. Dp comes, dp asks them to not to enter with that dirt in his house. Sanskar retaliate saying not to call anyone dirt as all know who has dirt in their mind. Ap looks emotionally towards ragini. Even sujata looks towards her. Sanskar says to dp that this house too belongs to him. But he wants safwty for ragini’s baby and shall not stay here. Dp asks him then why did he came here. Sanskar says that he came to take hia family with him. Adarsh pari utara sujata amd ram pack their bags to go with sanskar. Ap asks them to stop and says that she too shall come with them.

All of them comes to sanskar’s house. Sanskar and Swara asks ragini to take rest. Ragini goes. Swara says thanks Sanskar for doing this and standing up for ragini.

Swara calls Sanskar previous night and tells him how dadi forced ragini to take pill to kill the baby. Sanskar says that he would do anything to save ragini and the baby as he consider himself responsible for ragini’s condition. Swara says that she has an idea. She says that Sanskar should do fake marriage with ragini till Laksh doesn’t return.

Sanskar: I hope veryone accepts her and her baby.
Swara : did u find where dp has send Laksh??
Sanskar; no. Even ap is not allowed to talk to Laksh. Don’t know where is he!! But don’t worry I have my men behind dp and they will soon find where Laksh is.

Swara : we need to find him before it gets too late.
Sanskar is tensed, she holds his hand.
Swara : I know u will make everything fine.
Sanskar is crying and hugs Swara and then realizes it and says sorry to Swara and asks her to sleep with ragini today.

Sujata ad ap thinks about ragini carrying Laksh baby a d Sanskar marrying her. But then thinks that Laksh is no were to b found and if they don’t support ragini then their grand child will suffer the consequences. Ram too agrees and asks them to go with the flow.

At night, ragini takes out a photo of her and Laksh and thinks where r u Laksh!! I have become so alone without.. I wanna talk to u and wanna tell u that we r going to have a baby. But where shall I find u?? Ur baby is also missing u.. Pls come back to us. She sees Laksh standing in the balcony. She goes towards him and hugs him.
Ragini: where did went?? Do u know I was so worried for u!!
Laksh: ragini! U know I might go far away from u physically but I m with u always .
Ragini: do u know Laksh we are gonna have a baby, sh places his hand on her tummy.
Laksh smiles and asks really and picks ragini up and laughs with her. He puts her down and ragini realizes it was a dream.

Laksh is asking someone to let him make a call as it is matter of life and death, the man asks him that his father said that he can’t call anyone till he handles everything in India.

The man is ap’s brother with whom do got sanskar’s gf married. He is very close to dp since then and could die for him. He is keepinglLaksh at London. (Dp lied that laksh is in US) he wants Laksh to marry a business man’s daughter who had fallen in love with crazily.

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  1. Crystal

    Ur story is great but this is n utter shock… but pls i want raglak to be together i really like their pair

    1. Rekhavv

      Its for some time only. Ragini and baby will bring season together. While Laksh and rag struggle to meet

      1. Crystal

        hopefully because i relly find raglak cute… i dont wnt them to be away for long

  2. Is ragini gonna go away from everyone (her family and her in law ) for her baby’s safety ?

    1. Rekhavv

      No dear, till Laksh doesn’t return swasan made plan so that no body can hurt baby

  3. Akshata

    superb update, bit scary too what if laksh misunderstand them.

    1. Rekhavv

      Laksh will return soon and everything willget cleared

  4. Megha123

    Hopefully waiting for raglak meeting can’t see them apart from eo

    1. Rekhavv

      Soon raglak will unite.

  5. yaa nice plzz try to unite raglak next part soon

  6. Raglak story is nice in your ff

    1. Rekhavv

      Thanks dear..

  7. Soujanya


  8. Shana98

    Omg loved it.
    Waiting to know what’s going to happen next. ❤️

  9. Rekhavv

    Thank u everyone for reading and commenting

  10. poor rags love her

  11. Varsha

    OMG pls unite raglak don’t separate them Na, it was awsm

  12. Rekhavv

    Thank u for commenting

  13. Awesome yaar love it ???

    1. Rekhavv

      Thanks dear

  14. Rekhavv

    Submitted new episode.. Hope all like it

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