aur pyar hogaya episode 15


The day of wedding, Swara in golden and red saree while ragini in red green saree are ready, everyone asks ragini that she is really glowing like anything. Sumi and Shivani hugs their respective daughters dadi makes kaal teeka to them. Sanskar is dressed in blue shervani and Laksh in green velvet shervani. Dadi welcomes maheshwari’s to the mandap and asks them to have sit. Sanskar comes to dadi and asks her that he wants to talk to swara. Dadi says that it is inauspicious to meet before marriage. Sanskar pleads but sujata comes and takes Sanskar with her to sit in mandap. Sanskar once again makes excuse and leaves to meet Swara and asks Shivani, but Shivani is on phone and busy. And someone calls Sanskar again. Sanskar is looking tensed and thinks that he wants to tell everything to Swara . Sanskar and Laksh r sitting in mandap, Swara and ragini comes and sit besides them. Swara looks at Sanskar who is very much tensed. Rag lak looks at each other and smiles. The pundit starts the rituals. He asks them to get up and take pheras. As Swara gets in front of Sanskar and starts to walk, Sanskar stands still and doesn’t walk, their tie also gets opened. Everyone is shocked. Why Sanskar stopped in middle of pheras. Sujata comes and tells Sanskar to finish the pheras. And asks if he is alright.

Sanskar:(bursting into tears) I can’t do this!! I can’t do this to Swara .. Mom…
Sujata and all the family looks clueless.
Sanskar: I can’t start my relation with swaraknowing that I used her innocence to take my revenge.
Sujata: wat r u talking about Sanskar??(whispers) stop it just complete the pheras. And all of hers is ours.

Sanskar: no I can’t cheat someone so innocent as Swara . I can’t ruin her life. Knowing that I might never love her. And she might never get wat she deserves from me!! (He turns to Swara ) Swara I was so much revenge driven that I thought of using u as a pawn. But forgive me. Irespect u very much and so iI need to tell u the truth.
Swara looks shocked. Everyone is shocked.
Sanskar falls on his knees and ask for forgiveness from Swara and her family. Swaraslaps saSanskar. Aurbind too slaps him,ddp gets happy as now Swara ‘s property won’t b going to Sanskar. Swara ask Sanskar how could he cheat her emotions.. Sanskar is speechless. She slaps him again that why he lead everything beyond control then said truth today. Sanskar says that she could do anything but he need forgiveness from her. Aurbind says that today he shall never have any relationship with any of the maheshwari. While speaking that he gets a heart attack. Everyone rushes to the hospital, Shivani and Swara r crying, Sumi and ragini are trying to console them. The doctor says that aurbind is fine, but they shouldnt give him any stress. Dadi ask everyone to go home and change so that aurbind doesn’t remember watever happened. She ask Swara to b strong for both her father and her mother. Swara crying but nods a yes. Dadi folds hands in front if maheshwari’s who r their. And asks them to leave and rejects Laksh relation with ragini. Raglak are shocked to hear this. They plead dadi to not to do this. And even ask shekhar and Sumi to make dadi understand. Shekhar ask Laksh to leave her daughter forever. And nor he or his family should ever show their face again to his family or him. Dp ask that raglak had no issue in their relationship and they should continue with their marriage. And even the society will make fun of raglak. But shekhar pushes do to get out. Laksh asks shekhar to listen but he ask him to get out and pushes him out. Dp holds Laksh hand and leave dragging him, he looks helplessly towards ragini and ragini also looks towards him.

At maheshwari mansion, dp ask Laksh to goUS for business with a company. Laksh denies but dp acts to have a heart attack and does emotional blackmail to Laksh. Laksh agrees. Laksh decides to call ragini that he is leaving for US but will make everything alright. He calls but shekhar sees ragini’s phone and takes phone from her and asks her to go to Swara . ragini tries to argue but shekhar angrily asks her too leave. Shekhar calls Laksh, Laksh gets happy seeing ragini calling and pics up, shekhar asks him not to call ragini again. Laksh is msging ragini but shekhar has ragini’s phone and keeps on deleting all msg and calls from Laksh. Laksh thinks that mayberagini is also angry on maheshwari’s for what sSanskar did to swara. He confronts Sanskar that becomes of him, his life got spoilt and even ragini and Swara life got messed up and he would never ever forgive him. Sanskar asks Laksh to forgive him as he became revenge driven and didn’t think how many people will get hurt because of him. Laksh leaves from their.
A few days later
At baadi dadi is beating ragini, shivani and Swara and Shivani bring aurbind their. Sumi runs to Shivani to save ragini as ma is not listening to any one. Shivani asks what has happened that she is beating ragini so much.. Dadi shows pregnancy reports to everyone, which ragini was hiding. Everyone gets shocked. Aurbind suggest that they should talk with dp and get raglak to marry, shekhar too agrees. Aurbind stands at the gate of maheshwari mansion and remembera his oath, but then thinks of ragini and goes to maheshwari mansion. Dp doesn’t even see to them, they say that ragini is pregnant with laksh’s child and they want raglak to marry to save their respects. Dp says that if ragini is pregnant only their respect will b ruined and not maheshwari’s as Laksh is a boy and now far unreachable for ragini and is going to b engaged to a rich European businessman’s daughter. And they should better get the baby aborted. Ap has sympathy for ragini and wants ragini to have her rights but dp scolds her and asks her to only work in the kitchen and not to advice him again. Shekhar and aurbind asks for apology but dp pushes them out of the house, sujata gets sad at ap crying for Laksh baby. They discuss that their family is without child and adarsh and parish can’t give them grand child. And their one grand child is their but his/ her future is still unknown.

Aurbind and shekhar comes home and tell everything that happened. Shekhar gets unconscious. Sumi take shim to his room. Doctor asks everyone to not to stress him out. Dadi again starts to beat ragini that she is responsible for her sons conditions. And asks her to get the baby aborted and she is going totake hher to get the baby aborted. Ragini goes to same shiv mandir and is sad. She says to pujari that may b her devotion was not enough and so she got separated from her true love. A beggar comes her and says that shiv always listens, and may b he has planned better for u. May b Shiva has blessed u already and Ur baby is his blessing and he will b the reason for u to unit with Ur true love. Ragini gets shocked as she never mentioned to the beggar that she was pregnant. She looks to find the beggar gone

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  1. Nice love rags

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    again my poor ragini left alone to suffer. hope she will get her true love soon. This is becoming interesting day by day. update soon.

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    Poor ragu feeling really bad for her ???
    Are u trying to flip the pairs? ?

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  5. aww feeling bad for baby and ragini next part soon

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    Pls don’t change the pairs but show the raglak concern n love for each other, don’t want to see them lonely, feeling bad fr swaragini sanlak

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    No. Ragini is just for Laksh and Swara is just for Sanskar their won’t b any changes in the pair..

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    Great. Hopefully thay unit soon. ❤️❤️

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    Next epi is totally unexpected for u all.

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