Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 36)

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Maheshwari Mansion >

kavya is waiting for laksh to return, impatiently. the car horns and kavya realises it was laksh. she walks awau from there.

laksh takes out the seat belt. ragini looked puzzled. ‘why we’re here?” ragini asked. “why? mom wants to see you” laksh came closer. ragini moves back and pushed him away. laksh laughed and gets out. ragini also gets out.

laksh goes back and opened the bonet and takes the things out. he was in a very toughest way to take out. ragini comes to him and helps him. they looks at each other . after taking out, they took the things and gets in. AP came there. “arrey, ragini. you? what so special.?” AP asked. ragini looked on. “auntie, laksh said that want to meet me” ragini said. “what? no” AP said. they looks at laksh. laksh smiled.

“when did i said?” AP asked. “i know you didn’t say. but not today but tomorrow you will feel want to meet her.” laksh said and walks away. AP laughed and looks at ragini. “he is always like this” AP said and asked her to come in. ragini nodded her head and came in. “you sit, I’ll come in a minute” AP said and goes away. ragini looks at the house.

she saw kavya coming there. kavya sees her and smiled. “hi,” kavya said. “hi” ragini said. “nice to see you, and you’re beautiful.” kavya said. “thanks. and you – you also beautiful” ragini smiled and said. “thank you,” kavya said. “you wait here. i have some work to do. sorry” kavya said. “it’s okay” ragini said. kavya goes away.

ragini saw some painting and looks at all. she is mesmerized by the painting. she touches the painting and a chipkali came to her. ragini gets away. laksh came behind. she falls on him. laksh stops her. “what happened?” laksh asked. “chipkali” ragini said and points at it. laksh sees it it shooed it away.

“omg, i thought you’re brave. but you scared for a chipkali. it was scared by you.” laksh makes fun. ragini didn’t like it at all. she glares at him. laksh laughed and goes away. ragini looks at him. “fraud” ragini said and walks away.

Kavya was in her room. laksh came to her. “hey, why are you here?” laksh sit beside her. “i won’t speak to you” kavya turns away. laksh realizes that she was angry at him. “why?” laksh turns her to see him. kavya looks at him. “because you left me while going to the shop.” kavya said. “hey, sorry. but i bet you’ll not liked it at all. it was so boring and dulling.” laksh concels her. kavya smiles and said “okay, I’ll forgive you.”

ragini stands outside listening to it all. ragini thinks about it. “how dare he? I’ll teach him. he thinks it was boring to spend time with me.” ragini said. she looks determined to teach him.

she comes down. Ap came there. ragini looks at her and smiles. “okay, I’ll take your leaves” ragini said. “why so sudden.” AP asked. “mom called me so…” ragini continued. “okay” AP nodded. “laksh,” she called. “why auntie” ragini asked. “to drop off you” AP said. “it’s okay.” ragini said. “no. for me” AP said. she called laksh. laksh came out.

“drop her off at her home.” AP said. “come. I’ll teach you.” ragini thought it in herself. Laksh nodded and goes to start the car. ragini takes blessings from AP and walks away. ragini opened the door and looks at him. “you’re dead ” ragini think.

Precap : Ragini and laksh was in a jungle road side.

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