Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 37)

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At road,

raglak were traveling in car to get to home. ragini was thinking deeply on what to do to laksh. he changes his way to get home. ragini got puzzles up. “hey, where are you going?” ragini asked. “it’s a short cut” laksh drives.

“i thought to teach him a lesson but now what he is doing?” ragini bites her nail. laksh looks at her. “hey, what are you thinking?” laksh asked. ragini gets jerk and said “nothing.”

“just nothing?” laksh asked. ragini nodded. laksh shakes his head and turned. there is a car came suddenly. laksh in a hurry, he changed the gear and drives to a nearby tree. they screamed to death and hits the tree.

fortunately, they was safe without wounds. they caugh because of the haze came from car. they got out of the car. “what’s this? how we’re going to got to my house?” Ragini yells.

“wait, we should think what to do” laksh looks at the car. “we should not. you should” ragini said and turns away. laksh glares at her. “okay,” laksh said. he comes infront of the car and opens the engine door. he checks it and mistakenly his hand touched the engine. it was so hot. “ouch,” laksh shakes his hand in pain.

ragini came to him and grabs his hand. she blows air on his hand for chill. “don’t you be careful?” ragini said. she looks at him who is already looking at her. they both looks and broke it. “wait, leave me to think.” ragini thinks and gets an idea. she calls someone and talks to the person.

laksh didn’t hear of ragini. he stand there like statue. ragini came to him after hung the phone. “I’d called a mechanic. he will come in a few hours.” ragini said. “hours?” laksh surprised. “yes, what can i do? he has so many works” ragini said. they waited there for a long time.

At Gadodia mansion,

shomi walks restlessly. shekar came in after finishing work. “why are you looking outside?” shekar asked. “ragini didn’t come home till now. i had called her phone but not reachable.” shomi said. “relax. she’ll come.”shekar confronts her.

rithika is in her room. she called ragini’s phone but didn’t reachable. she looks worried. karan calls her. “hello,” rithika said. “rithika, relax. she is with laksh. she’ll be safe.” karan said. “i knew it. I’m worried for my family. mom is so worrying. i don’t know where is she?” rithika releases her tension out. “okay. what can we do? we should await.” karan said. rithika hmm-ed and cuts the call. she puts the phone down.

“rithika, did she take the phone?” shomi asked. “no,” rithika answered and worries. “where are you, ragini?” rithika whishper.

At the jungle side,

they have been waiting. ragini waa searchin for signal in her phone to inform her family. she sighed. “no signal” ragini said and sat on the road.
ragini looks left and right and saw a ring on laksh’s hand. “i didn’t see it when i met him first” ragini thinks and looks at the ring again. “should i ask him?” ragini thought. “don’t. if he got angry on me. I’ve already shom rudeness to him. I’ll ask him on other day.” ragini thinks.

laksh looks at her and saw his ring. he hids it from her. ragini looks on the other side. a mechanic came there and starts his work. while raglak waited. “engine got repaired. sorry, i haven’t the tools.” mechanic said. “what should we do now?” ragini worries. laksh looks at her.

“bro, did have any shops near?” laksh asked. mechanic thinks and said “yes. there is a dhaba nearby. you can walk it’ll take only 15 min to reach there.” mechanic said. “thanks” laksh said. the mechanic goes away.

“it’s means, we should live here until we die. oh no” ragini blabbers. “there is no such thing. come, we should go to the dhaba to make call.” laksh asked her. ragini looks at him and stands up. they starts to walk

they walked for more than half in hour, but didn’t find the dhaba. the sun was so hot, ragini got thirsty. “how many hours we should walk like this? he said we can in 15 min.” Ragini said. “I’m also coming with you. so keep quiet.” laksh said and walks away. ragini stops and glares at him.

she then follow laksh. they saw a man coming. they stops him. “isn’t there is a dhaba here?” laksh asked. “haan. yes. do you know?” ragini asked. the man thinks and said “yes. there is. it’s in the walking distance. you go straight and you’ll find it.” the man says. ragini smiles.

they thanked him and they walks the way. they saw a dhaba there. they gets happy to see it. “hey, water. we found it.” ragini said and goes first. laksh laughs on her and follows her.

ragini reached there first. she saw water jug and takes it. she drinks the water. laksh came to her and grabs the jug away. ragini shocked and look at him. laksh drinks it. ragini wipes her mouth and glares. laksh goes away after putting the jug on table.

he goes to the counter. “can i make a call.” laksh asked. the owner looks at him and then ragini. “hmm” owner nodded. “don’t you speak?” laksh asked. the man glares. “okay, cool down.” laksh said.

he makes a call to karan and told what happened. “okay, I’ll send you a car.”karan said. he then informed it to AP and DP then the Gododia people.

shomi sighed after listening it. “now I’m okay.” shomi said. karan sends a car to the dhaba for raglak.

Precap : Laksh drops ragini. rithika and ragini rehearse for sangeet.

so here is the episode…enjoy and bye… have a nice day…

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