Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 38)

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At Dhaba,

Raglak were sitting together in the dhaba. a servant came there. “what you want, sir?” he asked to take orders. “hmm, a glass of water.” laksh said. “do you want anything?” Laksh asked ragini. ragini nods and asked “what do you have?”

the servant started to say the whole menu. ragini stops him. “i want veg fried rice” ragini said. the servant nodded and noted it. he then walks away. “uffo, I’m so hungry” ragini said. “so,” laksh asked. ragini looks at him. “nothing” ragini said and they waited. the water and veg fried rice served to them. ragini started to eat.

while, laksh looks at his water and then at fried rice. when he sees ragini eating, laksh gets desire to eat it. laksh got up and walks away with his glass of water.

the car came there, laksh walks to it. “thank god, you’re here.” laksh said to the driver. the driver mentioned it Ragini came there after finishing her food. “is it the car that karan sends?” ragini asked. laksh nodded. “okay, let’s move” laksh said.

“driver, I’ll drive it myself. you just get that repair and take it to home, okay?” laksh asked. “okay, sir” the driver nodded. they got into car after the driver gets out. “don’t forget,” laksh said and drives it away.

while driving, ragini was so tired. she thought to take a nap. she closes her eyes and get into sleep. laksh looks at her. her hair flies in air. she looks mesmerized. he smitten by her. ragini in sleep puts her head laksh’s shoulder. he looked at ragini and drives to home.

Gadodia Mansion,

laksh stops infront of Gadodia mansion. ragini was still sleeping. she shakes her to get up. ragini wakes up jerked. “did we reach the jungle?” ragini asked. “what? we had reached your house, ragini” laksh said. “oh, okay” ragini looks at her house.

she got out the car and turned to look at him. “okay, bye. thanks for the ride” ragini said. laksh nodded. “bye,” laksh drives it away. ragini smiled and get into the house.

Shomi and shekar, rithika came to her. “how are you? are you okay, right?” rithika concerned for her. ragini nodded while saying “I’m fine”

she smiled. “okay, go to your room and rest. you’ll be tired,” shomi sends ragini to her room. ragini gets into her room and locked it. she lied on her bed and thinks about laksh. “did he like me?” ragini thinks. she blushes.

next morning, the preparation for sangeet ceremony’s start in full swing. AP and DP with the workers help decorate the house. while on karan and laksh’s room they were practicing dances. they had a good time to it.

Gadodia mansion,

on the other side, ragini was practicing her dance steps. she felt very enjoyable. “come, let’s make a move.” ragini pulled her. “hey, no, ragini. it’s not safe for…” rithika looks around and says “baby” shr whispers.

“oh, I forgot it. sorry” ragini said. rithika puts the song on and ragini puts her dance steps. shomi cane there and saw ragini’s steps. ragini stops it and blush. “omg, superb steps” shomi said. “thanks” ragini said.

“ah, here is your sangeet ceremony dress. put it on” shomi gives it to rithika and walks away. they un wrapped the paper and saw two beautiful lahenga. one is gold and pink while another is red and gold. ragini loves the red tough she loved pink.

rithika took pink one and ragini took red one. “I’ll go and change” ragini puts the dress on bed and leaves to take a bath. rithika put her dress on the bed also and goes out.

Precap : Laksh and karan saw their ragini and rithika and mesmerized. ragini was on the terrace alone and laksh came to her. THEY ARE ABOUT TO KISS…

so here is the episode. don’t miss to read the next episode and thanks for the previous part comments… bye…

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