aur pyar hogaya episode 14


Swara’s house is decorated. Ragini and Sumi r making her ready. Shivani comes their with dadi and makes a black dot behind swara’s ear and then hugs ragini and Sumi. Swara is happy as she is going to b engaged to Sanskar. Aurbind and shekhar r doing other arrangements, ragini seems a bit lost. Maheshwari’s come, ragini welcomes them and takes their blessing. All except dp are very happy, he even doesn’t bless ragini, ragini thinks but Laksh ask her to not to think much.
Laksh: today I can flirt with a girl as it is my brothers engagement and I m from groom’s side.
Ragini:(tensely) will u flirt with girls??
Laksh: arrreee chotu don’t cry, pls don’t cry. I was talking about u only.. That today I m from groom side and u r from bride side so I will flirt with u..
Ragini: (laughing) I was also joking…

Laksh: ohhhh! Chorus being mischievous…
Laksh runs behind ragini to catch her and ragini runs into kitchen to ap. Laksh hide seeing ap. He signs ragini that he will see her during ceremony.

Swara comes to the hall, Sanskar looks at her and gets mesmerized by her. Dadi and ragini bring her down, then Sumi and Shivani also come besides them. Swara is shying.

Ragini: Swara (whispers) if u keep on shying like this!! How r u going to look at Sanskar??
Swara pinches her to stop her teasing.
Ragini: Swara but will u look that much that u could put ring in sanskar’s finger.
Swara : ragini… (Angrily)
Ragini giggles and makes Swara sit beside Sanskar. Dadi gives Swara ring and ap gives ring to Sanskar. Ragini comes and stands beside Laksh.
Laksh: chotu Bhai has bought the most expensive ring of the shop.. Bhai has class. He will always keep Swara happy.
Ragini: Laksh, the price of ring doesn’t determine the love. If u give even a copper ring with true love it is enough .

Sanskar: (whispers)Swara u look like some angel..
Swara shys.
Sanskar: why don’t u say anything??
Swara poses for photos with elders.
Sanskar: Swara !!
Swara poses with sujata and ram.
Sanskar: Swara why don’t u reply to me?? (Loudly)

He then realizes that he said that very loud.

Ap ask him to do the rituals first and he will have his whole life to talk with Swara. Swara shys. And everyone laughs. Sanskar feels shy as well. Raginicoming close to sSwara look Swara Jiju can’t even take his eyes off u!! Swara shyly asks her to shut up. Swara and Sanskar does the ring ceremony and dances on salame ishq , Laksh and ragini also accompanies them. Every one blesses them.
Swara and ragini r in swara’s room sleeping. Ragini thinks about her night with Laksh.

Laksh was drying his shirt in fire and ragini saw something moving and she ran and hugged Laksh out of fear. Laksh takes her to the door and closes it. Ragini is embarrassed and tries to move away from Laksh, he cups ragini’s face and takes her hair and tucks them behind her ears and pulls her close and kisses her. Ragini shys Laksh makes her lay besides the fire and Laksh kisses her again. And ragini wakes. Ragini thinks that she couldnt get that night out of her mind.. And thinks that she had has crossed her limits and has broken everyone’s trust. She starts to cry, Swara comes to her and ask her to b quite. Swara thinks ragini had a bad dream again and sleeps besides her. Shivani comes and sees the sister sleeping beside each other and carrass their faces and leave.

A few days have passed and marriage preparation r going on at Swara’s house. Maheshwari comes their, ap bless both to girlsto give her grand cchild soon. Both of them smiles. She gives jewelry andD clothes to both the girls. A courier man comes ragini gets stressed out as dadi goes to collect courier. But runs and takes the courier.and asks dadi to talk with ap and sujata. Dadi leaves from their, she takes the courier to swara’s room and opens up.

Its a report from hospital saying that ragini is pregnant. Ragini is shocked struck . but then looks down and sees the stage ready for Laksh and her wedding and thinks that after marriage I will tell Laksh on our first night and then to entire family and apologize to them. She thinks that marriage is in just 4 days and then everything will b fine. She gets happy and puts her hand on her tummy.

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  1. aww plzz don’t do any thing wrong with my ragini next part soon

  2. Varsha

    OMG Rags is pregnant, awsm dear, cnt wait fr nxt epi. Hope raglak doesn’t get separated n same fr swasan. Jus luv thm both

  3. Cutiee97

    Hope raglak live happily n excited for next episode!!

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    Next episode is full of drama.. Hope u all enjoy..

  6. Akshata

    Dont separate my raglak. update soon

  7. Rekhavv

    Have submitted next episode as well.. Hope u enjoy it.

  8. Rekhavv

    And leads r not gonna change nor they r gonna separated. They will face challenges but will stay together

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    Awesome hopeful the family will accept
    And will not separate them. ??

  10. Raglak scenes are nice

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