aur pyar hogaya episode 12

Sanskar thinks that I have to think something special for Swara. He sees Laksh talking to ragini.

Laksh: chotu! I have a gift for u.. He has a wrapped gift in his hands.

Ragini: Laksh!! U already gifted me so many things.. Wat’s the need of another gift.
Laksh: why can’t I gift my chotu now?? I wanted to meet u.. So I got this so that I could come to ur house.
Ragini: so tell me like this that u wanted to meet me and so brought this gift.
Laksh: whatever !! I m coming to Ur house. And I have a good news too
Ragini: no not now, everyone e is asleep, come tomorrow.
Laksh: that’s even better and nobody would disturb us.
Ragini: no.. Laksh… We will meet tomorrow..
Laksh: ragini.. Pls listen to me..
Ragini: byyyyyeeee Laksh…
Laksh: ragini..
She cuts the call. Thinks howuch Laksh loves her. Sanskar looks at Laksh gift and thinks that Laksh would have brought something good, and he should gift it to Swara and give money to Laksh to buy other gift for ragini. Sanskar thinks sorry Laksh, but I couldn’t think of any gift, and u r in relationship longer then me, and also Swara has everything with her, so I don’t know wat to gift her.. He stealthy takes the gift and puts some money and a letter their. Its morning and Laksh reads the letter about gift and thinks that if Swara opens the gift she would beat Sanskar Bhai.. He tries to call Sanskar and stop him but Sanskar has alreadyreached the cafe and is wwith Swara . he thinks not to pick up laksh’s call and switches off his phone. After a few dates together Swara and Sanskar r now talking with each other and r comfortable with each other. Sanskar takes out the gift, Swara gets excited seeing the gift. Sanskar ask her to open it. To even sanskar’s surprise it is a jack in the box, with a kiss. And an audio of kiss meand then a laugh.

Swara : (aangrily) wat is this?.
Sanskar: I think my gift got exchanged.. (Mumbles) I had bought something else for u..
Swara : (angrily) wat?? Wat did u bought for me??
Sanskar:( starts to mumble, and sees a pizza shop on the opposite side) pizza..
Swara : u bought a pizza as a gift for me??
Sanskar: no a pizza …. Oven… Yes I bought a pizza oven for u.. (Thinks Sanskar can’t u think anything better.. Pizza oven.. He blames himself)
Swara : u bought a pizza oven for me?? (Still angry)
Sanskar: I thought..
Swara : wat u thought??
Sanskar: I thought..
Laksh: sorry Swara I did a prank I changed bhai’s gift.. Sorry..
Swara : but he was gonna give me a pizza oven…
Laksh: wat!! Bhai??
Laksh thinks Bhai has done a blunder and now he will have to handle it or Swara will kill Bhai..
Laksh: actually Swara I told Bhai that u liked pizza and told him to get a pizza oven for u..
Swara : wat?? Why?? I have that at my house..
Laksh: actually Swara .. I was teasing Bhai and he took it seriously.. U know how innocent and naive he is..
Swara : Sanskar.. U don’t have to try to impress me.. Aawww … I m already impressed by u..
Laksh leaves them to have coffee . at maheshwari house Sanskar is running after Laksh..

Sanskar: (shouting) u give such a vulgar gift to ragini??
Laksh: bhai it was a personal thing.. U should have asked before taking it..

Sanskar beats Laksh.. And they have fun. Sujata gets angered looking at them.

At evening, Laksh comes to meet ragini, he has a gift for her. Ragini is happy to see him. He gives the gift, ragini opens it. It has their photo engraved in wood. Ragini puts it on her wall. Laksh tries to kiss ragini but she pushes him away.. He then brings out cake and the. They cut it. Ragini ask that wats the occasion
Laksh: chorus since the day u came in my life I feel very lucky.. And today I m here to share with u my biggest happiness.
Ragini smiles a d shys.
Laksh: thank u ragini for being in my life. Laksh says that he has got a job and willb now handling business wwith Sanskar as sanskar purposed this.
Ragini gets happy and hugs Laksh, but then gets shy.

At night ragini comes to a tall building, Laksh too comes behind her. He is talking lovely with her and takes her up in his arms. Ragini is asking to put her down. He puts her down and then climbs on terrace wall. Ragini is asking him to come down but he doesn’t listen and even makes ragini stand on the wall. Ragini says that she is afraid of heights and wants to get down. Laksh pulls her close in his arms and then says that he loves her very much and the. Pushes her, while ragini looks at his fac e I’m shock. Laksh smiles as ragini falls off the building

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  1. wat the hell just happened plz dont kill rags i love her m only watching bcuz of her

  2. Sindhura

    Oh my god why lak did like that

  3. Amazing….but sanskar really love swara & also family except dp????

    1. Rekhavv

      Sanskar is trying to prove that he is the best.. But will end up in a great trouble soon. And will realize his love

  4. Soujanya


  5. nice.. why laksh pulls off her..

  6. Megha123

    Laksh pushed her ………oh no! ?what’s happening? I’m really concerned about poor ragu ???

  7. Varsha

    Awwwww so cute raglak moments n swasan too if lucky ws nt tere thn swara would hav killed sanky. It is so nice pls update soon

  8. Rekhavv

    Nothing is happening to ragini…
    But twist are coming soon.. Enjoy..

  9. Akshata

    What was that??? shocked??? laksh loves her, then what happened suddenly?

  10. Rekhavv

    Thanks for reading and commenting.. Updating next part soon

  11. please dnt make laksh as negative. i like the raglak.

  12. Rekhavv

    Next part will reveal it soon

  13. raglak scene are awesome then why lakshya did that o god next part soon I can’t wait

  14. I’m reading this ff for raglak, I’m really worried about last scene

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