Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 39)

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Gadodia mansion,

‘arey, it’s getting late.. be fast ragini and rithika.” Shomi yells from down. “haan, we’re coming” ragini yells and puts bangles on. rithika work on her final touch. “okay, I’m ready. fast” rithika said. “wait” ragini said. ragini gives her final touch and said “okay,”

shomi looks worried. shekar came there. “shomi, all are ready? shall we move?” shekar asked. “wait, your daughters are making late” shomi said. she puts her hand on her head and looks down. “I’m worried if we’re late then what would they say?” shomi blabber.

shekar puts his hand on shomi. “don’t worry. if your make over get waste then you’ll look dull at sangeet.” shekar said. “yes, dad. mom will,” ragini said. ragini and rithika looks at each other and laughs. they make their to down. shekar and shomi blushes. rithika goes to shomi. “look, mom got blush on her cheek.” rithika said. shomi pushed aside in blush.

“mom only? dad also blushing. here take a look. how red his cheek was.” ragini said. “I’ll go and start the car” shekar escaped from their fun. “I’ll help him” shomi said and walks away. “mom, what’s there to help?” ragini and rithika tries to stop shomi but she walks away. ragini and rithika walks out..

Maheshwari mansion,

the guests are start to come. AP and DP welcomes them. laksh walks left and right and talks with few people he knows. karan came down and joins laksh. kavya came down then. she wores a yellow colour lehenga. “laksh, look at kavya” karan said.

laksh looks at her and kavya waved her hand at him. laksh waved and smiles. she came to him. “how I’m looking?” kavya asked posing a pose. laksh looks at her dress. “looking good” laksh commented. “yes, you’re looking superb” karan joins.

“laksh!” Ap calls out laksh. laksh looks at her. “what?” laksh whispers. AP waves her hand to come. “I’ll come in a minute,” laksh said it to karan and kavya. they nods. laksh leaves them and came to AP. “what, mom?” he asked. “Gadodia still not came. can you call them.” AP looks worried.. laksh nods and goes aside …

AP welcmes guests usually with a smiles face… laksh calls ragini… “hello,” ragini said. shekar looks at her from the front mirror. ragini looks at them. “if they ask me about this.. no” ragini thoughts into herself and cuts it. laksh looks on. he then leaves it and calls shekar… “shekar looked who’s calling. he takes and gives it ragini to speak. “dad?” ragini boggles. “laksh only. talk, I’ve to drive.” shekar said. ragini nods.

ragini received the call and puts it on his ear. “hello,” ragini said… “where are you now?” laksh asked. “we’re on the way. we’ll reach in a 20 min” ragini said… “okay, why you didn’t spoke when i called you?” laksh asked.. “yes, okay” she said and cuts the call. laksh takes out the phone from his ears and looked on. “crazy girl,” laksh said. ragini puts the phone infront and smiled.

“what’s they asked?” shekar asked. “nothing, dad. they just asked that when we’ll reach out there” ragini said. shekar nodded and drives.

laksh informs the matter to AP. AP sighed and let him go. Laksh joined karan and rithika. they talks about the decorations and other things.

Gadodia reached… they came in one by one. “welcome,” AP and DP welcomed shekar and shomi. they came in. the music changes into a beautiful melody song. laksh looks at shomi and shekar and turns to karan. “i think rithika didn’t came.” laksh said.. “shut up. i want her to be here.” karan wishpers. kavya didn’t listen to it.

ragini and rithika starts to came in. laksh suddenly feels something. he didn’t hear the music but hears it in himself. karan pushed laksh away and looks at rithika..

laksh turned around and saw ragini. he is mesmerized by her. “wow, cute” laksh said. laksh isn’t in himself. ragini searches something and saw laksh and karan.

ragini thinks something and calls rithika. “see your karan” ragini whispers at hee ears. rithika saw him and blushes. karan smiles. ragini looks at laksh between the scenes. laksh notice it but whenever he sees her, ragini looks away.

the sangeet ceremony starts after shortly. some peoples dances. others are enjoyed it. kavya dances first and pulled karan and ragini on stage. ragini didn’t like it at all. she got down and enjoy it. kavya then pulls rithika and laksh …they dances on.

ragini also then again joins them. AP and DP – shekar and shomi watches their daughters and sons dancing.

karan and rithika stands beside of each other.. while laksh stand between kavya and ragini. kavya pulls laksh close to her all the while. ragini noticed it and got jealous. she tries to separate them but in vain.

ragini thinks a plan to end the scene. so she puts her life on risk by falling down. they got shock and stopped the dance. ragini winced in pain. shomi and shekar came to her. “are you okay?” shomi concerned for her. “I’m okay, mom. it’s just a minor fracture. it’ll be alright.” ragini said. “okay, go and rest” AP said.

shomi nodded. “mom, I’ll take her” rithika volunteer and takes ragini with her to upstairs. they got in room. ragini sat down on bed. “ouch” ragini winced.

rithika sat with her. “ragini, i want to ask you something” rithika said. “yes,” ragini looks. “is it a accident or planned?” ruthika looked at her in a cid look. “what? definitely it’s a mistake” ragini said in a hurry. ragini looks at rithika and sighed as she trapped. “okay, I’ll tell. tough it’s not a accident but it’s a planned accident.” ragini said out.

“oh, interesting. tell” rithika said. “it’s not a story. I done it because kavya got close to laksh. i thought it’s a great insult for our family” ragini said. “is it what you thoughts?” ruthika asked. “yes, ” ragini said.

rithika nods and gets up. “rest,” rithika said and walks away. “be careful while dancing.” ragini said. ruthika smiles and nodded to her. ragini sighed. kavya still dances on. rithika came down and enjoys. laksh looks worried for ragini.

ragini hears the music from downstairs and felt missing it. “shit, I missed it. why i got angry for him? if he felt that I’ll feel be hurt then he won’t danced with her. now, look. I’m missing the sangeet” ragini blabbers and looked on.

she got up from bed and walks to the terrace. she came to the end point and looks at the moon. she felt a chill in to her. ragini smiles. “i wish for a dance with my love one” ragini wishes and looks on. laksh came beside her and stands.

ragini realizes his body warmth and looks at him. she steps back and laksh looks at her. “why you are here?” ragini asked. “i felt bore down so i came here.” laksh said. ragini shakes her head and looks at him. the wind blows while they are looking at each other.

laksh sighed deeply and smiles. laksh kneels down infront ragini. “will you dance with me?” laksh asked for her hand. ragini looks surprised and remembers her wish saying ‘i wish i have a dance with my love one”

ragini looks up at the moon. “thank you,” ragini whishpers into herself to the moon. ragini look at laksh and smiles. she mingles her hand with his. laksh got up. “wait, how can i dance with this leg?” ragini asked. laksh didn’t speak any word. laksh pulls ragini towards him. she came to him and stands on his feet. they looks romantic….

Precap : Kavya came to the terrace looking for laksh. she saw something there.

So here is the update….i hope you will like it…. comments are welcome… so give your review to this episode…I’ll update the first episode of GEETHAIYIN RAADHAI ff tomorrow…
bye… enjoy and comment…

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