aur pyar hogaya episode 13


Ragini wakes up in her bed and realizes its all a dream. She is confused as even in her dreams she couldn’t believe that Laksh would ever broke her trust. Swara comes to her and ask that why she looks so tensed. Ragini tells her about her dream, and suggest that might b future is gonna bring something very terrible for her. Swara ask her not to think much of the dream as its just a stupid dream and forget it. Ragini thinks that Swara is right and she shouldnt stress about it. Laksh comes with chat to the girls.. Girls gets happy seeing chat but ragini is extra happy as Laksh came.
Swara ask her that she was worrying wrongly as they are romeo Juliet and nothing will happen to their love.

Ragini: hearing of romeo Juliet where is ur ‘romeo’ and how is it going??
Swara : stop it ragini.. (Shys)
Ragini: ohh my good Laksh look my sister shys.. I have seen it very few times..
Swara : looks don’t trouble me.. Or else I will go..
Ragini: good then I will have both the chat..
Swara : no I will have my chat.. My Jiju brought it for me..
Swara takes chat from Laksh and leave. Whileragini and lLaksh smiles as Swara was shying. Laksh comes close and opens ragini’s hair. Saying he likes her open hair. She shys..

Laksh: no one shys this much… Like my chotu..
Ragini: Laksh… (She pushes him) Laksh! U willnever leave me, right!!
Laksh: not even in dreams I can think of it.
Ragini hugs him..
Ragini: I would die if I get separated from u..
Laksh: hey chotu!! Why r u so much stressed.. U know I will always b with u.. I love u more than even my life..
Ragini and Laksh hugs each other again.

Ap and dp comes to baadi and ask dadi to get the date fixed for ragini and laksh’s marriage. Ragini shys and runs from their. Shivani and Sumi smiles. Swara is happy as well. Dadi agrees. And calls pundit. Pundit comes and looks at Laksh and ragini’s kundli and says that both of them r soulmates but r destined tohave 2 marriages.. AAllget sad. But Swara ask them not to think like this and b superstitious, Laksh and ragini loves each other and so nothing can separate them. She ask for some nivaran from pundit. Pundit says that both of them have to travel on foot to a shiv mandir in forest and do a Pooja their together and mahadev will bless them, but also he will take their test their. If their love is true they will have eachother for ever. Swara smiles.. And everyone is also relieved. Dadi says that she would ask the kids to leave for mandir tomorrow early morning. Some one Knocks at the door, it sujata and ram.
Ap ask her if she was coming here as well why did she say that she had some other work.. Sujata says that I m not here for ur work and shows shogun thaal. Ap asks wat is this?? Sujata says that she came to ask for swara’s hand for Sanskar.. Ap gets happy but dp doesn’t like. Swara shys.. Shekhar, Sumi aurbind and Shivani are confused. Sujata informs them that today Sanskar told her that she likes a girl and wants to marry her. And if u think he is good for Ur daughter pls accept this shagun aurbindji.. Dp doesn’t like it but acts to get happy. Shivani and aurbind thinks wat to do?? Then aurbind signs shekhar to come.
They come near ragini’s room where both the girls r..

Shekhar: how can they take benefit of our goodness!! I will push them out of our house..
Aurbind: if Swara loves Sanskar then she would have told us.. And they want us to believe them.

The girls hear them and comes out and ask wat happened, shekhar tells everything to Swara and ask her to not worry as they might b ragini’s sasural people but he won’t let her life ruin.. Shivani comes their too. And says thanks to shekhar, Sumi asks shekhar to first ask Swara and then say anything to sujataji. But shekhar says that he knows she doesn’t love that boy.. Shivani and aurbind agrees to him and asks him to tell them no.. Shekhar is about to go when

Swara : stop mama.. I like him..
Shekhar turns: what did u say??
Swara : (shyly) I like him..
Shivani hugs Swara and Sumi too hugs her. Aurbind says that his plan worked as Swara confessed. Shivani says that she heard their plan and also supported them to know wats going in swara’s mind. Ragini too hugs Swara and says that they r going to b in same house after marriage and she is very happy.

Sujata gives shogun to dadi. Dadi. Is very happy. Dadi says that as soon as ragini comes back, they will have Sanskar and Swara ‘s engagement and asks pundit to look at other couple Kundali as well. He gives same date of marriage for both the couple, a month. All r happy.

Laksh comes and takes dadi Sumi and shekhar’s blessing and leaves with ragini. Sumi is worried as weather is bad and calls them to take care of each other.

Laksh: don’t u think god is making this weather even more romantic??
Ragini: its heavily raining and u r making fun of it??
Laksh: I m with my chotu!! And that’s wat all matters to me..

They reach the temple and does Pooja over their, while returning the wooden bridge in the forest collapse and both falls in river which because if the rains carries them away. Laksh with great difficulty saves ragini and comes to a hut. Ragini is cold and the rain is very heavy so they decide that its too risky to return and decides to stay back at the hut. Ragini tries to call Sumi but reception is bad, so she sits beside Laksh, while he makes fire. Laksh asks ragini to dry her clothes and he will b out till then or she will get cold. Ragini says that he should stay inside and makes a curtain. By herdupatta. Laksh to takes of hhis shirt and keeps it to get dry.. They both sleep and return the next morning.

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