Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 5)


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Maheshwari Mansion >

laksh reaches his home and parked his bike. he checks his pocket and came to know his wallet is missing. laksh searches around. the watchman sees him searching and comes to him.

Watchman : what are you looking for, sir?
Laksh : for my wallet..
Watchman : you go, sir. i will search for it.
Laksh : okay, thanks.
Watchman : no mention.

laksh goes and watchman starts to search. Laksh comes in. AP is standing there. laksh comes to her and take blesses. she also blesses him. they hugs.

AP : how many days passed..
Laksh : mom, you had seen me 2 weeks before. are you forget it?
AP : no.
Laksh : then?
AP : okay. i accept.
Laksh : okay.

they laughed. AP goes from there. Laksh follows her.

Laksh : where are you going?
AP : i’m going to kitchen.
Laksh : why?
AP : for you.
Laksh : meaning?.
AP : to take your favourite palak paneer.
Laksh : palak paneer!
AP : yes..

AP goes and laksh sits in the dining table. a car comes and laksh sees it.

In Canteen, College>

ragini comes with the money. the servant boy is working. she comes to him and gives the cash.

Servant : thanks, sis.

Ragini smiles and goes from there. she then starts her scooty and drives.

Gadodia Mansion>

Ragini comes home and puts her bag on sofa. she then sat down. shomi comes there.

Ragini : hi, mom.
Shomi : hi. so, how is your classes today.
Ragini : better.
Shomi : okay. coffee or tea?
Ragini : hmmmm…coffee.
Shomi : okay.
Ragini : where is others?
Shomi : dad in office and rithika…

Rithika comes by then. shomi and ragini welcomed her. she sat down beside ragini.

Rithika : mom, a cup of coffee..
Shomi : so, how is your college today?

Rithika thinks about it. ragini sees that.

Rithika (in mind): what should i say?
Ragini :did you gone to classes or didn’t?
Rithika : nothing like that… today class is super.
Ragini : so then what did you study?.
Rithika : hmmm…i-i-i…
Ragini : okay. i knew it. you slept, right?

Rithika smiles. ragini also smiles.

Ragini : samd blood?
Rithika : same blood.

Shomi comes by then with coffees. ragini and rithika takes it and starts to watch tv. shomi sit down and watch tv with them.

Maheshwari Mansion >

the car is parked. laksh looks. DP comes in from the car. laksh stands up. DP sees him. AP comes with palak paneer.

DP : have your college finished?
Laksh : no, dad.
DP : then?
AP : i called him to come to home.
DP : why?
AP : i thought to see him.
DP : but…
AP : stop your nonsense.. if you don’t want to see him then close your eyes.
DP : he is my son also.

Laksh smiles and comes to DP. he takes DP’s blessing. and then they hugged.

AP : ji, come and have meals..
DP : okay.

laksh and DP goes to dining table and sit. karan comes there and sees laksh. karan smiles. laksh smiles and gets up.

Karan : arrey, my chote brother..

karan comes and hugs him. laksh also hugs him. karan lifts him up. laksh laughs.

AP : get him down…

they smiles. karan gets laksh down. laksh laughed. karan also laughed.

AP : then, come and have meals..

karan and laksh sits down and have palak paneer.

Gadodia Mansion >

shekas comes home. shomi comes to him and takes hi bag. shekar sits and shomi goes to put his bag in room. shekar looks upset. ragini notices it.

Ragini : rithika… look at dad. he is looking upset.
Rithika : i’m also checking him.

shekar sees them. ragini and rithika watches tv. shomi comes there.

Shekar : give me a cup of coffee.
Shomi : okay.

shomi goes to kitchen to make coffee. ragini sees her favourite. rithika changes the channel. they then starts a fight. shekar goes to his room. ragini and rithika stop fighting and looks at him. shomi comes with coffee.

Shomi : where is shekar?
Rithika : he is gone to his room.
Shomi : have you had any fight?
Ragini : yes… but, mom…
Shomi : don’t say anything.

Shomi goes to shekar and gives the coffee. shomi comes out without uttering any word. ragini and rithika looks at each other.

they then goes to shekar’s room. shekar looks upset. he is seeing the outside from the window. ragini and rithika comes to him…

to be continue.

Precap : Ragini walks in the road full of vehicles. someone grabs her. shekar gets a call from an unknown number…

i hope you will like it…thanks and bye….guys.

Credit to: Athira

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