aur pyar hogaya episode 10

Sanskar is passing by laksh’s room. Laksh is talking to ragini on videocall. Ragini says that she is shocked that Sanskar did this to them as he looked very mature. She says that Swara was even more shocked as she always liked him and had a crush on him. Laksh says that everything will b fine. Sanskar smirks..

Next day.
At dinining table in maheshwari house, Sanskar comes and ask utara to get up says its laksh’s seat and makes Laksh sit besides him. He says that he will come with him to the college. Laksh doubts Sanskar. But Sanskar says that he has bitterness for his father and not with him, adarsh pari Bhabhi and ap. Laksh nods OK.

A few days later, Swara is assigned for projectwork in armitage. Swara is happy as she would spend time sSanskar. At office, Sanskar is very kind but strict boss. Swara comes up with ideas for new meeting which Sanskar likes, he asks Swara to make a presentation . Swara with help of Laksh a d ragini prepares a good presentation, everyone gets happy seeing presentation. And Sanskar has his contract. Sanskar gives party to all his staff and asks Laksh to bring his fiance at the party. The host announces about couple dance he takes out chit for partners, ragini and Sanskar while Swara and Laksh are partner all are happy. Ragini is coming forward towards Sanskar, but she fall and breaks her sandal. Laksh and Sanskar helps her to get up. Sanskar says that Laksh should dance with Swara and he would take ragini home. But Laksh intervene and says that he should stay back as he has hosted the party and he would drive ragini back home. Swara insist on going back with ragini but Sanskar complies but ragini says that this is swara’s success party and she should enjoy this and after all Laksh is with her. Swara agrees and stay back.

The host announces everyone to pair up, Sanskar and Swara stands alone. The host say that as both if their partners left now they both are partners. Swara and Sanskar come forward and dance on ‘dil ibadat’ in paper dance, as the couples starts getting eliminatedonly sSanskar remains holding Swara in his arms for Swara it like some fantasy come true. They r announced winner but still Sanskar is holding Swara in his arms. His employees comes to congratulate him, it is then that he puts Swara down. They leave the party after it is over and Sanskar says that once Laksh passes he is planning to give him a job at armitage. Swara gets happy. Swara thinks to call her driver but Sanskar offers her a ride home. For a few minutes they have awkward silence, but then Sanskar starts to praise Swara that once she finishes her studies he would like her to work for him, she gets happy. Sanskar says that now he won’t b coming to college as he needs to focus on his company but she should visit him sometimes, as a friend. Swara shyly smiles. Swara tries to get out of the car, but her hair get stuck in seat belt, she tries but can’t get out. Sanskar comes close to her and takes her hair out. Swara is looking at him constantly so is he. Swara gently plants a kiss on his lips. But then swara realizes and says sorry to him. But Sanskar replies that good that she did it as he was himself thinking about doing it. Swara shys. Sanskar says that he will see her around!! Swara nods a yes and shys and leaves the car. Swara goes to her room and calls ragini.

Swara : r u okay??
Ragini: yes and u came home safely na??
Swara : yes !! Sanskar came to drop me!!!
Ragini: oh that’s nice.
Swara : ragini!! I kissed him!!
Ragini: wat??? Swara ?? Say it again!! I thought I heard something wrong.
Swara : I kissed him..
Ragini: did he tell u something!!
Swara :yes to see me around!!
Ragini: he didn’t say that this was wrong??
Swara : no..
Ragini: Swara we have to b careful with Sanskar after wat he did with dp. We don’t know wat his intensions are. I don’t want u to get hurt!! Wat if u r just a fling for him?? He is ayoung business aandmost eligible bachelor of this ccity. He must have girls dying for him.
Swara : u r over thinking it ragini. And if he did something to dp doesn’t mean he is bad. Dp had done so bad with him. That why he hates him, but all other loves him. Ap Laksh adarsh and pari bhabhi.
Ragini: but still Swara .
Swara : yar ragini he is a good guy and he is interested in me.. And maybe lots of girls would b interested in him but if he is interested in me I won’t let that go.
Ragini: but Swara !!
Swara : (interrupting in middle) gn ragini .. I m feeling sleepy!!
Ragini: listen swara

Swara disconnects the call

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  2. nice love rags

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    Hope sanky is gud fr swara n pls wnt raglak scene dear, a humbl request

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  5. Nice..hope sanky shuld not betray swara…upadte soon

  6. It’s superb .;-)

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